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  1. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    If we together or as an individual try solve the problem peacefully and succeed then we can be proud and positive of that achievement, if we/I/you try solve it peacefully and fail we/I/you can die with some dignity and integrity. If we mass murder billions what do we live and die with ?
  2. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    lol settle down paradox, its just a bit of mass murder, its all good When ethnoob says 'we then have to consider the reasons why certain people should live or die' just gotta hope you are apart of the we or found worthy of living by the we lol I wonder what the criteria would be to make such a decision/s, maybe people with disabilities and on the dole can be the first round, then the criminals, then anyone who apposes or disagrees with the new order and there decisions, also bomb all 3 world countries while we are at it, then all the middle class folks who are docile and found worthy can be chipped and work in camps to farm and care for the chosen ones, the elite, and new gods can be created to justify all that's happened and everyone indoctrinated into the religion of servitude to the chosen ones. Yeh that sounds pretty good, I think that oughta do it. We can have death drones permanently scanning for anyone outside the safe zones and not indoctrinated so they don't have any chance to build up there numbers and challenge or threaten the new religion and cause trouble. We can call the outsiders the unmarked ones.
  3. Ah man I would send you a nice cactus if you where in Australia, I am wishing you peace and strength with everything anyhow
  4. Hope ya going alright now, also some nice fat cacti there : )
  5. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    That's what they did on the moon. World war 3 on a scale that will knock as back to the stone age, maybe bomb the deserts as well to try send a heap of dust up in the atmosphere to block out some sun light. I don't know but it seems there is no real solution to the problem, with all the feedbacks being triggered and the lag effect in heating etc, and if we stop emissions we loose the dimming effect which may accelerate our demise ? its a pickle Maybe we need to try get to Saturns moon Titan and hope for the best lol
  6. bardo

    PTSD 2018

    I agree 100% with what you wrote glaukus Amen
  7. bardo

    PTSD 2018

    "Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy." Benjamin Franklin P.S I don't know the validity of those quotes, I do think that all intoxicants, plants and inebriants etc have a place and can be utilized by man for aid, spiritual quests, healing, understanding and such, and that all one has done and going to do is in perfect precision to ones own journey, I also agree with glaukus, those Peruvian shamans where onto something and what it is may make one laugh and cry but at the same time can give peace and understanding that can make near darn anything 100% ok, like a glimpse of the possible beyond, like a dance with the non physical, a way in which shows the more hardship we endure the sweeter the relief, I believe pure unconditional love awaits each and every one of us, the more we lack this love here and now the sweeter it will be when it greats us.
  8. bardo

    Noob's cacti

    Sweet as man, square pots are more space efficient anyhow, what is your location ? if your anywhere near my vicinity I can give ya a heap of pots, mainly approx. 14cm x 14cm can spare ya 100 or so, I got a shit ton a while back from a closing down nursery for near nothing.
  9. bardo


    Sweet, any prospects for a partner ? I imagine yowie would be cool as this one appears to have a 2 spine thing going on, might produce a yowie looking plant but with big fluffy areolas
  10. bardo

    Quotes of the day.

    'be careful to not destroy what you need for what you think you want' Me after 14 beers and feeling poetic and grandiose : )
  11. bardo

    PTSD 2018

    No matter what one has gone through if ya here than you have the strength to be here, draw upon that strength in which is proven by your being here, identify it and embrace it. we are creating narratives every moment, what is is but all we really got is interpretations, what is is one thing tho our interpretation of it is endless and infinite and we can choose the spin or story or I should say the way in which our story is narrated. In no way am I trying to diminish that which has happened but when one looks back upon things are we seeing what was or are we seeing our spin on it, our narrative, I believe there is a little secret there, in that we can limit ourselves to one story, what if you can go back within your mind re witness a situation and gain a different perspective, travel through time in our minds and if able to gain a different perspective we may be able to alter our current view and thus change our current emotional status and hence create or be part of a different future then what would have been other wise. I may just be speaking goo goo but another thing in which aids me is embracing impermanence, all no matter what is impermanent, this can at times make me euphoric that this very moment is sweet (no matter the circumstance) and fleeting, a symphony of consciousness swimming within this amazing physical experience. creators and co creators of every moment, and no matter how intense and for what duration is inevitably impermanent (ah sweet relief of the fact) And the more emotion and physical experience we have the more enriched our personal experience is and the more we have to share with others on the journey, and a greater spectrum we have experienced. Don't be fooled by those who appear to have it sweet, anyone can have it sweet if we direct the narrative in a way in which we can self realize our strength and the beauty of our own experience, sometimes a deep pain can be a beautiful thing, if the height of pain and height of joy were on a pie chart there at the opposite ends of the chart yet they touch, I believe there can be a euphoric beauty in pain. After all that I don't want to appear insensitive or to seem to not acknowledge all in which you have been through and most certainly it is quite a lot, just see that if you are here speaking of it you are strong man, reality is all you have read here is just black and white squiggles, I just hope they might be interpreted in a way that may be useful or at least aid in your/our future narrative, thing is that once I read your post my future is forever altered and if you read this so is yours (creators and co creators) that's the power we each have and with a broader spectrum of experience and a narrative that aids you to go with it you have great power and influence on others in which may be experiencing difficulties and hardship. I hope this makes some sense ? all in all it a magical thing just to be able to feel and experience, I am hoping you all the best and hoping you may always have not what you want but what you need and the sight to see that if you are here you indeed have all you need : )
  12. bardo

    Is it a Pachanoi?

    when I was quite young and somewhat ignorant, in my anxious excitement I had discovered what I thought to be a tricho, i ended up using 1 foot of cereus instead lol Yummy Makes me laugh and shudder to think back to that time lol
  13. bardo

    Is it a Pachanoi?

    Oh and its good to have some different varieties of cereus as I believe this will likely produce a better fruit set .
  14. bardo

    Is it a Pachanoi?

    For grafting I would prob cut the larger cereus plants about 15cm from the ground, let the cutting callus and plant as a drought hardy fruit tree and wait for the stump to sprout some smaller tips and when approx. 15cm + snip them off to root up as grafting stock