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  1. Why is there something, rather than nothing? an old question.. my thoughts below: the possibilities of a reality have existed always in the (Platonic philosophy) realm of forms. numbers.. are.. infinite. Then bring in how many different ways you can divide them and then how many decimals and their individual values.. DMT level there lets get into pure philosophy. numbers are mental in nature. To comprehend a number as pure consciousness you have to enter the luminous mind/invisible consciousness! In this state all you have is silence and the void which is.. pure (literally) clear sight with nothing behind.. yet only the clarity of seeing nothingness itself. In this state you see no boundary for your vision (hence the concept of infinity being possible!) because.. there is nothing to see relative to. Look beyond your visions boundary in any direction.. Thats what its like but from the nonexistent centre (which is you!... but you probably exist) hahaha. Clarity of void, clarity of silence (potential of sound). But they are of an alike essence. Total inactivity. Yet the potential for a type of expansion into an ‘altered state’ which would be consciousness beyond your sense of “I AM” to “I perceive this” such as sound. I say altered state because mind can operate with consciousness to develop many different ways of thinking and perceiving. now, because of the realm of forms, the potential for the (keep in mind quantum physicist now say the old philosophers saying all is mental are wrong, all is consciousness) unconscious birth of reality might have spontaneously been touched by the simplest platonic solid. The tetrahedron! Fire! Light! heres a rather magical thought... nothingness... and pure consciousness... the consciousness slowly merges with the nothingness.. the nothingness gains something, a substance of light (consciousness) and the consciousness gains nothing.. ness.. anyone know how to do math cuz this sounds almost quanta-fiable HAH! Anyone get that pun xD? i sound like a crack head. Anyone else have any insights or theories o_O? edit: in Zen its called luminous mind, and in yoga its called Sa asmita samadhi. Not trying to brag, but it is very cool to enter the void.
  2. Meditator

    don't cha hate it when..

    When youre thinking so hard you space out and forget wtf you were thinking about. Then cant remember... lol
  3. havent seen my cacti in a few years and as soon as i came back to this house i found after 6 months substantial growth! just shows they have a sense of spirit. ps i havent been on this forum, there isnt already a thread for this type of post is there? Lol
  4. Ive been on antipsychotics for years.. i jumped off a mountain side once and broke a few bones (and my neck) and they had me on morphine and i was fucking all good mentally... the cun... the bastards refuse to give me a medicine that works! Their 5ht2a antagonists can actually aggravate my symptoms! FTS
  5. Meditator

    Share some wisdom!

    Are you thinking.. or is thinking you? If consciousness can be described/conceptualized it must have a partially mental nature. so are you the sum of your thoughts.. deeper.. are you a thought.. deeper... what is a thought? if thinking is you.. that explains why sleep is an unconscious state of mind.. yet a deep sleep is like rebooting a computer. meditation can lead you beyond your mental chatter and actually experience your true nature. so basically what im saying as a wisdom quote is: “meditate for Gods sake. We misunderstand because we havent even grasped the mind and therefor cannot have the peace beyond our mental chatter (conscious and unconscious) which can cause suffering.” but of course its the persons choice whether they want to enter a state of bliss and peace.. its not easy fo many to learn... as a new age hippie might say “until the day we die, all that really matters is how much you love”.
  6. Meditator

    Post your track of the day

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9G3WPq2744 theres also an extended version. A walk is another good one by Tycho but its real deep. Had synesthesia with it once.
  7. In hermetic philosophy everything is mind, in modern day physics they are saying everything is consciousness...... We have both. Both are alterable. Empaths.... Knowing exactly whats about to happen before it happens........
  8. They named harmine "telepathine" for a reason.
  9. Well i chopped two different strains of brugmansia off down at the root and they grew back. i dont think this will harm them. If they die or something i guess ill only have myself to blame haha. i will post back in this thread in like a year or so and update on what happened:)
  10. So i dont know how the shamans in south america go about harvesting psychotria viridis, but im wondering if it would be safe for me to harvest all of the leaves off of my 3 psychotria nexus plants. I dont want to hurt the plants obviously. Has anyone harvested all the leaves off their plant(s) before? If so was the plant ok. Im fairly new to growing plants and dont know all that much about it.
  11. Meditator

    The Random Thread.

    If you can use your hand as a tool, to grab and make use of a hand held tool, is not the tool also your hand.. you are grabbing the potential of your hands use to use the tool which is giving you a hand.. Haha idek man im just talking shit i love doing that, like ive posted some crack head shit before.. man my fb friends must think im legit a crackhead.. But a crack head has a crack in his head, letting whats outside in.. or.. is his head the crack itself... cracking the code involves breaking the code apart and understanding the matrix both on a quantum and a unit(e)d (w)hole. Neo was the one.. but zero is closer to infinity... seeing as it transcends the nature of individuality beyond a concept.. yet infinity is individual in the sense that there is a set of something that is said to be infinite.. ain sof has been reduced (or rather increased) into a concept.. and emptiness is full of wisdom... Wisdom is full of lies, but from the perspective/perceived understanding of them, is where the spirit of wisdom comes. Lies can express more truth than the direct truth itself.. yet the direct truth is direct and cuts through.. the bull shit ^^ Haha im full of shit, but atleast im not empty, although sometimes i feel empty in many ways.. which isnt a single emptiness, so by its multiple nature.... It is a set of perceptions, individual yet connected.. the emptiness and the perception are both seperate and connected.. but its the way you look at it... The ultimate orgasm comes from enjoyment of pain.. because that intense pain squeezes a release.. violently.. of love and pleasure.. and you realize the pain pleasure love and suffering are together in harmony with the observer.. the perceiver, the perception, the state of being, the beings state.. and that state is a state that i needed to state because im just making some crack head statements.. cracking the code.. because the code is conscious and feels pain.. quantum feelits... M8.. yes please.. been needing one for a while. The dual nature of that statement actually transcends its own definition/nature in truth. But now its getting personal.. But that just reminds the observer that this is coming from something that feels. Did you forget? Mindfulness has many forms..
  12. Im wondering if anyone has like gone to the Amazon and participated in ayahuasca ceromonies and got to know the plant spirits. Theres much written about aya, but basically nothing on chacruna. Im interested in terms of strength and vibration mainly, and would like to know if chacruna is more masculine feminine or androgynous. Any information would be appreciated.
  13. Ever hear of self realization?