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  1. downtoearth

    Help to ID these 3 Trich

    Haha, no worries thnx
  2. downtoearth

    Help to ID these 3 Trich

    Awesome thank you. May I ask what's your thoughts on the PC cultivar? I hear conflicting reports. Some say it's devoid of actives, others say it's merely not as strong as others. Do you you have an opinion?
  3. downtoearth

    Help to ID these 3 Trich

    Yeah sure. I had trouble uploading the files while 3mb, so now they're smaller and can upload fine. Hopefully not too much image quality loss. Thanks:)
  4. downtoearth

    Help to ID these 3 Trich

    Hey all, I've got three different trichocereus and I'd like to identify which species and if possible which cultivar they may be. The 1st tall one I was given and I'm concerned that it may be a PC, and would appreciate the more informed opinions here. The smaller (middle-sized one) I'm also concerned may be a PC and was one I bought before knowing to watch out for and avoid PC where possible. Any thoughts? The third I bought from a guy called John who lives near Bendigo and has a noteworthy cactus garden. Apparently it's from a very established old plant. Any suggestions are most appreciated, thanks:) 1st Tall one.zip 1st tall one close up.zip 2nd middle one.jpeg.zip 2nd middle one close up.jpeg.zip 3rd small one.jpeg.zip 3rd small one close up.jpeg.zip
  5. Hey all, Got me a few cuttings to grow, the cuts are healed over nicely, just want to check whether the plants are best kept potted in the shade for a few weeks to grow roots before being put out in 6+ hrs direct sun where I'm planning to grow them. Thanks:)
  6. downtoearth

    Looking for the tooth ache plant (Acmella oleracea)

    I have the same, two varieties red/yellow and all yellow if still req'd.
  7. Hey tribe, I'm looking to delve a bit deeper into Wachuma world and am looking to source a collection of seeds and plants for cultivation. Which varieties and cultivars are a stoundout to look for pls and also I'd love any suggestions for reputable suppliers. Thanx:)