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  1. G Dawg

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway - Finished

    All good @trichojester PM me your postal and will send them on their merry way
  2. G Dawg

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway - Finished

    Hey all, cheers for the interest. If I had more seed would probably give to everyone but the chosen ones are @niggles @Acacia and @trichojester PM me your postal and will send this week.
  3. Hi all, I have some mixed Loph seed that I got from Etheobotanica last year which I am not going to get around to sowing. I have approx. 100 seeds so will give away 3 packs of 33.3 seeds So post down below why you want them and I will pick the best 3 next Sunday 5th July
  4. G Dawg

    Camellia sinensis

    Hey Toby, pm me your postal and I can send you you some cutting material from my other half's plant. Not trade needed as it is about time I shared the love
  5. They seem to be going pretty well now that they are all back together and their enclosure was rearranged a bit. I give them wood roaches as treats as I breed these to feed my lizards and frogs and have plenty to go around. They get pretty excited to see me come with a cup of woodies I like the food scraps idea as that would breed vinegar flies etc for them to munch on. Will give it a go.
  6. G Dawg


    Looks like a nice thorny rugosa
  7. Hey Humbolt, have 5 girls now which were all from the same place. The enclosure is 1m x 2.5m by around 0.5 m high. Any injured ones previously were separated until they healed up. Today is the first time they have been put back together and the layout has been alerted with a few more hides etc. I think the out of site thing is one of the most important aspects from what I can see. Will see how they go this time round.
  8. Hey Humbolt, just wondering if you had issues with the females fighting as my wife got some and we had to separate some due to some brawling behaviour reminiscent of bare knuckle boxing without a cut man. Also had to dispatch the male as he was pretty nasty to most of the females other than his original one.
  9. G Dawg

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    I have what I recall as Peaches and Cream which I could post some cuttings if your interested. Also may have another but the variegated Peaches and Cream grows best for me down the south coast
  10. G Dawg

    Hemp seed

    Have used the hemp flour and hemp protein in bread and pancakes which tastes good but makes the bread a lot more crumbly. Not sure about the unhulled seeds but looking to try some out
  11. G Dawg

    Frog feeding help

    I used to use small moths from the garden for my baby geckos and also springtails. Easiest thing though is to buy baby wood roaches or even easier to breed your own.
  12. G Dawg

    Free Galphimia glauca

    Seeds arrived today. Cheers Alchemica
  13. G Dawg

    Free Galphimia glauca

    Hey Alchemica would love some seed.
  14. G Dawg

    List of Ethnobotany Forums

  15. G Dawg

    catha edulis

    There have been a few different varieties of khat in WA. I managed to get vw and narrow leafed before moving which did well, so there is no reason why they are still not available. There are many different ethnos in WA, just a matter of finding them.