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  1. Meditator

    Did I trip from drying mugwort wtf

    Bro i threw out zyban.. made me feel HORRID.. dude one time i actually sat infront of a diffuser with atleast 30 drops of eucalyptus oil and i was just breathing mindfully staring at the vapours.. the smell was insane.. but i looked at my couch and had the full DMT style warping of my vision for about 30 seconds or so and it faded.. i did this atleast 5 times.. youve seen the “LSD visuals optical illusion” videos on youtube right? Nah man this was like an actual trip.. but my concentration and focus on my breathing combined with the eucalyptus might have added to it.. but ive stared at diffusers since then and have never been able to recreate the DMT effects lol mugwort has thujone in it tho.. but bro ive taken literally 30 drops of the SAB wormwood oil sublingually and felt next to nothing.. i still have the oil.
  2. Meditator

    Some psychedelic memes I made

    Haha “it was a difficult experience” that was my favourite so simple yet smooth, and a better way of trying to look at the dark side of psychedelia
  3. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    I see what youre saying.. This is what i came here to talk about lol Well lets think about this from my thinking.. let us say that God is consciousness (and for fuck sake i dont believe in any form of theism, i dont believe everything is conscious, maybe mind, but not consciousness itself..) and because that energy is all pervasive, everything is conscious.. consciousness itself is a conceptualizable thing... so is a wall.. it has shape and qualities (such as density, and location in relation to other 3D objects such as the earth and moon).. and consciousness due to vision has a location in the head (disputable, but most people subjectively hold this belief strongly due to our vision being centered behind the eyes.. and our brain and therefore our mind/consciousness is affected by psychoactive drugs) NDEs often have people floating above their body looking down.. even astral projectors.. in sleep paralysis i see whats infront of me and i damn well know my eyes are closed.. anyway, lets say there is a consciousness grid.. we simply leave the head and see with this astral vision because we are connected to everything through this conscious grid (the third eye can see the astral and physical according to your internal frequency) and i can link a Buddhist who had an OBE as a kid and he saw his brother drop a jug of milk or something and he reentered his body and went downstairs and he saw exactly what he saw out of body!!1!!!0.0!!!!!!! He dropped the damn milk bro bruh the CIA have released the documents of their experiments on remote viewing.. they still use it today. If you believe the US G. found Osama then i would bet they remote viewed him.. now think about this.... maybe our consciousness is just veiled from the fullness of reality/cosmic consciousness due to mind.. maybe when we attune to the right levels of insight we unlock the full experience of what is called “God realisation” or “cosmic consciousness”? I mean vipassana (insight) meditation is the key to enlightenment in Buddhism. Although Zen often goes straight for satori through anapansati.. although they use koans (which give direct insights into the workings of the mind) as well but satori comes in meditation. anyway. Lets take another thing into account. the wall has density and location as well as colour and thickness.. if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? When no one is looking.. whos to say the wall is there? Whos to say the wall has the same properties when we all look away? unless there is an observer, there is a definite change in the result of an outcome! We have proven this through the double slit experiment. We know that subatomic particles behave differently under an electron microscope. say Milarepa knew (as some ancient Indians and therefore Tibetans would as well) about the philosophy of the 3 part atom(the ancient Indian philosophy of vaisesika).. he could have used his wisdom (which in Kabbalah is the active power of one of [chockmah] the highest three sephirot [the supernal triangle]) to believe! And knowing his oneness with the cave wall, he manipulated the outcome of him pressing his hands into the wall that he would push into the wall and make a handprint.. at a subatomic level there is a thing called non-locality, with wisdom and a lot of training you could manipulate matter.. talking of sephirot i was contemplating it (not just the tree of life but the entire philosophy of Kabbalah) the other night and realised a way to manifest light using the power of intention and thought (as well as ain sof)..and I accidentally thought about it and accidentally thought the thought.. i damn near blinded myself! I cant visualise (aphantasia) and i certainly cannot visualise a flash of white light that literally hurt my damn eyes lmao.. placebo? I really really doubt it.. as soon as i shat myself due to the flash i forgot what the process of creating the flash was.. so youll have to either take my word for it or call me crazy ^^ all i remember was i was contemplating using the thought of nothingness (“ain” which is an infinite source of mental energy you can tap into) as well as the qualities of tipharet.. man my brain shit itself for a few seconds after the flash.. ive done telekinesis bro.. its real bro..... or am i just fuckin with ya.. lol....... im not.. swear to the God i dont even believe in.. its real. I am be a joker at times.. but sometimes im dead serious. if you can manipulate a mind to not believe someone that they did something (brainwashing/common beliefs) whos to say you cant make a wall believe youre not there and jump right through it? i believe the mind is probably the essence of the universe. I cant imagine consciousness ever escaping the essence of mind.. no matter how altered it is. i also believe in magick. But i hate religion. Ive done many blasphemous things.. burnt bibles.. worse than that too.. as i said i didnt come here to talk about theism. Pure metaphysical thoughts lol edit: making a wall (the mental structure) not believe physical matter to be existing (in a certain place or at all) and jumping through it sounds too airy fairy even for me.. youve seen how you can have a fake hand brushed at the same time as a persons in the same anatomical place a few times with the person looking at said fake hand.. then they hit the fake hand with a hammer and for a second the subject feels very real pain? if you (lets say youre a mentally evolved and spiritually evolved being knowing what youre doing) identify with the wall.. and become one with it (like someone in cosmic consciousness becoming one with the whole universe and seeing everything in the cosmos down to the atoms) and make your body pass through the wall by making your body of the nature of sound and the wall being non-locally oblivious to the physical body as if it were light passing through the air, there would be little resistance. and again. Ive done telekinesis! I identified with the object and quite literally felt it as a part of myself and i moved it EXACTLY as i wanted it to move. And i wasnt on drugs.. second edit: there are videos of telekinesis.. and there are videos of people healing cancer with chi transference (basically reiki) from China. But do you believe earth to be conscious? I mean it would make a lot of sense.. humans being so disconnected from nature we have started to destroy it like a fucking cancer for one.. everything was sweet until humans started making weapons.. but does the wise Gaia have a plan.. i mean nature has wisdom in all alchemical metaphysical systems..
  4. Meditator

