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  1. Michael Douglas, Falling down Rampage (2009) was pretty hardcore
  2. So in this case is the purpose of the peroxide to increase germination rates or to speed up germination or for molds and bacteria etc. or is it all three ? Yeh man, it can be a downer when the sky withholds the goods, especially if ya off grid
  3. Thanks for sharing the experiment, i have never had any issues with mold or rot, i just boil a jug of water and pour it over the medium then sprinkle a thin layer of sand over the surface, place lids on till cool enough to sprinkle the seeds followed by a misting of rain water.
  4. lol I agree with Northerner. Brugs are beautiful plants, i have never tried topical applications but if you are going to experiment be careful, with this attractive plant there is a fine line between awesome and quite grim, a very powerful plant indeed and can become or does have potential to lead one into a kind of 3 day nightmare, it may be better to just let the sweat flow ?
  5. Good on you od : ) I will add to that offer about 10 or so seeds of 6 different native acacia and 10 or so Duboisia hopwoodii seeds : )
  6. Hey, ayjay appears to have norma for sale and many others he is needing to part with. I still have a couple of theses seedling packs available among other hybrids if interested Anyhow i think you and ayjay may be able to help each other out : )
  7. Man, sorry to hear of your circumstances and having to part with your collection. Anyhow i hope you find some loving custodians for them all and find some comfort in the thought that the plants will likely be cared for and live on well. All in all i am hoping you well for now and into the future.
  8. What has happened here people ? where is this thread at ?
  9. All sorted, i am very greatful for the offers, many thanks to you infinity and waterboy for your kindness and generosity : )
  10. That's great, a very cool project indeed, 100% better and more useful skills than video games : )
  11. Bump Am hoping to possibly get some while it is still in its active growth period, if anyone has any to spare let me know your price or what you may be after in return, Thanks a bunch : )
  12. Someone mentioned a thing i had not thought about, how the water we contain is removed from our environment, he also mentioned air in tires. i worked this out - lets say we contain approx 5ltrs each, approx. 7.6 billion people = about 38 billion ltrs of water, about 15000 or so olympic swimming pools of water removed or contained from the environment, now add live stock, chickens, cows, pigs etc. that is alot of water contained in bodies. I wonder what difference if any this may make to the environment and weather ? What do ya think ? Hopefully i am not being to stupid in my half-arsed pondering lol