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  1. BAP

  2. I'm keen cheers
  3. Bump anyone have an explanation for this ?
  4. Been chasing this for awhile now, have cash or trade cheers
  5. Rain rotted away the tip of a small pedro cutting then this emerged a few weeks ago, hope it continues the grow like this, would make for an interesting cactus
  6. Eileen
  7. I'll happily take those loph seeds Vvvv gets about a teaspoon of vv Ipomoea costata acacia colei acacia burkittii acacia concurrens smilax australis morning glory cayratra clematidea acacia acuminata
  8. Beautiful flower, definitely interested in any seeds you may get from this plant
  9. Well cheaper is always better in my opinion
  10. Looking for a csd cutting, cash or trade please pm me cheers
  11. Appreciate the generosity
  12. Yeah I got a fair few of the r1 x r2 they germinated very quickly snails are a bitch, I'm having some issues with green slimy shit on the growing medium
  13. So far one of the whiora x (scop x j2) has germinated pink blotch in the middle, hopefully many more to come, quiet a few of the other seeds that were chucked in have popped up -- thanks again for the seeds and the generosity cheers
  14. Pm'd