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  1. rogdog

    Free to good home - Adelaide pickup

    No more messages please people. There are enough people coming to help remove these surplus cacti from the garden. Anybody who has already got in contact, we are still good to go
  2. rogdog

    Free to good home - Adelaide pickup

    A lot of my collection is free cuts from you!
  3. I am moving house and have too many plants to move. Pick up only, must be removed before 5PM Saturday 23 April. Plants are located at Magill, 5072 First in best pickings. A large collection of plastic plant pots as well. Cactus - Goliath, scop,cordo, super pedro, macrogonus, TBMs, seed grown pach from Hungary and US, bruce, bridgesii and others I forget the name of. PM for pickup address
  4. rogdog

    Incogsfukup comp

    Time for a 12 month update. I didn't do any grafting, but these babies love their coco coir
  5. rogdog

    R.I.P. Dean potter

    Sucks to die young, but you know he was doing what he loved
  6. rogdog

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    holy shit, I need to get my picking boots on
  7. rogdog

    Wet areole competition (NSFW)

    ^agreed; I've only had this wet areole fetish for a few days, stopping now might get dangerous.
  8. rogdog

    Wet areole competition (NSFW)

    I'm a bit late to the party, but this saucy sausage plant needs a drip tray!
  9. 15, thanks to the seven old and new gods I nearly missed this offer. Wanting yowie seeds for a long time
  10. rogdog

    Incogsfukup comp

    I use coco coir on its own and am really pleased with the results. It holds a lot of water, and has lots of air pockets at the same time. I use it for all my gardening and everything grows well. I live in Adelaide with a Mediterranean climate and it works for me here, when I lived in Lismore, it rained so hard the easy wetta water saver nodules blew up like jellyfish and were all over the surface of my pots. I germinate in coco coir, and transplant to more coco coir, I just love the stuff. Brunnings brand is the stuff I use, it has water saver granules and fertilizer included. Also some larger chunks of coir that break down over time. http://www.fertilisersonline.com.au/potting-mixes/coir/easy-wetta-potting-mix-block-60l.html <-- this block
  11. rogdog

    Incogsfukup comp

    Strap yourselves in and behold the miracle of coco coir
  12. John Pilger has a book and documentary both called The new Rulers of the World that discuss how a bunch of multinational companies and the IMF stirred up the turmoil and stripped the Indonesian economy during that period. It's a tragic piece of history that not enough people know about.
  13. rogdog

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I fertilized most plants today, and stared at brugs some more.
  14. Watching pimentos slops bucket thread made me a bit ashamed of my laziness in cleaning. I'll clean the pulp off next time. I am a little suprised the overseas mail arrived so quick, I was concerned the pulp might grow mould on the journey. Well done to Auspost for getting them moving fast.
  15. rogdog

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched bees collecting brugmansia pollen