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  1. Tried meaning you had not been seduced by them ? So you had sexy asian jesters trying to seduce you and you did what ?
  2. It all just clicked, it all makes sense now, i am now woke x10 P.S. meteorites are fake
  3. For me, sally has produced some of the most intense experiences involving entities, multiple times i have had shadow beings come into the room while i lay on the bed, i watch there shadows they cast on the walls as they walk toward me, they would press there hands onto my stomach and chest and i can feel and see the imprint of there hand in my clothing, i had a sense that they were more familiar of me than i was of them, like they have done this stuff before but for me it was a new thing. Sally seems to allow me more of a physical experience with the visuals, like being able to rest my arm on an object that is not there in normal state of reality etc.
  4. Dr. Snuggles the cactus master, amazing collection indeed : )
  5. I am enjoying and looking forward to watching these two grow, the first is a variegated grown from a SG mix of seed and the second is an open pollinated PC.
  6. Loving the pics, thanks for sharing, There is alot of love and dedication in that collection. They are all very beautiful, these two pics are unreal, very impressive
  7. Shit yeh man, truly beautiful specimens there : )
  8. I did a fair amount of these seeds in the past and gut rot was common, the best method in my experience is to thoroughly scrape the outside of the seeds, then place them on the edge of ya mortar than wave a lighter flame over them a couple of times then crush thoroughly and place in a gel cap, 3-6 seeds was my prefered dosage range, most often i used 4 seeds. Once consumed i found it best to try not to do to much of anything physical and have a nice spot to sit or lay down, i found it best to not move around to much. I have had some not so great times with them but i have had some pretty nice experiences as well, like seeing hieroglyphics streaming across the ground, seeing guitar notes as different coloured laser beems shooting out from the strings, closed eye visuals are usually pretty good and often cartoony for me, like seeing trumpet flowers bloom/open and a new flower emerge from the stigma in a continuing pattern with a back ground kinda like this pic below , more plain and drawn looking and not as intricate as Dimitri visuals for example.
  9. A late happy birthday to you EPH
  10. Good stuff man, really nice collection there : )