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  1. bob-bob

    TBM Crest grafts

    Also interested
  2. bob-bob

    Free Purple Corn

    Hey Alcemica, I'd love to give these a go when it starts to warm up.
  3. bob-bob

    Mega sale - rooted cacti

    I'll grab the; (Scop x Bridge) x Pach and Pach x Helen if it's still available. Cheers.
  4. Not sure what my reviews or rep is.. but I've been visiting here for awhile... and I like to try give back when I can, so I'll bid if I'm allowed. $50
  5. bob-bob

    Trichs for trade

    Plenty of trichs to trade for anything of interest.. Scop Spach Bridgesii (urban tribes) Bridgesii (psycho0) Bridgesii (Eileen) Bridgesii (Kohres) Bridgesii (Melty) Bridgesii (TBM small Wang) Pachanoi (Kohres) Pachanoi (PC) Pachanoi (non-PC) Pachanoid (super pedro) Pach X Scop Peruvianus (urban tribes)
  6. bob-bob

    Townsville tricos

    If you're happy to sell cuttings, PM me.. in SA unfortunately.
  7. bob-bob

    Loph, pere, prints

    Heya, After a hiatus overseas, looking to build a collection. As the title suggests looking for lophs, Peres, prints, khat and anything else of interest. Cheers, BB
  8. Hey mate, would love to help out and score some plants.
  9. Brilliant!! Thanks for that..
  10. Found these bad boys in a pine forest. They have spotted stems, bleed orange sap and have funnelled gills. 99% sure they're Lactarius deliciosus but want to be 100% before I eat them. Also, any tips for cooking them would be handy, a nice recipe?
  11. bob-bob

    image heavy p0rn

    Its been awhile since I was last around here, good to see things are still going strong. Good to see some decent cacti p0rn
  12. bob-bob

    Free Trichocereus Macrogonus Seed

    Hey EG, Thanks for the generosity, free stuff makes everyone happier as do busty blonds drinking beer Cheers.
  13. bob-bob

    coca seeds

    CUSTOMS (PROHIBITED IMPORTS) REGULATIONS 1956 - SCHEDULE 4 #47 Cocaine, including the leaf of any plant of any species of the genus Erythroxylon from which cocaine can be extracted, either directly or by chemical transformation. http://austlii.law.uts.edu.au/au/legis/cth...56432/sch4.html So IF there was a person selling or buying this in Australia especially from a very public place I would say you are leaving yourself wide open. You could try this instead, hell if I had the money to import I this I would. http://www.golden-tumi.com/coca_energy_drink_golden_tumi.htm GoldenTumi S. A. Ecuador presents its brand new product "Golden Tumi" Energizing drink from coca leaves. This drink is made from the coca leaf extract (ERC - A20). Its toning effect can be compared to the one of four cups of good coffee, with the advantage of not containing any caffeine in it. Besides energizing qualities, it also has medicinal and prophylactic properties due to the high content of valuable nutrients and vitamins that come from the coca leaves which are well known as: * Excellent aseptic and pain killer, very effective for gastritis; * Improves digestion and eliminates gases; * Prevents diarrhea; * Stimulates correct function of respiratory system and eases syndromes of shortness of breath caused by the lack of oxygen in high altitude (e.g. vomiting and headaches); * Helps with alcoholic intoxication (hang-over) syndromes; * Reestablishes vital energy and strength; * Improves metabolism and establishes chemical balance within the body; * Clears voice by relaxing vocal cords; * Very effective for arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases of motor system. During the industrial production, all the alkaloids are eliminated form the coca leaf extract (ERC - A20), making this beverage absolutely harmless. A thorough chemical analysis of contents allowed to grant “Golden Tumi” Energizing Coca Drink a GRAS standard (Generally Recognized as Safe), which enables its worldwide distribution without any restriction. Due to the content of the coca leaf extract and its properties, new "Golden Tumi" Coca Energy Drink makes an excellent light drink for a healthy diet. "Golden Tumi" Energizing drink from coca leaves will delight you with its two flavors – Tropical (which gathers a variety of exotic tropical fruit flavors) and Original (with paradise fruit “maracuya” flavor). "Golden Tumi" Energizing drink from coca leaves perfectly combines exquisite fruit taste and aroma and toning effect of a healthy drink with medicinal properties of coca leaves tested by centuries of ancestral experience.
  14. bob-bob

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    That sucks, unfortunately I will be spending next weekend cleaning up my joint to move out of it.. Damn renting! Should be an awesome day as well.