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  1. SayN

    Tricho Seedlings for sale

    one pack left... Get in quick.
  2. SayN

    Harvesting caapi?

    ^ wouldnt the heat be problematic?
  3. SayN

    Tricho Seedlings for sale

    Sorry mate, i'm trying to do the right thing (for once in my life).
  4. SayN

    Bracing for the US election...

    Thanks guys. There aren't really enough emojis to express myself properly, but it's still comforting to know i'm not the only one that feels this way. I wish I lived down your way Humboldt... maybe one day (if, like you say, I live that long)
  5. I think i've been feeling more and more anxious lately and can only think it's got something to do with whats about to go down over in the land of crazy. Either way I look at it, things are grim. option A - 4 more years of trump. Really. I don't think i could take it, let alone the rest of the world... which seems to be going to shit. option B - Biden actually does get in. I'll party for sure, but it feels like the US is a tinderbox at the moment just looking for a match. Rednecks ain't gonna take it lying down and civil war could be a real likelihood. With that and the rona, the US will be in complete disarray. Who knows what that will do to the finely balanced 'world order'. Hey, if it ALL goes to shit, i'm heading for the mountains. Somebody. Please convince me i'm overthinking it.
  6. Hey. I have some more Trichocereus seedling packs for sale. They range in height from about 5cm to about 10cm or more. These were all grown from seeds labelled: Cordobensis 'Lance' X Macrogonus 'HSP' MB Scop X J2 Scop Macrogonus Matucana Peru Santaensis Pumacayan All are very healthy and keen to find new homes. Each pack contains a minimum of 1 each of the above varieties. Freebies always included. I have at least 4 packs to offer. $25 per pack + postage. Eastern states only blah blah blah. Please PM me or post below for more info.
  7. Hey man. Welcome. And epic first post.
  8. repotted some cactus. (@Glaukus that TPM X Huaraz at the front was about 6 inches high from you about this time last year - and I have another I got from you a month earlier that is only half the size.) and sorted out a bunch of seedlings I really need to offload.
  9. "Staged" is really quite funny - it's on iView. I'm also enjoying "The Casketeers" on Netflix. I cry and laugh at this one so it's a bit of a rollercoaster but I like to feel
  10. SayN

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Awesome. That's made my morning! Thanks Xperiment and condolences to the other entrants.
  11. SayN

    Pupping mid column

    Nah - haven't removed the bushes. That one pupping above the roof line has plenty of light - it shouldn't need to do that. And in the second pic - that is the most inappropriate place to pup from - very limited direct light, if any, there. I really do want to thin out some of those PC's I planted long before I knew what PC was but I'm a little scared it's going to be a huge knot of tangled roots. And i'd have to remove all the terracotta and weedmat I put down. Clusterfuck for sure. I suppose it's only going to get worse. It's a great natural fence too.
  12. SayN

    Pupping mid column

    Well I was leaning towards this being the most obvious reason because I had indeed planted something in front of them that would be restricting light. And then this happens: i'm curious about root space... These guys are getting pretty big and crowded. If i'd had more foresight ten years ago i might have spaced them out a bit more.
  13. SayN

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    #10 Some broad phyllode accuminata i'm working on:
  14. Thanks for setting that up Ronny and really nice to meet everyone. Niggles your place is inspiring! Sorry I had to leave in a hurry - got a bbq on and a guest arrived early.