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  1. As for people leaving on my behalf.....well they must be weak as piss and therefore not much use to a forum that needs solid contributor...like me with all my problems and "Drug-Issues" LOL
  2. I see our Fungi Friend is having trouble understanding the +/- system hmmm. LOL Must be productive fuck man you're sound like a NAZI! How about interesting or different? Too much has been lumped into areas that are unfounded here...so within a thread,if there is an imminent problem, then what do the moderators do actually??? Seems a counterproductive "Status" to me.
  3. I was never PM'd Edit:As for personal well I wasn't the one sprouting that I have a drug problem..which I will repeat. I DON'T!
  4. mescalito

    Post your track of the day

  5. Double post as the stupid thing said I need to post a thread?
  6. And finally: This is where I get confused as it clearly says "Reputation" not "Content". Also as people feel the need to refer to dictionary meanings: REPUTATION: noun 1.the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation. 2.favorable repute; good name: to ruin one's reputation by misconduct. 3.a favorable and publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.: to build up a reputation. 4.the estimation or name of being, having, having done, etc., something specified: He has the reputation of being a shrewd businessman. Origin: 1325–75; Middle English reputacioun < Latin reputātiōn- (stem of reputātiō) computation, consideration, equivalent to reputāt(us) (past participle of reputāre; see repute) + -iōn- -ion Related formsrep·u·ta·tion·al, adjective self-rep·u·ta·tion, noun Synonyms 1. regard, name. Reputation, character are often confused. Reputation, however, is the word which refers to the position one occupies or the standing that one has in the opinion of others, in respect to attainments, integrity, and the like: a fine reputation; a reputation for honesty. Character is the combination of moral and other traits which make one the kind of person one actually is (as contrasted with what others think of one): Honesty is an outstanding trait of his character. 2. fame, distinction, renown, esteem, honor, recognition. 3. See credit. This to me has nothing to do with keeping a thread tidy but exactly what it says above. Quote:Torsten" Maybe if you spent the time and effort on something constructive like that you wouldn't have time to post so much tripe." Maybe if you had spent the time and effort some here have understanding how the BIG picture is unfolding, you would realise that your venture here may very well come to an almighty halt. You can't buy fresh milk,the H1N1 injections are proven to cause,measles,infections,Autism and DEATHS. Aspartame,flouride and where it comes from, who funds the medical industry?...the very group that has put me into my current fight! The Codex Alimentarius may very well end ALL your efforts....so who ya gonna call then? This is all REAL not Conspiracy,you and others just don't want to know and feel safe labeling. Ask Slybacon. Better yet ask him if Eugenics,H1N1problems,Chemtrails,HAARP etc is happening NOW. Sorry Sly but you're not in the spotlight here and I understand why....but you will never reach most of this group. In fact tune in right now HERE! It's being discussed right this minute!
  7. OK then: I take it you're tight with mesc and that's fine. I can't see him being around for long as the only reason I didn't boot him a few months ago was becuase I wanted to make sure he still has access to his support network while going through his drug problem. This was down to a personal request from a close mutual friend. But my pateince is runnign out and it doesn't seem he is going to snap out of it, so it's not going to be long I presume. Like I said, I want to spend my 20 mins a day here doing what I love, not looking after people who are just trying to ruin my work. This is after all not a public forum, it is MY forum. t
  8. Be careful with that word "Power" Distracted hey, I'm not attacking you but merely warning you of the fact that when you say things like this about others you give yours away. Basically I haven't really attacked anyone in the "Text-Book" sense as most here like to refer to. I have been defensive definitely and for good reason....namely discrimination. Perception is everything If it wasn't for us well I hate to say it, but Torsten would be alone in this so-called word "Power" and the very concept would be non-existent if only in his own mind(is that a mental condition? ). It takes fuel to make fire. I see this is where most inputs here hold him? Some Regimes of the past were built on this very concept,one in particular comes to mind. Such a pity that you have missed the power within...you know, speak up NOW or forever hold your peace and that shit. "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect." Jun Fan Lee Character cannot be defined as easily as some here might think.After all do you know who I helped today that no-one else would dare? For someone who apparently has been meditating everyday for most of their life....you have long way to go grasshopper....I never said I do it everyday, it was an observation from doing it in the past that was really helpful and calming and one merely just a suggestion to try to help but YOU attacked ME in a derogatory fashion,setting a precedent for a free-for-all on me! This is but one example,there are many. I don't see why I should address the aforementioned out of context "Quotes" because there are no links for others to check out and see the posts for what the intention was really about. I am however more interested in why you felt it necessary to spend your precious 20 mins finding them? As for the "I trust you no more" in that thread,well if I was another member, then I would be asking why this info was not disclosed to them as it was in a protected forum.....I'd be pissed at you for holding back the facts and playing me if I was them. As for bringing a mutual friend into this discussion that they themselves can at anytime contribute to or message me over...well this is just another attempt to disparate a close friendship and make a "poor me,made an exception,think yourself lucky" statement for your followers to run off.Piss-Weak to say the least. I will email this person and let them know that my situation is OK and I don't need an exception. My Latin's fine too BTW it is second nature to me....so many different things go on at a market place, but see we speak modern Australian here and as such the Latin meaning has little bearing these days as common sense prevails in general communication. Oh so you want to take the whole thing public!
  9. mescalito

