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  1. SayN

    Medicinal Weeds

    I used to have have lots of Sida popping up everywhere - long before I knew what it was. Chewed some roots a few times hoping for sinus relief and any side effects, but found them a little underwhelming.
  2. SayN

    lance for sale

    with all due respect, it might be a little steep for here imho, especially having to pickup (actually its probably more the inconvenience than the price per se). you might be better off cutting it up first - and then, if there's still no interest, sticking it on eBay.
  3. SayN

    Khat use!

    ^although too young, and you just seem to eat them.
  4. SayN


    To the best of my ability, the mushrooms are likely Mycena species... No idea about the fruit, but it looks amazing!
  5. ^ prints for microscopy purposes are not illegal
  6. Yes I would. Gone. I lost a package last month - express posted too. It made it from the PO to the depot and then... vanished. Thinking about it I wondered if it was simply that I had addressed it to "Peter" with no surname. Is that suspicious?
  7. SayN

    Acacia talk.

    ha - just a gardener my arse! just brilliant work mate. a bit bummed i missed this one - but ever so happy APS published this.
  8. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    ^ saw them (what's left) here in Sydney a couple of years ago. good gig. hugh is touring soon.
  9. SayN


    cant wait for the collaboration! (SABers helping [each] other SABers - its what this place is about! )
  10. SayN

    Quit cigs

    hangovers are bad. hangovers involving tobacco are VERY bad. learn this well.
  11. [SOLD] Up for conversion to edible, family-friendly food, via the magic of money are: A nice tip cut of PC Pach approx. 25cm in length. Fat and healthy. A really pretty Bridgesii 'Eileen' tip. > 30cm in length. Spineless (for now), but definitely Eileen. I'm asking $25 and $35 respectively (or $50 for both). Each purchase will get an additional Trichocereus seedling; choose from one of the following: Rosei x Pach Scop. Cordobensis 'Lance' x Macrogonus 'HSP' Bridgesii 'Wasting Me' x Red Huascha MB Scop x J2 
  12. I think I could be satisfied with "very rapidly" if I knew just how rapid that was... Is this essentially saying that smoking (or vaping) leaves a 'residue' in the mouth that is detectable for far longer?
  13. For the first time ever, exclusively to SAB members, I am offering these seedling packs consisting of 5 healthy seedlings for $20 each plus postage. All hand-reared. One (or more) of each of the following: Rosei x Pach Scop. Cordobensis 'Lance' x Macrogonus 'HSP' Bridgesii 'Wasting Me' x Red Huascha MB Scop x J2 I have 5 packs to offer. Postage extra and at cost.
  14. Well business is a bit slow so it's off to market with these. Actually, the pachanoi was about to hit the roof so pruning was inevitable. 1. Eileen $20 2. Eileen tip $25 3. Pachanoi tip (x-large) $25 4. Pachanoi 30cm $15 5. Pachanoi 30cm $15 6. Pachanoi 30cm $15 7. Pachanoi 30cm $15 8. Pachanoi 30cm $15 9. Pachanoi 30cm $15 Also have this rooted Eileen tip for $25. Postage will be calculated and quoted at cost in due course. All purchases get free chillies (cayenne, limon aji, bhut jolokia).