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  1. This one goes out to Aus Post & the Regulars. It's been a good year ladies & gents:
  2. The pots are just a temporary home for 6-12 months while the cuts establish themselves a decent root system. I'm hoping when the cacti are planted in-ground that these same undesirable ants don't go and invade in-ground specimens, like they do with pot-plant specimens. You mentioned these invader ants going for dead fallen wood & tricho pots, both similar habitats I guess. Do you think these mongrels (ants) will fuck with the root systems of newly-planted-in-ground, established plants, as your waiting for them to settle in? Maybe the ants are more after dead wood or terracotta (pots), in contact with soil, as apposed something lush and very much alive planted in-ground/deep-earth.
  3. Dirty fuckers, its the little brown bastards that get into your honey pot type... What to do Sal? Depot, fuck the ants up/off then repot with some fresh soil?
  4. Damn Sal - two of my tricho pot plants (that i know about) have good solid ants nests where the hole is in the bottom of the pot. Are ants bad news for the root systems of trichos/cacti in general? I thought I saw a thread started by Horus theorizing that his exotic local ants are causing his cacti to thrive in ground... Hmmmm
  5. Suck it into ya, deep and hard mate, make sure never to exhale.
    Make sure you never forget to ride em hard bro, balls deep till' they weep bruz.
    You know how its done.

  6. Bitcoin estimated to be at half a million USD per coin by 2020.
  7. ^ Thats up like $3k AUD since i went to bed last night... and I'm still hesitating to throw $170 at it... LOL
  8. Coinjar is telling me 25.7k per coin buy price, 25.2k sell price... I could of chucked a few hungie in a few days ago and would of made some... Annoying... How long is thing terrifying skyrocketing climb going continue? its been CONSTANTLY going up for a month steady now.
  9. Roo poo works too, watch out for Q-Virus though.
  10. No dramas, just enjoy the season mate - get some beautiful pix at least. might be a better place to host images too on here.
  11. Just upload to SAB as thumbnails RC - I've already got a pre-chub for this seasons SEQ porn - cannot do without it. Grab some more prints of beautiful wild specimens of p.cube and pan cyan if at all possible (for microscopy) for the community again - but no pressure dude homie, just enjoy it! I'm still holding onto some genetics of last years wild SEQ print you sent me. Something fresh might be nice under the scope. Have a good season in paradise RC, you sickest of kunts. Happy hunting!
  12. How random is this post lol I lol'd too, pretty obvious haha... Anyway, I wonder how @Dooligar is going with it all, I'd love to hear how it went down. Hope you and your girl are alright mate.
  13. ^try doublebenno for caapi... I'll PM you now about prints, I may still have some spare.
  14. I'd be keen for a bag of both broad and narrow if my name is not already down on the list. Let me know via PM if u can when they're ready to post & I will give you my details. I will keep an eye on this thread too. Thx Gimli - top work bro.