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    unusual and rare entheogens.medicinal plants and anything else interesting,surfi

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  1. Andrew

    lance for sale

    Hi everyone who messaged me,sorry for the late reply.I,ve been moving house and had no internet connection. The cactus sold back on the 18th.Sorry once again to anyone who was interested. I may have some more cactus to sell soon. Drew.
  2. Andrew

    lance for sale

    I thought that might be a bit much,I mean I know what its worth but didnt really expect to get that on here,obviously everyone wants a bargain. I,ll drop the price to $120.00.I,d rather not cut it up as that becomes inconvenient for me. I,ll leave it as it is for the moment,someone might want it,if not maybe I,ll just keep it. I,m just not as into the ethnobotany thing as I used to be years ago when I was member number 2 on this site. cheers.
  3. Andrew

    lance for sale

    Been years since I,ve visited this site,its grown a lot.I have a large Lance cactus that i,d like to sell.Its in a pot,largest column is 1100mm. has 4 columns but I want the smallest one.I think $160.00 is a good price.Obviously its pick up only.Let me know if I,m way off with the price. cheers. Forgot to mention I,m south of Wollongong.
  4. Andrew

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    Goodbye Will,hope you found the peace you deserved.You will be missed. Andrew.
  5. Andrew

    Adrian G passed way - Earthpod

    No,no,no,not another old member gone.I never met Adrian in person but I did trade with him some years ago.I still have some of the cacti I got from him,always seemed like a nice guy. R.I.P. Adrian. Andrew.
  6. Andrew

    Plants to aid stress and promote energy?

    I suggest withania somnifera (ashwaganda),half to one teaspoon of powdered root in the morning should keep you calm and give you some energy.I,d say more but my computer is giving me trouble.
  7. Andrew

    'Being' has passed away

    Sorry to hear that we have lost another.R.I.P. Being.
  8. Andrew

    Chemical Shaman we will miss you

    I cant believe it!This is so wrong.I havent talked much to denis in a long while but I am extremely saddened to hear he has gone.R.I.P.
  9. Andrew

    ID please

    Looks to me like a baby pittosporum undulatum.
  10. Andrew

    The therapists chair.

    Dont get me started on that FUCKING onion weed.This extremely obnoxious weed is all through my veggie patch and the strawberries.Every year I spend hours with the fork loosening the soil and carefully trying to slide them out without leaving the bulbs in the ground.All I seem to be able to do is keep them just under control but I cant get rid of them.Pity its not a useful plant unless you like being pissed off every time you have to see it.If anyone has a technique for ridding myself(and chiral)of it I would be keen to hear of it.
  11. Andrew

    Checking out Kava

    I,m sure that shop wouldnt be selling a prohibited item,seeing as how trading in kava is illegal and they are good law abiding citizens.Dont incriminate people.
  12. Andrew

    A new addition

    Congrats again mesc.
  13. Andrew

    No-Dig potato growing experiences?

    I think the tyre method,which suposedly works very well,leach cadmium which can be taken up by the spuds.
  14. Andrew


    Sorry guys(zelly,b.caapi)life has been hammering me of late and I,ve been in some strange moods.I assumed this cacti was well known like the p.c. and was surprised when asked for pictures,obviously I was wrong.I,ll put the seeds in soon and see what comes up, I,m pretty sure its crossed with the common p.c. pachanoi so I,m hoping it will produce something nice to look at. p.s. I have a picture somewhere,I,ll try to find it,then work out how to post it here.
  15. Andrew


    Thanks very much michael,I expected it probably was.I guess I should just plant them and see what comes up. Yeah that reply was almost as helpful as Perhaps you guys would like a couple of these seeds.PM me if you do.