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    Donating for SAB costs

    absolutely! Sorry, I didn't notice and didn't see this post but Amz just reminded me so have now updated.
  2. Today was Christian (anydyamine)'s funeral. A very sad day that many in our community could not share because of distance, short notice, and proximity to EGA & Xmas. Christian used to organise several of the SAB camp outs which were weekends in a beautiful location in northern NSW exploring plants and rituals. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to organise one of these camp outs with plenty of notice sometime in the new year 2018 so that everyone who missed out on the funeral can come and participate in a memorial gathering. No need to have known him to attend, but I suggest to familiarise yourself with his contribution on these forums. It will be a fun weekend. We don't want to be sad, but we want to remember him for the kind and generous person he was. There will be music, campfire, nature walks, maybe some workshops and lectures, and lots of socialising. Please indicate your expressions of interest either here or on the FB thread (or both). This is a picture of Christian at one of the SAB camps a few years ago. He was in his element. Update 10/03/2018 Ok folks, the date i set. Sorry it took so long, but I had to wait for a few other things to fall into place. Please start making your arrangements to come to Mullumbimby from the 20th to the 22nd. Camping on my property will be available from friday lunchtime through to monday lunchtime. If you want to stay around the area before or after then please make independent arrangements. if you can only make it for part of the time then please aim to be there for at least saturday afternoon. This is when we will take some time out to specifically remember Christian as a whole group. To avoid unpredictable numbers this event will be ticketed and there will be a $10 fee. This is simply so we don't get people announcing big groups, but then not turning up. The funds will also help with costs such as toilets, shelters, etc. I haven't quite worked out how to set this all up yet, but will provide details in the next few days. I'll also get some quotes and then set up a donations target. Not aiming for anything big, but just the essentials. It all depends on the group size too. Anyone who can't afford the $10 please discuss with me privately. The fire danger period will be finished by then, so a communal fire in the open paddock should be no problem unless there is unseasonal hot & dry weather. The property has a lot of long grass, so there can't be any fires in other areas, but you can use camping stoves etc.. A BBQ will also be provided for anyone to use. A tap with drinkable bore water is also available for refilling water bottles, etc. I'll provide more info about what's available in mullum and what is not in the next few weeks. The property is just 7mins drive from mullumbimby. It can be walked, but some of it is along a very fast and dangerous road, so best to arrange lifts to our laneway (which is still about 1km from the property). Update 22/03/2018 To be able to keep tabs on numbers and contact details I've set up a hidden item in our webstore for the camping registration. You can't find the item by looking for it in the store. You can only get to it by using this link: http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/camp_site_booking_fee_per_person_pr_2145.php Please register as soon as possible to allow us to start planning for numbers. As with any event, the sooner numbers are known the cheaper it is to get the required facilities. Please note that anyone is welcome, but must have purchased a registration. If you can't afford the registration then talk to us. Registrations are open till the 15th of april, but the sooner you can do it the better we can organise the event. I have also set up a donations section on the forums for anyone wanting to contribute to the camp above and beyond the registration fee. I have not set a goal yet as i am not sure how much we'll need. The toilets alone are $600 for the weekend (for 2 of them). Haven't looked into marquee prices yet. It would also be nice to have some excess to organise a shared meal. I am also working on having a kambo practitioner present for saturday morning. He/she won't be free, but heavily subsidised. This will be a good opportunity to earn your spots without paying the usual $150-$200. Update 15/04/2018 Essential details for packing & travel. Go to post:
  3. New member matters Any member using anonymising IP programs such as TOR will be booted at first warning. We only give second chances if we can be sure it isn't actually the 4th of 5th chance. So, if you use TOR then do not break any rules. I have just signed up, why can't I post yet I have just signed up, why can't I use the PM [Private Message] system? All members MUST provide a climate or location in their profile See this thread for a map of climate zones. Lurkers are welcome, but if your post count is still zero after 12 months your account will be deleted we need to do this to eliminate the many spam accounts that get created. You can say 'hello' in the thread linked above if you're too shy to post elsewhere. [edit 2015] Please note that hotmail flat out rejects any emails sent from us. Live and outlook usually do too. Gmail is however very reliable in that it almost always puts your validation email into the spam folder, so look for it there. If you are not getting any validation emails try signing up with gmail - it always works. Rules & Netiquette The simple rules How the warning system works Keep your signature line small. Maximum 10 lines of standard text. Use the search engine This forum has been here quite a few years and there is a wealth of knowdlege available in it. Many members have been here for a long time and have asnwered most questions that new members come here with. If you ask such a question then you will likely receive the reply UTSE, which is short for 'Use The Search Engine'. If you want to stay on good terms with the older members and draw on their experience, then show some respect by making use of the search function before asking a question. If the search does not help you then please post what search terms you used to find the answer to your question so we can not only help you with the answer, but also with your search technique. If you have done these things then you can post with confidence as we will respect you greatly for making the effort . How to get around the problems with the search function Display name and user name matters Display name can only be changed once every 12 months How to change your display name Other features for this forum software How to use the Blog Blogs are a great place to keep your trade lists or to post about ongoing projects like tracking a breeding program, refining an extraction technique, or showing off your collection. How do I upload pictures [that are not already on the internet] into posts? Pitures can be uploaded to the gallery section if you like to keep them there, or they can be uploaded in the thread itself with the attachment tool. If using the attachment tool a thumbnail will be placed into the post itself. Pictures uploaded to the gallery can also be linked or embedded in the posts. Also check HERE for a graphic description How to change/edit the topic title How to create your own album in the gallery [pictorial guide]. Other stuff How do I get an avatar? What do the names under the display name mean? There are standard ones assigned according to number of posts, but these can be changed in your user profile after you have been here for a while. Why is google a member? #1 Why is google a member? #2 Why does my forum page display all different suddenly? All the topics are nested. The forum doesn't work Please check that you have javascript enabled and that you browser is up to date. Before using TOR (or similar) please read this
  4. Torsten

