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  1. Hi, I am looking to try find if there are any non edible or toxic native acacia seeds out there, so far all I have found is along these lines - "About 956 Australian Acacia species have been recorded. Nearly all of them appear to have edible seeds - on the basis of lack of evidence to the contrary - but the bushfood industry wisely prefers to use species which already have some history of safe use in traditional Aboriginal communities." info via Australia plants online. "Many of our acacias have toxic or poisonous seeds, however research is enabling some wattle seeds to be used in cooking" info via Australian plants society central coast group My bush tucker books are pretty indistinct on this and I can not seem to source any solid info on native toxic acacia seeds, So my question is if any one knows of any native toxic acacia seeds ? or any that are not edible? If so I would love to know more : ) Also I am trying to find a good book on Australian acacia identification, if any one knows of any good books on this subject I would love to know. Has any body got an opinion on the book, Acacias of Australia by Marion Simmons ? I am thinking I am going to be buying the book, Plants of central Queensland by Eric Anderson regardless of finding a good book on acacia identification or not. I would love to source a copy of Flora of Australia volume 11a and 11b if any one can direct me to an available copy I would be very grateful : ) It seem to be impossible to find. As an incentive to help me find out if there are any toxic/inedible native acacia seeds and what they might be, and a good native acacia identification book (not electronic) I will send a native acacia seed pack consisting of, longifolia, maidenii, acuminata 'narrow', concurrens, colei, burkittii, Victoriae and floribunda approx. 20-30 seeds of each to the best answer, and approx. 30-60 random acacia seeds to any helpful answers, I will send after 1 month of posting this to allow some time for answers, so approx. 16/6/17 after this date the offer will no longer be available. Thanks in advance for any and all help : )
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    Echinopsis calochlora happily growing in a rock
  3. bardo

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    I just got some more seeds sown today, here is a few pics of some of them, they need to go into the ground pretty bad, will get onto that in the near future. Sorry the pics are not great and sideways lol
  4. Been doing a bit of art lately, am finding it fairly therapeutic and thought I would share some and start a thread for anyone wanting to share : )
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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Someone jump on that quick smart
  6. Thanks a heap for the offer Humbolt, very appreciated indeed : ) There is a lady near by here who has the same type as you and going to get some from her, thinking about starting with 1 male and 3 females and take it from there : )
  7. I have some chooks but you have helped inspire me to give some quail a try as well, I'm going to set up a snake proof enclosure soon, maybe a month or two. Will post some pics when done : )
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    details when trading online?

    I hate hearing things like that, I like to think those who steal are stealing more from them selves then anything they can physically take from another. Rotten stuff indeed.
  9. I am prob not going to do anything with these so thought i would offer them up, i grew this plant from seed and i think it was from an alba but can't remember exactly, anyhow i am thinking i will do 10 or so berries each for the first three people, there may be a little wait as i want to insure fully ripe berries before i send. So if ya keen let me know and ill send em out when ready : ) Will update when they are spoken for : )
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    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    That's awesome Xperiment, legend
  11. bardo

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    I have some more fresh berries available, prob about 15+ berries to the first 3 repliers, if anyone is interested send me a pm and ill send of soon : )
  12. bardo

    Medicinal Weeds

    That's an awesome post Also apparently the dandelion root can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute, never tried it tho. An amazing plant indeed I am not an expert on foraging just an enthusiast, but with the brassica it looks different to what I encounter around here but there is multiple species and large variability in appearance , one of the easiest ways to help identify is they all have yellow 4 lobed flowers, in the first pic are they seed pods ? if so that should get a positive id if it is or not, I am overly cautious with new wild plants and like to make certain before trying. If we can know for sure its a brassica specie then its safe, all brassicas are edible and non toxic and all parts are considered edible
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    Brugmansia microdosing

