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  1. That veriegated pach crest looks perfect, I would name it yin yang
  2. They are pretty amazing that's for sure, a real stand out. I wonder about that pink/red colour on that first one, looks different to sunburn i have seen ? maybe there was a button growing in the centre that was removed and the area that is red was newly exposed to light causing a bit of burning ? Meh i don't know but i agree they are gorgeous : )
  3. If i was selling that veriegate i would be filling a box with freebies to lessen my guilt.
  4. Lol : ) "the estimates of the electricity used in the process of mining the coins are staggering" ah what ? how does one mine a digital coin ?
  5. Thanks thunderhorse, I don't know how they would go getting here but i wouldn't say no if it's not to much trouble, don't go out of your way only if you happen upon some : )
  6. I am liking the electric wizard, thanks waterboy
  7. Go Thunderhorse, great work there : ) Hadn't heard of acacia seyal, thanks for bringing it to my attention, i don't know where i could source seeds in australia but sounds like an interesting plant and looks awesome.
  8. Don't ya love it when you find/get a plant you have been wanting for a while, ordered some Polaskia Chichipe cuttings today for a great price from cheezelburger, Thank you cheezelburger : )
  9. What on earth, that bastard is up to 720 bucks with 4 days left, it really is a beauty of a plant but my god man
  10. All done, everyone who sent a pm will have approx 20-30 seeds sent each. Send me your details Zed and i will get some to you : )
  11. Lol that's cool, The native bees seem to like tricho flowers but they appear to really love tabacco plants, they swarm on them, i don't know if they get effects from it, i haven't observed any unusual behaviour.
  12. Hey if anyone wants some capensis seeds send me a pm with an address and i will send them off : ) I will post here when i have none left
  13. wll put my name dn for some broad leaf if all good, thanks very much Gimli : )