    SAB Courtii Rage

    there'll be more in a couple of weeks. Plenty more.
  5. Torsten

    No Longer Thelema

    I am sure he'll be back when he's back on the meds. Seriously, if you could see the PMs he's sent me you'd be concerned for his mental health rather than for international relations. Here is an example: " I'm currently with royal affairs in the UK online and have it on good authority that Salvia Divinorum will be revised by the NDPSC soon and be made restrictively legal and LSD-25 will be made schedule 8. A lot of this happens to be about the supression of the real princess Anne, who will be the next queen of england. She disappeared in the late 80's and was replaced by an imposter and pretender called Anne Tindell, who married a soccer player with a daughter zara. " And yes, that was the whole message, not just some side track.
  6. Torsten

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    Spooge, it is soooooo unintuitive, but all the functions are there. The developer is really keen to improve it so hopefully I can guide some of the language choices. Biggest problem i have so far is that when I enable paypal as payment option it wants to use the forum's paypal address. That's exactly what I don't want, LOL. The other issue (and the reason why it is not live yet) is that when using bank transfer option the item is not removed from the available list. That's obviously not workable and shouldn't be difficult to fix for the developer. I want to get it right rather than rushed.
  7. Torsten

    gallery creation mobile

    is this still ongoing? anyone else have this issue?
  8. Torsten

    Deleting albums

    so it looks like lost galleries can't be recovered. I am trying to find a way to find all the images that are no longer showing in the gallery and then posting these in a separate gallery so that users can retrieve them if they like. Not sure if it will be possible, but just chatting to tech support about it the last few days.
  9. Torsten

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    sorry, setting it up turned out to be more complicated than it should be. Hopefully fixed soon and will introduce the features then.
  10. The attack started on friday morning, but I could not deal with it as I had to go to a funeral. It was still going when i returned in the evening and also Saturday morning. I was advised to just turn the server off if possible and ride it out. So that's what we did. No damage done and we've got a few settings changed that should protect us a bit more in future. Will also put us behind cloudflare soon. I presume it is nothing sinister. Most attacks were out of china and russia. Probably just trying to gain access to mailserver for spam.
  11. did you sneak in #9 after publishing? I am sure it wasn't there when I did my replies and about 5 others missed out too.
  12. Torsten

    "Shamanic Science" subforum drafts.

    Rather than 'science', how about 'practices' or 'studies'? I don't even like the fact the word pseudoscience has the word science in it ;) Other than that I think it is a good idea. It was originally part of the spirituality subforum. Why do you think it needs a separate one?
  13. Torsten

    Has anyone heard from Nabraxas?

    did you leave or did you get a suspension? That might be the difference since you revived this ancient thread.... did nabraxas ever resurface?
  14. For those who might have missed it in the other thread, here is a link to the pics of the camp.
  15. I only just connected your forum ID to who you are shruman . Sorry, too many names and faces for my brain to cope with. Was good catching up anyway, even if i was clueless ;)
  16. Torsten

    plant sale 4 aa's memorial

    he wrote "of you" not "from you" or "about you". ie he was referring to the community, not you specifically ph.
  17. Torsten

    Searching for information?

    not sure I understand what you're referring to. the search function for this software has always been rather crap so I mostly use google to search the forums. The good news is that the next upgrade will apparently introduce a whole new search engine.
  18. Torsten

    RIP andyamine

    Many thanks to everyone who attended the Andyamine memorial camp! We laughed, we cried, and we partied to remember our dear friend. Also many thanks to Christian's family for being so supportive, for sharing the pictures and videos, for giving the event their blessing and support, and most of all for having given us such a special person. I hope we can do our bit to make sure his good deeds are remembered (there are rumours this camp thing might become a regular event ;) ). Christian loved the plants (photo provided by his brother). The camping site The Marquee keeping us (sort of) dry Friends sharing thoughts and stories about, and pictures of Christian Christian's close friends posing with tree (a special picture for his mum). Then planting it. (4 out of 6 are horticulturists - we got this ;) ) Everyone joined in The memorial tree (spotted gum) Toby brought from Sydney, with the plaque made by Hillbilly. Immediately after planting, before niggles tidied it up on sunday. Christian was a raver from the very early days of the Melbourne rave scene. So naturally there was techno after dinner. Thanks DJ Orion for the sound gear and your awesome track selection. 2018-04-22 00.22.38.mp4 Tree looks much better now. Thanks niggles. Meanwhile there was a sapo/kambo ceremony going on just out of frame. Sorry, no pics (and luckily no sound either ;) ). The sunday hike up Mt Chincogan Enjoying the enhanced views from the top
  19. Torsten

    RIP andyamine

    On Friday morning my dear friend Christian D. passed away. Many of you will know him as andyamine - moderator on these forums. He was supposed to have joined me on the roadtrip to EGA, but pulled out last minute. I saw him for a few minutes the week before and he seemed like he was getting on top of the issues that had affected him so badly for the couple of months before. I left his place genuinely thinking he will be ok. He wasn't. Look after your mates! Depression is a killer. I will miss Christian. (edit: a memorial SAB camp will be organised in the new year. Please see this thread)
  20. Torsten

    plant sale 4 aa's memorial

    wow! This is a huge plant package from an awesome grower so you can bid with confidence. I've promoted this in the facebook group too.
  21. Torsten

    We were under DDoS attack

    The tech people set the firewall too aggressive as a response to the DDoS. I fixed this a few days later to be more suitable for the forum software. I've also made all bans temporary, so even if you do get caught in the firewall just try again 24-48h later. There is still a lot of activity, so we're still a target, but at the moment the firewall is dealing with it all quite well.
  22. I just wanted to thank everyone for their generous contributions. The forum tab collected $245, Christian's mum Gail donated $250, and several people handed me $20 and $50 notes over the weekend. Tony and Karyn donated heaps of food and drink, Kevin a couple of kilos of lamb, Dylan a couple of kilos of super fresh tuna, etc. The table just kept filling with more and more food, so I've probably missed a few. Hiring a marquee costs bout half of buying it, so i bought one. Hiring toilets costs about 1/3rd of buying them, so i bought one and Rodni bought the other one. Kevin paid for the audio visual gear out of his own pocket! I also paid for the firewood. Thank you everyone. You made this a breeze. We only used about 1/4 of the firewood and have toilets and marquee, so we are already set for the next one ;)
  23. Ahh, what an awesome weekend. You guys are awesome guests and really make it happen despite weather and technical problems (projector did indeed blow from the rain). That's a great pic Horus! (Can I use that in the FB post please?) I'll make a more comprehensive post once I get some pics off various people.
  24. due to the server issues some folks could not get their tickets before the cut off date. Don't fret. Just go ahead and buy them by friday afternoon and then send me pm. Make sure to send pm!!