    woman's aims to be worlds fattest

    Me neither meeka so do I get a Pos like you did? Well dude it's her life and I'm pretty sure she won't displace your slice of the food supply.Who is to say what she should or shouldn't do? ....and did you say conspiracy!!? and couldn't be bothered reading the article?...that made my day thanks FYI it's also the inhalation of burnt plant material regardless if there are added chems. I Vape instead Once again like others in THIS thread except a few, most are assuming there is something wrong with her and judging her pretty harshly. Why does it make you feel good or sleep better knowing that you're better...as for the guy in the photo, well do you know his story? So many perfect people around these parts I'm in awe. Quote Gerbil"tis a cultural construct, and our society is unhealthy in all contexts of the word, but we're fed like rabid dogs from a construct above us who makes us think we have choice and dictate our direction, yet our dictation is being dictated. We are the blind leading the blind and our frustrations arise when we realise how helpless we are in our position and the snowball rolls. Hope you're sadness passes " Totally agree and meeka as we say in time this too shall pass. All the best.
  10. mescalito


    Bundy makes a Horehound non-alc cider/beer that's really nice....or the used to. I've been looking for it for ages now. It's a relaxing bevvy!
  11. I'd love to see the posts where I whine about the Forums and you T? Well I won't go any further with this as I have no more time for bullshit passed off as Trolling....I've always been a random dude and I'm not changing to suit one persons rules nor their followers. To grow mature is to separate more distinctly, to connect more closely .Hugo Von Hofmannsthal (1874 - 1929) Nice one on the "Mental Disorder" too ya judgmental ass! Once again peeps take notice of the LABELING....Torsten has NO IDEA where I'm at, as I don't have a mental disorder and has no idea how my life is tracking. I have always been open about my life here, and now it is being used against me amongst the very people I trusted the most....I suspect others have been treated the same way. This is but an assumption based on his own experience and let me tell you, my missus is TOTALLY PISSED about this, so going on that she must have a mental disorder too.I merely commented on the rating system and my take on it, not eatfoo as I never witnessed this. As I said before I don't live here. I do however have a problem with censorship and freedom of speech...oh and judgement for that which one only has part of the story and blurting out this assumption as if it were the truth.....you know not! This post may earn me a burn notice which would be a shame in lot's of ways, but if I can't speak freely and be treated equally,then this place is not a "Forum" by definition. It's a club with rules...there is a difference. Either way the Truth Shall Set Me Free.