    Lets talk metaphysics

    Lol settle down mate, ive read many sources saying the universe is conscious. And things of the like. And i cant site it but i was watching a few quantum physicists [youtube video] talking on one topic and he was explaining that a lot of them after doing a fair amount of digging into the nature of the energetic truth behind qunata, and in essence many were starting to be convinced that the whole of reality is conscious. Ill say less. as for walking or putting things through solid walls, ive heard of it being done by “super psychic” children in China. If you dont believe you dont believe, youre seemingly a skeptic with a confirmation bias so im not here to change your mind. I myself believe it is possible. Padmasambhava (and other advanced yogis) have printed a handprint into cave walls.. ive seen videos of it ^^ with that said, if youre not going to dig yourself all i can say is dont point any fingers when youre the ignorant one. i dont say things for no reason. Im not a bullshit artist haha. my theism was too specific? i didnt come here to talk about the nature of the creative force as a personality holding being that has inteded for the laws of nature to implement order from chaos or anything. Its everyone else who brought God into this. I just elaborated a bit with my thoughts...
  5. Meditator

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    What i find funny is how so many celebrities and shit have caught this virus.. youd think theyd be the least retarded of us ^^ idc honestly. Ill be dead before people wake up.
  6. Meditator

    What do you use sulphur for?

    Hey is this meant to be posted here? i didnt know where to start this thread.
  7. Meditator

    What do you use sulphur for?

    So i bought some sulphur because im going to study its properties. I love sciences. but what is it used for in growing plants?
  8. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME IF THIS IS REAL! Im not gonna get into my sexual shit on here thats just fkn weird, but i damn well DEMAND an answer.. I like pain. And have always wondered if a painful orgasm is real.. or even a pure pain based pleasure orgasm. if this is a joke im taking this way too seriously...
  9. Meditator

    Post your track of the day

    https://youtu.be/K05sV1rVog0 i dont know how to make the video screen thing.. BUT THIS SONG IS FUXKING AMAZING!!!!1!!!!!! the texture of emotions and contrasts tells a story..
  10. But yes please show us wtf this looks like!!1!!!!!!!
  11. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    Bro you tried mantra meditation? whatever you do! NEVER GO FULL RETARD! I was like lol, im gonna let my mind spazz the fuck out xD i heard voices and shit bro ._. Seriously nearly went into a psychosis... keep it at something simple like “i am that higher love”.. to me thats a euphoric one to actually let go to... immersing your mind into that level of emotion and truth. shikantaza is what you are doing. If it works keep going. But try anapanasati methods! Thats my favourite
  12. I thought i was the only one who had a sister thing ._. atleast i know now im not just some sicko
  13. Meditator

    Who here meditates ^__^

    Seriously no one?
  14. Meditator

    Isolation chamber

    Dude i dont have the concentration to read all that rn but keep going haha, its a sick project man.
  15. So.. according to some philosophers, all is mind. Personally ive thought and pondered and contemplated and meditated on this idea.. if you can get to the source energy of.. the very fundamental level.. of this reality.. and send your thought (like you can look at an object and think of it anything, does your mental quanta affect it? Maybe.. anyone know magick? Anyone ever hear of Dr. Emoto?) along that plane of (pure) existence and use it like a form of radio transmission.. idk only theory.. but if you tell me that makes no sense, either elaborate on it or simply fuck off, unless you wanna talk science. reality is ONE thing.. we are all connected. Reality is a concept. Beyond concept is a concept. Consciousness is a concept beyond simple understanding.. because understanding is mental. Consciousness is so much more.. its knowingness of emotion beyond connotation. shaktipata...........