    I would like to experiment with smoking other tropes someday, they all have a real presence to em and im very attracted to em for there looks as well as presence. I highly doubt I will ever drink any again, its a lot of time out and a fair amount of physical discomfort. its like a big risky gamble with no assuredness of outcome at all. Seems silly to venture that way especially willy nilly, I trusted in the plants callings and believe once done it is meant to be. Thankfully I never did shit or piss myself and never damaged the house or anything, there is a fair amount of missing time from the experiences and have no idea what I might have been doing but I never left the house so that's good, defo don't want to be out and about. When I was in high school as a fairly rebellious and self destructive type, years prier to trope experiments, I had some pipes, then had taken a fair amount of dxm, the highest amount I have ever done, i am amazed to have made it through the day, it was so very similar to the tropes, when it started to kick I had the whole not understanding meaning of word thing first and general confusion, felt a weird dreamy feeling, I just told people I wasn't feeling well and tried to keep in the background, toward the end of the day during music class the teacher didn't show so the class had a free period out in the yard, we sat on a nice grassy slope and I noticed a fella I never saw before, I thought he must have been new, he began to talk to me and we were getting along really good, talking about guitars and music, I thought this guy is cool. Crazy thing is I never saw him after that day either, seems he didn't exist, still to this day I wonder how I didn't raise any alarms. I remember the day, walking home then nothing, I woke up the next morning and mum said when she got home she saw me laying on the floor and was not responding to her, she said she felt panicked by it, a little later apparently I got straight up and mumbled gibberish, some hardly audible and said I was fine and went to bed, I have no memory of that afternoon or night at all, zero, defo don't do deliriants in public For someone feeling the need to feel or get a sense of tropes and must know. maybe sea sickness tablets could be a safer alternative, being measured amounts and all, they don't for me have the same extreme effects atleast the amount I have tried, and could be like a gentler and kinder intro, when I went deep see fishing I ate a few to many with some rums, I got mild confusion, more like slightly cloudy, was mostly functioning pretty normal or normal enough for the occasion, on the way back I was having heaps of these little micro type naps and a feeling of being somewhere else and had a small feeling of shock each time I snapped back and saw the water. very mild in comparison to brew. smoked brug and Datura and initially I can see the stimulant type thing, an excitation of sorts , would defo be interesting to compare em to other tropes. Yeh once again, just to help push the cautions for those who haven't but feel they must try despite the many warnings, start small see how you react, always stop smoking as soon as mouth starts to dry, the dryness its self can make ya feel insane, have a strong sober person equipped to be a sitter especially for brews in particular, but really the safest thing is to not do it at all, as sagi said it could trigger mental issues. you don't want to be forever more thinking your a robot JAC172835 sent to earth to collect data or some shit, or even worse die either directly or indirectly from this. the thought of someone vacating for ever while still alive is scary and sad to think about, think hard why you want to do it and if the very real potential risks are worth the chance/risk.
  14. bardo

