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  1. dont cha love it when you manage to lead someone ELSE on, (never happens) lol... sorry whorse. Nah i have a phucked windows phone, Get a hub profile going - I like to follow up n coming new entertainers, regardless of sex/uality. Sorry for being a prick/hole tease if it came across that way. I hate when I get led on too, I get an ache in my sack that Mrs Palmer can't even sort. I'm not on FB or anything, I should get on it soon. Everyone is saying fbfbfbfbfb! for cacy & plants, I just don't want to bump into exgirlfriends or old acquaintances. But yeah get on xhamster cams or pornhub if you can ever be arsed. Silk balaclavas + live shows, make a name for yourself!
  2. Straya:
  3. You could be right there actually, not entirely sure.
  4. ^ I don't think we do. Pay as 'goods and services' via PayPal vs a 'gift' for the first few times to establish trust with the individual. Potentially after that you could move over to a PP 'gift' if that is at all preferred by the seller. I personally pay every cactus grower with a gift out of respect, everyone I buy from has an established reputation though. I think gifts can't be reversed in any event, but when paying as 'goods and services' a dodgy buyer might be able to get their money back by claiming they were hacked or it wasn't them that made payment, or services paid for weren't provided etc, and screw the seller over that way, so some gardeners just prefer 'gifts' for their plants so there isn't any chance of rip-off (reversal)... Gifts help maintain your gardening as a 'hobby' on paper rather than a 'business' also apparently. I'd say even via bank transfer you might be able to ring your bank and tell them that the transaction wasn't you (you'd be lying though) and maybe have some recourse. If you rang your bank and said you had a private deal with an online bloke that was supposed to send you some rare plants that never turned up, they might tell you 'bad luck'? Not 100% sure though. The original post seemed nice, I hope he pulls through with the goods. If he does, do everyone a favour and leave some feedback on how the trade/purchase went.
  5. Yeah, same here... Was briefly in contact, we drummed up a deal for a week after we first touched base, then he fell out of contact (no payments made of course, nothing owing). If he gives you a PayPal to make payment to, then hes given you a name really... It would be silly not to make good with the transaction at this stage as there would be some kind of recourse, and its not anonymous. Sit tight, see if you get a response & payment details, then go from there if it feels right.
  6. Short version of the question: Can Police fuck with your switchboard/kill your power briefly in an attempt to get you to answer your front door? The scenario: Cops knocking 3am (QLD), flashlights through the windows... You freak out a bit cause its fucking 3am and call out to the doorknocker saying "who is it?" They respond "POLICE"... You proceed to ignore them and go to the toilet for a nervous poo cause things are odd... Then these dual qualified police-electricians take the initiative to open up your switchboard and flick the main switch off to try to get you to the front door. You finish snapping your shit off, wipe your arse, then hesitantly head for the front door semi scared for your life not yet convinced they're real police. During the short walk down the hall from the toilet to the front door they switch it back on. They greet you with questions regarding a stolen car & seemingly turn out to be real legitimate police officers at 3am behaving this way. After a brief conversation (Q&A session) they are satisfied and fuck off.... Nothing more of it. What should be done, if anything?: Whats my friends best plan of attack now? Is what they did legal? Ring the local department, file an avo against the two local police involved, claim trauma to the psyche/harassment etc? Tell them you need the integrity of your switchboard checked & guaranteed by a qualified trades person now & for them to reimburse said tradesman etc? Or just let it slide, answer the door promptly in future & cause no unnecessary issues?
  7. dont cha love it when you get to hear about the kilometers of sausage Vandas been through since new years.... U go girl! Careful of the pin loving slammers whorse, are u banging gays off grinder, or do u only bang straight blokes? Bag up - the gays are generally a more infectious bunch. Sounds like straight blokes to me anyway, that's pretty gangster.... Hey if any of them ever ends up being a toxic CUNT, you can easily doxx/blackmail for cash a closet mucho man, Not that fuckin' trans chicks makes u a closet gay or anything, but faced with exposure they will likely respond in the same way if they haven't 'come out' perse. Just another weapon to add to your ARSE-anal cis, but it might not be in you to fuck someone over like that. Some people deserve it tho. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can you please start web camming for tips etc (I'm a doley so I can't tip - but I'll lurk). Save for a go-pro camera too, get a hold of a tradesman on grinder (or where ever you shop for snag) to come around and mount it (and yourself) on the ceiling above the bed. Get some footage!!! Stock some silk balaclavas too and be open with your fuck-buddies, give em the option to mask up or u might get in trouble.... Get some solid amounts of footage & start your own "Amateur" PornHub page, then you maintain your profile with 1 weekly update (of your friday night etc). With links and adverts promoting your weekly live show, which could be like 90 minutes every Tuesday evening where the fans can ask u to do what ever they desire for tips etc. Amateurs have launched proper careers off the coat-tail of PornHub videos or like xhamster webcamming... Imagine it, you could be fuckin' LIVE/recorded for the world to see with a cactus backdrop behind you. People will wig it, promise you this. Money to be made my sexy little hustler (and also a fucking reputation/career too potentially).... GET ON IT! Shit yeah.... FIGJAM... ""Fuck I'm Good Just Ask Me""
  8. Discreetly fill that neighboring forest with some Erythroxylum australe for shits n giggles, why not? Make your boiz a flying fox too mate!! or a 300metre long fkn slip n slide.. They can charge entry fee on the weekends, get a sign painted up n shit: "The Slippery Gypsy" (FNQ's longest slip n' slide)
  9. Grats Northy, Your kids will fucking love it, your mrs will fucking love it (if shes still part of the equation), you yourself will fucking love it... There's gonna be SO MUCH fucking love, fucking all sprayed over the fucking jointtttt mate. Saturated. Drenched in the lovemuck. Get bulk cactus dude, some mad columns will look fantastic growing out of those stones round the gazebo. Talk to Interbeing, Godless, Toast, Spooge (just to name a few). These boys have GREAT CLONES at very competitive prices (their full time professions I assume). Also a big congrats on fixing your screen name back to what it was. As far as I'm concerned thats yo fkn birth name and you were mental to fk with it - own it. (Good job SAB moderators)
  10. ^ I need pounds. Lots of work to be done....
  11. ^ They were last years mushroom samples mailed off shortly after picking I'm guessing. Picked in winter 2017. Right now is too early for wild subs(?), a whole season too early. Must of taken like 8+ months to arrive at Pablo's Lab in Spain & for them to do the tests & forward the info onto Spooge. I'm wondering how the fuck u keep mushies fresh 'n viable for testing going in the mail from Aus to Spain... lol... Can they DNA test a dried specimen?
  12. Gimli, why steer clear of coinspot? Is it because its pretty non-anonymous or whats your reason for steering clear, what have u heard? Someone recently told me coinspot is a good joint for xmr (monero)? etc... Its just that google authenticator that trips me out, I use a shitbox windows phone, the thing cant get 90% of APP's... Bill Gates doesnt even use em... lol...
  13. Quirky; band is mostly NZers, with a bloke named 'Emily' (lol?) & a japenese american 17 yo chick lead singer:
  14. These boiz new album shall be a goodie. Fkn straya man, I love this country: