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  1. Well i chopped two different strains of brugmansia off down at the root and they grew back. i dont think this will harm them. If they die or something i guess ill only have myself to blame haha. i will post back in this thread in like a year or so and update on what happened:)
  2. So i dont know how the shamans in south america go about harvesting psychotria viridis, but im wondering if it would be safe for me to harvest all of the leaves off of my 3 psychotria nexus plants. I dont want to hurt the plants obviously. Has anyone harvested all the leaves off their plant(s) before? If so was the plant ok. Im fairly new to growing plants and dont know all that much about it.
  3. Meditator

    The Random Thread.

    If you can use your hand as a tool, to grab and make use of a hand held tool, is not the tool also your hand.. you are grabbing the potential of your hands use to use the tool which is giving you a hand.. Haha idek man im just talking shit i love doing that, like ive posted some crack head shit before.. man my fb friends must think im legit a crackhead.. But a crack head has a crack in his head, letting whats outside in.. or.. is his head the crack itself... cracking the code involves breaking the code apart and understanding the matrix both on a quantum and a unit(e)d (w)hole. Neo was the one.. but zero is closer to infinity... seeing as it transcends the nature of individuality beyond a concept.. yet infinity is individual in the sense that there is a set of something that is said to be infinite.. ain sof has been reduced (or rather increased) into a concept.. and emptiness is full of wisdom... Wisdom is full of lies, but from the perspective/perceived understanding of them, is where the spirit of wisdom comes. Lies can express more truth than the direct truth itself.. yet the direct truth is direct and cuts through.. the bull shit ^^ Haha im full of shit, but atleast im not empty, although sometimes i feel empty in many ways.. which isnt a single emptiness, so by its multiple nature.... It is a set of perceptions, individual yet connected.. the emptiness and the perception are both seperate and connected.. but its the way you look at it... The ultimate orgasm comes from enjoyment of pain.. because that intense pain squeezes a release.. violently.. of love and pleasure.. and you realize the pain pleasure love and suffering are together in harmony with the observer.. the perceiver, the perception, the state of being, the beings state.. and that state is a state that i needed to state because im just making some crack head statements.. cracking the code.. because the code is conscious and feels pain.. quantum feelits... M8.. yes please.. been needing one for a while. The dual nature of that statement actually transcends its own definition/nature in truth. But now its getting personal.. But that just reminds the observer that this is coming from something that feels. Did you forget? Mindfulness has many forms..
  4. Im wondering if anyone has like gone to the Amazon and participated in ayahuasca ceromonies and got to know the plant spirits. Theres much written about aya, but basically nothing on chacruna. Im interested in terms of strength and vibration mainly, and would like to know if chacruna is more masculine feminine or androgynous. Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Ever hear of self realization?
  6. Abilify is stronger than what im on.. One of my friends is on Abilify and she says it makes her feel like a zombie. Im currently on 50mg monthly paliperidone (similar to risperidone) but started at 150mg. The only mental illness i have is uncontrolled thoughts though im not actually schizophrenic.. Not going to get into why i was put on an ITO.. But i felt numb and emotionally unstable at times on 150mgs. Now that im on 50 i dont even really notice it. Try getting them to reduce the dose at your next tribunal meeting. Although that might not be wise since you actually do have mental illness and have been hearing voices. But you probably dont need even half your dose.. Antipsychotics are fucking potent. Just say you want to reduce the injection but would like to have some Abilify pills on hand incase you start hearing voices or something and actually do need the higher dose of the medication. If they see that you arent just trying to lower the dose because you hate the feeling of the drug and actually are trying to get the right dose then theyll probably agree to lower your dose.
  7. Obtuse could you explain further? Maybe give some examples?
  8. I think we need to be educating our kids about relationships. Our kids today are getting into relationships not even knowing what they want. It seems like half the time they have no maturity in doing it and end up learning NOTHING. They gain no maturity. Not all of course, but a lot. Every relationship ive been in ive learned something from. But thats because im a thinker. Most kids are not like this though and should be taught to think in more mature ways, but also with greater understanding. Also we are taught that women and men are differant and women are very complicated. I think boys especially need to be taught about girls. A few wise lessons could save a whole generation a lifetimes worth of learning through experience by teaching them.
  9. Meditator

    Quotes of the day.

    Dont fuel yourself with negative energy like hate anger and a bad attitude, instead run on positive energy like love compassion and excitement.. I mean look at what it does to the engine! Myself
  10. Your kids are learning to meditate at school o_O my god this is huge this should be on the news. Can you give more details?
  11. I think meditation should be taught in a manner that will intruige those paying attention, and only those paying attention are going to want to learn these things for the most part. But if we told these kids that the fruits of meditation are immensly blissful and ecstatic states of consciousness rivaling that of drug experiences, growth of intellect and of ones intuition and wisdom, and growth of braincells (yes studies have shown meditation causes neurogenesis in the brain) im sure more than a few will be interested in it. The positive effect that would have on the next generations lives would be gigantic.
  12. What do you think we are missing? I think we are really missing something by not embracing philosophy.. I mean there is a rapid change occuring in our modern world regarding the philosophical views of our people in general.. We should make that an awareness for these generations to come for example. Understanding this will just add on to the shift that is happening in a good way. We are also inhibiting our children and young adults by not informing them on the spiritual reality of the world and more philosophically the nature of reality itself. A few lessons on consciousness and perception can leave lasting impressions on a person. Also we really should be teaching kids what drugs do damage your brain and which ones dont.. Like they tell us drugs are bad and they damage our brains yet they only tell us which ones are the worst (meth crack heroin and ecstacy). Yet they dont tell us DMT and related serotonergic psychedelics do not damage the brain... And they should gather enough long term health studies on marijuana so they can ACCURATELY inform us about the effect marijuana will have on us long term. They dont say "okay kids we understand that some of us in this room already have an interest in drugs and what you can experience using them, so were going to cut the risk of you going and doing the wrong drugs. So here it is. the truth of the situation." And tell us what drugs are actually bad and good. I think the study of modern day anthropology would be much more useful than history. Also a deeper understanding of psychology would be of much use. So what do you think?