    Brugmansia microdosing

    I would like to give that a try When I first tried it I was somewhat young, I read up on it a heap and was beyond curious and felt a need to see despite the warnings, was so drawn to it, like it was calling me, had read somewhere that only a true shamanic heart can handle it or something to that effect, so not only did I want to make contact but also wanted to test my self, so I got some leaves and a couple flowers from a big brug tree, had light pinkish flowers, brewed it up with massive excitement and drank with a healthy amount of nervousness, that dry throat thing is like nothing I have ever experienced. Started off very euphoric and excited, lucky for the amount I had that first brew nothing to extreme happened mostly was just yarning with imaginary people in the lounge room, mainly normal convos, mundane and sometimes somewhat boring talk, all seems so normal until they vanish. one pretty cool part from that particular brew was I was sitting in bed with a book with no words in it, I had a pen and became like a conduit from some outside source/spirit, I was writing in the book as I was receiving the most profound, beautiful, moving, divine and mind blowing info, at times giggling or laughing with excitement for be blessed with such powerful secrets and truths that seemed as tho messages from god I was thinking wow, wow these words are going to change everything, all people must hear this, I truly thought the power and truth of these words was going to have profound effect for all of mankind, something that was going to be like a positive Pandora's box of the human psyche and experience. Then after a few paragraphs or pages I would struggle to keep up and start to regain to much of my own thought and the signal from the deep trance conduit/medium type state would fade and I would come out of it and disconnect, when this happened I would tap the pen on the page anxiously trying to remember the last part I received and get back into flow with it, the more I tried the further I got from it, so im sitting there tapping the pen in desperation then boom, I would be holding one of my hands in the air and the other hand tapping an imaginary pen against and imaginary book, was nothing there lol, I would spin out a bit, regain myself a bit while thinking wow what the heck, then boom im back in full motion, excitingly jotting all the info/messages im receiving like nothing just happended, back in trance mode, then the same thing would happen again and suddenly im back to tapping the non existent pen in the air. this happened so many times, must of went on for ages, im guessing many hours, I so badly wanted to know what I written but I just couldn't recall anything at all but was left with a feeling of it. By day 3 I had recovered a lot but was still defo under a spell, by that time when someone spoke I could hear the words fine, I knew the words but I was really struggling to attach meaning to them, but when I would reply I would know the right words to say and there meaning but couldn't tell if what I was saying was an appropriate or relevant response. by this point I was thinking oh shit, what have I done, I thought I was going to be insane for ever, I was starting to accept this is what I will be like forever and ill just have to do the best I can to get by lol Was a very interesting experience that was quite different from what I felt or thought it would be, a real mind bender, even with the toxic tones to it, after I regained my proper senses I felt thankful for it, and felt it was a positive experience, I felt a sense of being spiritually strengthened, like internally, spiritually and mentally fortified to a degree from it, I could/can not remember any of the messages I received, not even a single word of it, at least no recall in a logical way or a way that could be remembered like a normal memory, I feel it offered and gifted me a special little bit of something that cant be spoken, an internal knowing that cant be fully known by the brain, like it resides somewhere out side the brain, somewhere without language but still speaks to me.. these early brug experiences helped shift my view on chemicals and plants and opened my eyes further on what they can offer and there potential that's for sure, only done brews a very limited amount of times, I felt I got/seen what I needed from it and felt right to no longer pursue that method. Other psyches offer a sense of knowing as well and are much safer, the classics feel more natural and feels right in the body and mind, instead of delirium they offer a kind of lucidity, clear lucidity and often at times feels like they are giving little secrets or forgotten basic truths away, see all things in all states inanimate and animate and the connection betwwen, , sometimes feels like getting a kind of blue print of things. sometimes to see things direct without the minds conditioned filter, to see without definition or attached meanings. Sometimes it feels as tho in a full surrender to its spirit or effects you see and feel all inside and out in high resolution HD and all makes perfect sense, like its a familiar place somehow know before ever doing it, and sometimes when there I get a feeling of being closer home when this perfect sense of knowing is strongly present it can feel like a beautiful sadness and amazing joys similtanesly, at the outer limits, this sense of truth, an unspeakable knowing can make me laugh and/or cry, sometimes at the same time, being told/shown a cosmic joke of sorts that at least for a time when in deepness seems to be fully obtained and obtainable and makes perfect and complete sense and it is perfect, the whole thing every single thing is just amazingly perfect and great. outside theses beautiful and deep spaces, after good doses that feels like a full journey, like going through an epic voyage of insights and discovery of truly epic proportions , when coming back to base the what seemed like fully understood truth obtained has a way of subsiding from what seemed logical whilst recieving, no longer fully obtainable in the mind alone, many years ago i would desperately try explain this freeing "truth" "knowing" to some others, hoping with the right combo of words backed by feelings and vibes it could be somehow transferred and known/realised by another. tho there is so much knowledge and wisdom that can be shared after these journeys I very quickly realized early on that its essence, its substance, the heart and soul of it, and much I wanted to share simple couldn't be shared, that it was personal, it was for me, it was my unspeakable knowing, I have gained it and is truly mine alone, Something reached/found and granted to many of those who seek or venture, find there unspeakable knowing, and when you are in the zone and feeling ones spirituality flow with/in the knowing unabstracted by trying to say it, or grab or hold it, with someone else who is there at the level, its fun to talk, trip and have breakthroughs of thought/energy and whatnot but theres something really cool when ya really there and certain type of silent confirming nod is exchanged between aficionados : ) Sorry for the long post, im in a mood of sorts , i hope its not to boring, came out clear and coherent enough and not just mad jibberish lol, or atleast has some entertainment or value : )
  15. I just root them in the cactus mix I make which is just potting mix, sand and perlite, I keep em under cover for a few weeks with prob a few hours direct sun a day, I don't know how much difference it really makes but the bottom half of soil in the pot I wet and top up with the dry mix for the cutting to sit in, I feel it might encourage the roots to develop faster having the moisture available to search out for ?
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    Medicinal Weeds

