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  1. SayN

    Watch this space

    ^ Or even better that 3 billion dollars went back into (honest) drug education, research, medical uses and addiction/adversity treatment - the latter for that minority of people that develop any issues. And that's just Queensland... Edit: Yes, I daydream a lot
  2. SayN

    Post a random picture thread

    Dobroyd. Best real estate in Sydney. They look amazing from the water. Shame it was a hazy smoky day.
  3. SayN

    Watch this space

    ^ It's worse than that mate. Politicians routinely pull out the line "we're taking the advice of experts..." - Gladys must have muttered that phrase countless times during the bushfire crisis recently. They only take the "advice of experts" when it either supports their own agenda or insulates them from scrutiny. Gladys won't even consider supporting pill testing as recommended by the experts. Climate change action is another classic example of them ignoring the experts. Politicians. Not a sincere or genuine bone in their bodies. How do they sleep at night?
  4. Hey. I have some Trichocereus seedling packs for sale. They range in height from about 5cm to about 10cm. These were all grown from seeds labelled: Candicans Cordobensis 'Lance' X Macrogonus 'HSP' MB Scop X J2 Rosei X Pach Scop All are very healthy and keen to find new homes. Each pack contains a minimum of 1 each of the above varieties. Freebies always included. I have at least 5 packs to offer. $25 per pack + postage. Eastern states only blah blah blah. Please PM me or post below for more info.
  5. SayN

    Tricho id, peru x cuzco?

    looks feasible to me. my cuzco has quite a uniformity to the spines with the center spine being the most dominant.
  6. SayN

    WBs random photos

    That's a beauty! What type are they? Albino butternut?
  7. You bring out the oranges at half time?
  8. SayN

    Cacti issues (heat?)

    Well i've been trying to keep everything well watered, but Saturday was stinking and I was away at a party which also means Sunday I was neglectful as well. In addition, these plants were closest to my tin shed which I imagine got mighty hot too. Lesson learnt.
  9. I've noticed some issues with a few of my cacti. Could this be heat stress? They were all in full sun and seemed fine last week, but noticed this variegation on a few - which i've isolated from the rest as a precaution. Close up:
  10. SayN

    Acacia chemicals

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_confusa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_longifolia
  11. SayN

    Climate Change For Cacti

    Fuck it was hot in Sydney today. 48 celsius in the attic. When I went out to water (after 5pm of course) the garden was fucked. Despite watering every second day - any more and I'd feel guiltier than I already do - the garden is fucked. Shriveled leaves, wilted plants, dead seedlings. The only thing that's loving it is the cactus! I'm thinking I'll plant more seeds this year. Despite having a couple of kids, cacti seem a safer bet these days. Sure, cacti aren't my genes, but does it really matter? Isn't bringing any life into this world of equal value?
  12. SayN

    Happy new year

    To waste more time drinking