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  1. Can only dream of owning a crested loph
  2. Definitely interested
  3. remember reading through this, interesting to follow, i bought a small colony of those black ants with a brown ass that live in rotting wood, threw them in an old fish tank, fun to watch, id sit there for hours, spider showed up called him henry, bastard killed me ants since havent been able to source a colony without travelling to far
  4. id be pretty keen on reading that, i dont trust nurses/doctors sticking me with needles let alone myself
  5. shit I was under the same assumption, quiet a few of my potted up cacti are infested with ants
  6. I have no idea what this cactus is but I have some pollen saved from flowers a few weeks ago
  7. count me in cheers
  8. The photos certainly don't do them justice will pm you
  9. And a black opal for anyone that may know what they're looking at, just short of 5 grams
  10. have some opals I've been holding onto for awhile to polish up but never got around to it, aren't huge but there are some nice blue pink and purple colours in them if anyone is interested - will upload some pics shortly cheers
  11. Only problem I see with that is the caapi potentially strangling and killing the tree over time
  12. I'd be keen if any are left