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  1. Meditator

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    What i find funny is how so many celebrities and shit have caught this virus.. youd think theyd be the least retarded of us ^^ idc honestly. Ill be dead before people wake up.
  2. Meditator

    What do you use sulphur for?

    Hey is this meant to be posted here? i didnt know where to start this thread.
  3. Meditator

    What do you use sulphur for?

    So i bought some sulphur because im going to study its properties. I love sciences. but what is it used for in growing plants?
  4. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME IF THIS IS REAL! Im not gonna get into my sexual shit on here thats just fkn weird, but i damn well DEMAND an answer.. I like pain. And have always wondered if a painful orgasm is real.. or even a pure pain based pleasure orgasm. if this is a joke im taking this way too seriously...
  5. Meditator

    Post your track of the day

    https://youtu.be/K05sV1rVog0 i dont know how to make the video screen thing.. BUT THIS SONG IS FUXKING AMAZING!!!!1!!!!!! the texture of emotions and contrasts tells a story..
  6. But yes please show us wtf this looks like!!1!!!!!!!
  7. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    Bro you tried mantra meditation? whatever you do! NEVER GO FULL RETARD! I was like lol, im gonna let my mind spazz the fuck out xD i heard voices and shit bro ._. Seriously nearly went into a psychosis... keep it at something simple like “i am that higher love”.. to me thats a euphoric one to actually let go to... immersing your mind into that level of emotion and truth. shikantaza is what you are doing. If it works keep going. But try anapanasati methods! Thats my favourite
  8. I thought i was the only one who had a sister thing ._. atleast i know now im not just some sicko
  9. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    Seriously no one?
  10. Meditator

    Isolation chamber

    Dude i dont have the concentration to read all that rn but keep going haha, its a sick project man.
  11. So.. according to some philosophers, all is mind. Personally ive thought and pondered and contemplated and meditated on this idea.. if you can get to the source energy of.. the very fundamental level.. of this reality.. and send your thought (like you can look at an object and think of it anything, does your mental quanta affect it? Maybe.. anyone know magick? Anyone ever hear of Dr. Emoto?) along that plane of (pure) existence and use it like a form of radio transmission.. idk only theory.. but if you tell me that makes no sense, either elaborate on it or simply fuck off, unless you wanna talk science. reality is ONE thing.. we are all connected. Reality is a concept. Beyond concept is a concept. Consciousness is a concept beyond simple understanding.. because understanding is mental. Consciousness is so much more.. its knowingness of emotion beyond connotation. shaktipata...........
  12. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    Lol this thread went no where fast.. If God is actually our collective mind then this thread was doomed from the beginning. We/you/I/? may have planned this thread to end up as a fail. But i shall still add a metaphysical thought just for effect ;) Reality.. its a concept.. comprehendable to mind. Same with consciousness.. the light. I believe mind is a form of empty substance. It isnt made of anything. Its made of what is within it! The thought itself.. unless there is a thinker... With that said, we must beg the question.. can we turn that emptiness inside out so to say.. Is consciousness made of mind? The Buddhist masters say the mind is “pure white light”... and as i said.. physicists now believe everything in this physical universe is actually consciousness ;) white is the colour of purity................
  13. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    I feel i should share my wisdom first. So i have a VERY analytical mind. Even in meditation i do a lot of analysis. Not quite vipassana though. But i did just gain some insights in my last meditation this morning (technically night). The yin tang meridian (the meridian at the bindu/third eye) is often needled in acupuncture to settle the mind. When the energy flows to the forehead in a balanced manner the mind automatically settles! Anyway.. i found a way to centre and sort of gravitize my emotional energies.. i went deep and just found myself as i know my true self to be. In other words i went to the centre of my emotions. I found this GREATLY helped me to centre my mind. And in that, i could focus on the breath much much better. I shifted my emotion(s) to simple joy and calm. after about 30 minutes i felt my forehead as if it were heavy with a sense of calm that was grounded, and couldnt be shook by thoughts. i realised, the ajna/third eye chakra being of sight (atleast in sri chinmoys book “Kundalini the mother power” he says it is the chakra of sight.. and it makes a lot of sense.. being a fucking eye lol) is related to light! the throat chakra/vishuddha is often related to the element of space (although akasha is said to be a bit different from space) and being the chakra related to sound.. and therefor linguistic thoughts.. if space is filled with a substance (which light is) then the sound has a form of blockage/dulling to it. if you shoot a gun under water.. the bullet doesnt travel far.. This is getting more spiritual.. maybe i should have posted this thread in the spiritual section... its just a chill thing to me lol
  14. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    Who here practices any form of meditation? I start this thread not only to put hands up but also to share experiences and wisdom. Also for people who want to learn maybe we could help each other learn. ive been studying meditation for years. personally i meditate 9 days out of 10. I usually do traditional anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) as opposed to the vishuddhimagga version.. lol i dont focus at the entrance of the nose i just KNOW im breathing in or out in other words. But sometimes do shikantaza (just sitting). Ive entered states of rather intense pleasure.. and entered the highest stage of savikalpa samadhi (sa asmita samadhi, which goes by the term luminous mind/invisible consciousness in Buddhist philosophy). I also love cuddling ^_____^ lol you can tell im young. So, who here meditates?
  15. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    I am not offended lol. Youre just telling me your view. But fair enough, to compile this huge topic needs an energy to describe ones own point of view. I believe euphoria/ecstasy has an integral part to play in mysticism and what not. All yogis and mystics describe bliss upon transcendental experiences. there is the path of suffering though..... but upon transcendence there would of course be bliss. they say the “source” Recharges you from inside. Daoist masters charge up with chi from their lower dan tien and use that energy to do internal alchemy (nei gong). Its like plugging into the matrix of energy. Northerner, there are true shamans. Definitely. There are true yogi masters. I dont understand why youre saying there arent.. could you tell us why? Like sure there are no certificates.. but thats like saying someone whos been meditating in the mountains for years isnt a meditator. A true meditator you could call them.