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  1. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Given the lack of response, I assume this isn't happening then? Totally appreciate that people have other things to do.
  2. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Meet at the gardens? Sunday december 5th is out .... Epic EGA event! Sunday the 12th?
  3. OMG, less than two weeks to the EGA full day webcast on December the 5th. How time flies! Hope to see everyone there.
  4. Hi All, A couple of questions. I know over the years a few members of the community have sent specimens off to get them sequenced. I am curious if your sequences ended up in any databases open to scientific analysis. I know of some people who now add their sequences to their iNaturalist listings. I'm doing some phylogenetic work and I was wondering if anyone would be happy to share their sequences with me. If so, by PM is fine. I wouldn't share them any further out of respect. and I will post any phylogenetic trees here in this thread. Thank you in advance, Cheers, Ob.
  5. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    must be time for another catch up
  6. obtuse

    Acacia plant giveaway

    tempted. heading back to mainland in a few days so probably don't have time to organise pickup.
  7. Entheogenesis Australis is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


    Topic: SAB Lockdown Plant Meet - Zoom Meeting
    Time: Aug 30, 2020 01:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney


    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 801 260 4189
    Passcode: MBG/30/08



  8. Its been a while..... a long while and the world went all topsy turvey,. I hope you are all well, and your lives have been nice and calm. big hugs to all in this weird time <3
  9. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    sounds like a good idea there Ronny.
  10. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    missing in action as always
  11. obtuse


    Looking forward to meeting people and long fungi chats.
  12. obtuse

    Microscopy and DNA workshops

    will be fun. pity you are so far away DL.