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  1. Cereus Peru monstrose, came across this one on a family friends farm just on the edge of a forest, huge cactus and about 10 self seeded smaller cereus around it, only one of which is also monstrose
  2. I'll chuck a label on it at some point, thanks for that thats a a beautiful lophophora you have, will have to get me a jourdaniana the next time I come across one
  3. I honestly couldn't tell you what it is, I was hopeing someone here could tell me, it's the only one I have with such dark flowers
  4. Two flowers at once, nice dark pink too
  5. Well nows your chance haha
  6. I've got this one on its own roots, don't just believe me yet though I may have to prove I own this one as well
  7. The missus managed to get it up on eBay
  8. Considering selling this beauty not sure what they're worth so I'm open to offers, really don't want to sell it but my child's needs come first so please throw me reasonable offers, I can only say no right ? Cheers
  9. I can imagine the humidity would be insane then, typically get dry heat here with fuck all wind about
  10. anyone ever tried this ? mixing sulphur and powdered rooting hormone to callous the fresh cuts and induce rooting quicker or is that shit only good for plants ? also interested to know who buries their cutting as opposed to sitting them on the surface and allowing the roots to dig in ? ive always buried but recently I've been sitting them in a snug pot with an inch or so soil and after a week or two I'll pull the cut out of the pot with the bit of soil sticking to the roots add another inch, once the roots have grown through that I'll pot up in a larger pot and wait another couple weeks before watering ill add photos for easier understanding, the soil/roots circled in red is the first inch of soil
  11. Seeking a plant with a fair few leaves and/or some dried leaf if possible cheers
  12. Next joke Ive not once been to Sydney and it's been a warm or even sunny day haha always pissing down
  13. Passiflora incarnata is the one typically grown for its uses, only plant it if you're certain you want it, I put mine in the ground at my parents place and I've been trying to kill it for a few years now, will always come back after a bit of rain
  14. Caapi or passiflora, morning glory