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  1. I'm going hunting for some edibles tomorrow so I'll keep an eye out for those as well
  2. I have quiet a lot of an aus native ginger, more than happy to pull some up for you
  3. Vaguely resembles one of my scops
  4. .

  5. as for wintering most just gets left in the shade house, seedling trays and variegates are moved out of the weather if there's heavy rain, but other than that everything's just left where it is
  6. These are where my 5 ish month seedlings are at- razor blade for size reference, humidity was taken away from the at one month, just counted them and there's a total of 37, sowed 150 seeds but never counted how many sprouted
  7. I hardly have time to water my plants lately, everything but my cacti have died, I'd much rather month old seedlings die then to lose year old seedlings that I've grown attatched too
  8. I take the lids off my lophophora seedlings at a month and harden them off, grown under 40% shade cloth that's stretched out a fair bit, I planted 150 seeds about 5 months ago, I'd say there's about 20 theatre still alive
  9. I know how you feel, I may have came a little when I opened the box
  10. Got this little guy in the mail today, was a good end to a shitty day
  11. Like above said you can't certainly say, but if that's on an older house I'd say it almost certainly contains it, and if you plan on tearing it down I'd do it on the down low and dump it inside other shit, this shit can get quiet costly very quick doing landscaping and all that shit I dig asbestos materials up more often then not