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  1. SayN

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    How'd you go RC? (and what was the occasion?)
  2. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    Pro-vax! Anti-vax! I would like to suggest there is a third group to which I belong: Nutri-vax. See, as a parent, I had to make a call and set an example for my children and it almost feels like there are/were only two options: 1. The world is a fucked up place run by mysterious forces hell-bent on wiping out the common man through a nefarious plot that revolves around the coronavirus and vaccines. Trust no-one children and live your lives in fear! or 2. The world is a fucked up place but most people are really just trying to do the right thing. Trust most people but, in particular, scientists over politicians (and it's mostly scientists calling the shots at the moment because politicians need someone to blame).
  3. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    ^ nice to see you around WB.
  4. SayN

    What’s up, mid north coast?

    Welcome to lockdownville! Good to have you back but it must be tough for the mexicans i bet.
  5. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    Hey Change - you know how much I love you mate but I think you might be oversimplifying things a bit here. I don't think HD and I are so much discussing the politics of the situation. Rather, we are against the blatant misinformation being bandied about - it's downright dangerous. There are still way too many people thinking the vaccines are injecting Bill Gates' microchips - I shit you not - old(er) people that should know better. They have totally discarded logical thought (like why do we need two shots? was the microchips missing components in the first shot? doh) and jump on any human mistake (like mask wearing or slips of the tongue) as proof that its all a scam. Others think its 5G. FFS. HD and I just want to dispel these myths and encourage vaccination - it will save lives and get us back to (the new) normal quicker. And Zedo - it's super tough out there at the moment. You are not alone - my single mates are all suffering big time - I do what I can to help but its not enough. Try and hang in there and, when its possible, get along to one of the SAB meets in your area. The people on this forum are uniquely special. Post more here - pics and random thoughts. Try and stay busy. It is a shitty time there is no doubt but I have seen this pandemic bring out the best in people (and sadly, the worst as well).
  6. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    When I heard he'd 'misspoken' I suspected it would be lapped up by the theorists: https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2021/jul/30/nobody-in-icu-fully-vaccinated-how-one-small-mistake-became-fodder-for-conspiracy-theorists-video
  7. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    ^ anything that mutes Alan Jones has to be a good thing
  8. I have some very spiky cuts of Tricho. Cuzcoensis. The cuts I recently pruned and the tip I found fallen over on the weekend - it probably got damaged when I pruned and then the recent gale force winds did the rest. One cut is about 30cm ($30) . The other cut is a little longer about 36cm ($35). The tip I will trim to no more than 40cm - I'd like to get $50 for it as its a beauty. Shipment is via post or express post and calculated separately at cost (rounded up as danger money for packing ). Please PM me if interested.
  9. I have some very chunky cuts of Tricho. Cordobensis 'Lance' that I recently pruned (what a tricky procedure that was). All about 30cm (and nearly half as wide ). $30 each plus postage. Cuts are a good 3 to 4kg so be warned. Shipment is via post or express post and calculated separately at cost. Please PM me if interested.
  10. I sense a new business opportunity: drone-pollination! Nice pics mate.
  11. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    "Elect officials with science backgrounds". Now you're fucking talking! Only then will the human race go on to bigger and better things... Edit: I tried to elect a surgeon as my local member last election but the other f-wits around here decided an ageing tennis player was more appropriate.
  12. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    No TV required - the internet gives us everything we need: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fauci-gain-function-covid/ I guess I just find it a little frustrating that you, of all people, would appear to be adding weight to this right wing agenda. Worse: you don't know where the rumour started or even really much about it but you're happy to repeat it and therefore perpetuate it. Frankly we are all pawns on this site and none of us KNOW anything. I will, however, continue to try and put MY trust in peer-reviewed science where possible. And as much as I despise Gladys and her pack of pork-barreling cronies to think that this is all part of a conspiracy to erode us of our freedoms speaks major paranoia.
  13. SayN

    covid 19 vaccination

    ^ you trust Tucker Carlson instead?