    Hey glaukus, I think that would have been petty spurge - euphorbia peplus Looks like chickweed but petty is more upright and chickweed is more sprawling ground cover, chickweed doesn't ooze white sap but petty does and is great for sunspots and such. One good way to tell the difference is petty has a smooth hairless stem and chickweed has a small little hairy mow hawk of hairs, just one line along the stem.
  17. bardo

    Medicinal Weeds

    Not only are many of the weeds edible and nutritious and many also have a vide array of medicinal properties and application but they are also great for the garden, they provide ground cover, invite insects and bees, good for worms and soil microbes, help aerate soil and improve hard clay soils etc, and they draw minerals some from deep down that can be chopped back into the soil or made into compost teas. Great things I reckon, they don't require any love but give a lot Here is some picks of some of the useful weeds growing in the garden beds atm Sow thistle - leaves rich in vitamins, iron and calcium, used in sandwiches and salads or cooked as spinach, flower buds good for stir fried, petals can liven up salads Mallow - leaves edible, young leaves are better, used in salads or like spinach, contains mucilaginous properties, green seed heads edible raw or cooked and high in carbohydrates and proteins, a potential staple food. has medicinal applications Wild brassicas - edible leaves and flowers, nutritious and medicinal, bio-fumigant chop into soil in spring for up to 40% more produce from solanacae crops chickweed chickweed, amaranth, sow thistle and blackberry nightshade. chickweed high in protein, more than twice the iron of spinach, high in vit a and c and anti-aging antioxidants. medicinal, mainly for skin complaints blackberry nightshade - ripe berries are similar in flavour to tomato, plant has many medicinal applications Fat hen - leaves are best cooked due to high oxalic acid content, rich in vit c, riboflavin, calcium and antioxidants, upto 43%protein by dry weight. purslane - richest source of omega-3 fatty acids of any leafy green tested, high in protein, potassium, vit a,c,e and anti-aging antioxidants. All parts edible tho is high in oxalic acid, medicinal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healer Dandelion - most nutritious veg ever tested by us department of agriculture, high in iron, calcium, vit a, b6, e, k, thiamin, antioxidants, beta and alpha-carotene. All part are edible, lots of medicinal applications amaranth - high in protein, rich in mineral nutrients, leaves and seeds contain the essential amino acid lysine, contains oxalic acid Oxalis - high levels of oxalic acid rich in vit c, many medicinal applications cobblers pegs - leaves edible, high in antioxidants, I heard you can sprout the seeds for eating as well petty spurge, defo don't eat this one lol its for sun spots/skin cancers I just added some basic info from the book I mentioned, there worth researching I reckon : )
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    Brugmansia microdosing

    Even smoking to much brug or Datura leaf or for to many days in a row lead to effects similar to the brew but way less toxic feelings and recovery is quicker I believe, smoking some (stopping when mouth and throat start getting that dry feeling) especially with red wine is awesome, tho I wouldn't encourage anyone to do it, for me it had great synergy but after many days some real mind screw type effects that some may not like can sometimes manifest. for example yarning with ya step dad, turning away then when you turn back he is gone, was never there, ya just sitting there alone, and it can get way way weirder then that, especially with a strong brew, shit gets real crazy It supposedly has a build up effect and from experience I believe it to be true, so if experimenting good breaks between are recommended. Tho I have been lucky and had some amazing experiences (apart from the toxic effects, chronic dry throat and days of not understanding the meaning of words etc from brews) I am sure you have read/heard the many horror stories out there so no need to go into that, Its a thing where strong warnings against it is very much warranted and prob very wise to adhere to.
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    Medicinal Weeds

