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  1. SayN

    Passiflora to help a friend

    ^ i'm guessing that stopping the booze (ie. entirely) is probably something a little further down the track. one wobbly step at a time.
  2. SayN


    spoiled only by a rogue nasal hair
  3. SayN

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Mighty hospitable reptyle. and with a name like Forest of Tranquility it seems hard to refuse hope to see yas there.
  4. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    in 25 years or so:
  5. SayN

    Watch this space

    Think gay marriage. Dumping this government is fundamental.
  6. SayN

    In the sprit of Christmas TREES!

    I've never had a 'real' tree ever. It's always been artificial and, to be honest, it's never bothered me. I can understand how some people would associate the fresh timber smell (and the cleaning of dead leaves) with christmas though but it seems like a bit of a waste (as is a lot of christmas I guess). Anyway, didn't mean to bring a negative vibe - each to their own. Have a great chrissie and new year all. Peace.
  7. SayN


    to rotate: picture on iphone = tap edit and then the rotate icon (square with arrows on corners), rotate accordingly and tap done. picture on windows PC = double click to load the picture in Windows Photo Viewer. Click either the rotate clockwise/counterclockwise buttons on the bottom toolbar. nice forest. is it only a temporary arrangement?
  8. SayN

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    ^ "lime powder trick" - gotta link?
  9. SayN

    Post a random picture thread

    er, no. Edit: that circle of white dots is lens flare from the flash i think
  10. SayN

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    I was wondering the same thing! I have a heap of flowers on a number of different plants this year coming but realised it's actually all the same clone. No seeds for me??
  11. half your luck. I got swooped on again by one particular magpie in the local park as late in the nesting season as yesterday! I swear its just me it dislikes as other regular walkers in the area don't have the same issue. Probably all because I threw a stick at it once (after it attacked me) and I don't think its ever going to forgive.