    Anyone into this stuff, the weed forager's handbook a guide to edible and medicinal weeds in Australia by adam grubb and annie raser-rowland is a great little book indeed. I have had a few nettle teas and tried nettle gnocchi (a recipe in the book) also used to put native dandelion petals in omelettes. Tried sow thistle the other day (the one in your pic) I boiled a heap of leaves till wilted then squeezed lemon on top with a drizzle of olive oil as a side to some fish, was great I reckon, just need heaps cause it wilts down a heap. Blackberry nightshade, solanum nigrum, the fully ripe berries are pretty good, very much like tomato in flavour. Later this week I am gonna make some home made pasta and a chickweed pesto, gonna just wizz up some walnuts, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and maybe a little lemon with the chickweed, should be good I hope, from what I have read chickweed is like a super food and has twice the iron levels of spinach. I would think lactuca serriola, wild lettuce (which is also edible) would be better suited for pain relief and such, it has a latex called lactucarium which contains lactucin and lactucopicrin, the book I mentioned has written that tests showed 1 gram of lactucarius induces calming and painkilling effects and higher doses of 2-3 grams has stimulating effects.
  20. How's all the trees going spooge ? So much inspiration in this thread
  21. bardo

    Share your art

    That's bloody awesome glaukus, I would be super proud of that art : ) lol Sorry about the sideways pic
  22. bardo

    Cactii Garden

    With the scale all I do is walk around with a tooth brush every so often and when I see any I just scrub them off : )
  23. bardo

    Share your art

    There is nothing laugh at, cant go wrong with art and I think its looking good, dark and gloomy my favourite kinda art
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    Really great shots there Alchemica : )
  25. bardo

    The Random Thread.

    Sometimes I do some kinda strange things pretty randomly, tonight I felt like chatting with someone cause I was in an annoyingly chatty excited and slightly lonely mood, so somehow I got an idea in my head to enter made up mobile numbers in the phone and text them to see if I might get a response and what they may be. Sorry if I don't write this tale out very well and coherent but anyway, I started with the normal numbers for a mobile and just typed numbers and in sequences without much of any thought but somehow seemed to feel right lol I texted 10 or so numbers with different text messages all basically saying in different variants or ways, hello and explained what I was doing , that I was texting some numbers I randomly typed, acknowledging it is a bit strange and basically offered a strangers ear if they wanna chat, share some jokes or if they would like to get anything off there chest or share whatever and that type thing, then I would type something along the lines of anyhow whoever you are or might be or might be doing I hope you a good night and all the best, things like that and send off with variants or words to the like of, from a friendly random person doing a random thing. lol then I went even a little more weird but felt compelled to do it for reasons im not entirely sure of, but thought why not and felt a bit curious of who may be getting them and so on, I sent a couple more texts and without much of any thought or controlled consciousness spewed out a bunch of spun out words and sent without being 100% sure of what I wrote exactly or if it made much sense but yeh some strange compulsion lol I wrote - This is a little experiment of sorts First I will say briefly that I do not know with any certainty if experiences we have in life are random or deterministic or perhaps even both ? but I do like to believe or feel as though things happen for a reason known or not, and at least as a minimum I view us humans and life as creators and/or co creators of our and each others experiences etc. This is likely seen as a bit weird or strange and I guess it is but in saying all that and with all I have said in mind, I have now typed in a mobile number (your number) I made the number up at random or seemingly so depending on ones views or beliefs or interpretations or what no, and am not even sure if this will be received by anyone or not. But if you do receive and read this who ever you might be and whatever might be happening for you, I want to say I hope you all the best and hope for you (and all of us) to see all the best in and with whatever might be and all the best with all that has, is and will be for you. I don't know you or why exactly I have written this, but I have and that's pretty cool in a way lol, its cool to be alive and experience what we may, its cool to be able to do things at random without really knowing why or what effect we may have on each other or the future, but that's the power in which we all have, no matter what we do or not or how we interact we are affecting things, that's pretty cool I reckon and to come somewhat full circle, that's what I mean in us all being creators or co-creators of this experience. Not sure where that all came from lol but there's some thoughts shared, hope ya liked it or at least this strange encounter from a texting stranger has been interesting lol Again all the best stranger. Haha I wonder if any of them where received and read, I haven't had any responses yet haha