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Found 34 results

  1. Mike Roscopy's Spores !!! STRICTLY FOR SOUVENIER, COLLECTIBLE, MICROSOPY PURPOSES ONLY !!! PRINTS SWABS $20 – Single $15 – Single $50 – 3 Pack (Express) $40 – 3 Pack (Express) $80 – 5 Pack (Express) $55 – 5 Pack (Express) PayPal Only, Thanks for your Understanding Happy to accept Crypto *** Remember Spore Prints are for *** *** SOUVENIR, COLLECTIBLE & MICROSCOPY PURPOSE ONLY! *** PRINTS SWABS If you are looking for anything else, other than what's on the menu to the left, shoot me a message.
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Contam or paranoia

    Hey all! Refrigerated some of my colonised jars for a few months but they're quickly springing back into action. I noticed this anomaly in one of the jars (the largest ). I'm assuming its yeast (but hoping its primordia forming lol) thankfully isn't present in any other jar. I'm planning to fruit it in a separate small tub as I'm told yeast contam can prevent fruiting. What are your thoughts on this? Have you seen these spots before and is it consistent with yeast? Thanks so much everyone!
  3. r0v3r

    Panaeolus cyanescens Spore Print

    Looking for a Panaeolus cyanescens Spore Print within Australia preferably NSW. Heavy compensation. please DM me. Strictly for microscopy purposes Cheers
  4. Hey all, I am 95% sure I am taking spore prints of wild cubensis found growing out of a cow pat outside of Newcastle but a couple of things are stumping me. The stipe (not pictured) has a purple/black annulus present although with no blue bruising and the dried caps are papery, thin and spongey. Is this consistent with your experiences of wild cubensis? Cheers guys! I love the spore prints from these
  5. TheMooseZeus

    Day 5 cobweb mould :(

    Hey all! Woke up to this in the monotub can anyone confirm my suspicion of cobweb mould?? Cheers all! I'm just obsessing over the possible contam EDIT: I'm a hypo (myco?) chondriac
  6. TheMooseZeus

    Splitting monotub tek?

    Hey all! Haven't seen much on splitting a colonised but healthy monotub and mixing with fresh substrate... Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Cheers!
  7. nagavista

    Canberrans where you at?

    Hello! Just wanted to start a thread for any potential mushroom enthusiasts that might be on here from Canberra or surrounds? Me and a friend have been trying to do research and foraging for a while but to no avail and we would definitely use a bit of guidance!
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Is something wrong or am i impatient?

    Hey all! I on the 25th i inoculated some agar dishes with a summer fruiting mushroom. After 8 days i have seen no growth (mycelial or other) on the plates. The spore prints were dated 2019 and i followed pastywires tek. They are being incubated at ~24oc Any knowledge and wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
  9. r0v3r

    Pan Cyan Print Within Aus

    G'day, on a long shot looking for some Pan Cyan spore prints within Australia will compensate generously. Strictly for microscopy purposes Pm me Cheers
  10. TheMooseZeus

    Oyster's on straw

    Hey all! Its been 24 hours since i added colonised grain spawn to the pasteurised substrate. It seems like the mycelium is having a hard time migrating to the straw (hay?) Any idea what's going on? Edit: dark spots are seeds from the grain (not sure what grain was used possibly bird seed)
  11. TheMooseZeus

    Oyster contamination :(

    Hey all! Unfortunately my first shot at cloning my oyster spawn has failed It seems something must have gotten in going from jar to jar. The bag of straw substrate is going strong and my jars of King stropharia look healthy and vigorous! For some reason the grain never took off like the KS is Any tips would be greatly appreciated Cheers guys!
  12. TheMooseZeus

    Mushroom culture confusion

    Hey all! Im getting into cultivating and am very confused about buying cultures. For example these prices are ridiculous: $150 https://www.newgenerationmushroomsupplies.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_120&product_id=229 This in the middle: $40 https://forestfungi.com.au/collections/agar/products/white-oyster-petri-dish Compared to this which is very cheap: $15 https://www.miltonmushrooms.com.au/store/p10/White_Oyster_culture_(Pleurotus_florida).html Am i missing something? Where do you recommend i look for mushroom cultures in Aus? - Cheers all
  13. TheMooseZeus

    Encouraging pine lovers!

    Hey! My garden sufficiently lacks mushrooms, I have access to pine needles, pine wood chips and eucalyptus chips. My idea starting from the ground up A layer of potting soil or just your normal Bunnings stuff. Then a mix of pine and eucalyptus chips (preferably old and rotting) Then finally some pine needles on top which should decay fairly quickly. I could even try this small scale in a large plant pot To inoculate this i would get my hands on some pine loving edible or even just decorative fungi prints and start them off in wet cardboard (I could start on agar but i love being low low caveman tek) Then bury them once they start to take off. The idea of this is to diversify the ecosystem in my modest (Tiny) garden and maybe just get a bit of food from it Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. TheMooseZeus


    Hey! I'm looking into Tyndallisation to fill the space between getting a PC. I was wondering what kind of successes and failures (Learning experiences ) People have had. I know it's a pain in the arse but is it worth it for small scale projects before committing to a good pc? - Cheers all!
  15. TheMooseZeus

    Pine Plantation Problems

    Hey all! Its my first sub season as a hunter. Has anyone had any issues with strolling along pine plantations whist hunting? There's not a lot your average person can do to a acre of pine trees, unlike a field of cows. Does this change farmers attitudes towards the act? -Thanks all
  16. drpotato

    Mycology discord chat rooms

    Here are 2 discord channels Shaman Australis unofficial discord server https://discord.gg/UYaH6QT TripTeam https://discord.gg/PUvEpH6 Despite the name is all mushroom discussion, again, edibles and actives, supposedly created by willymyco, theres a lot of users but most are beginners unlike in fungus amongus. the servers share about 60% of the same users. This server though features a fairly stocked "show and tell" channel with now thousands of grow pictures. In tripteam, experimental methods are more tolerated than on shroomery and fungus amongus, deviation from the teks and such, but accuracy of information is still very much moderated. For those unaware, discord is like IRC but you can upload photos like in Facebook or skype, and also everything is saved up to a point i think, so you can always check back on stuff. In my opinion its way better than IRC. It also features voice channels, and soon will apparently have features for live streaming or screen sharing (it was originally built for gaming).
  17. Am a huge fan of commercial Trichoderma spp blends as a liquid fertiliser addition to my home garden. The commercial products are usually sold as dry powders- spore mixes treated for storage. I have run right out of these and need some soon. I have Trichoderma spp cultures in my library, and I can easily do liquid cultures based on my standard fertiliser blend. Would the shock of throwing a growing but otherwise sterile culture, even at log phase, into the wild to compete with other organisms potentially any advantage? What sort of optical density of the LC Trichoderma would I need as a fertiliser base, to add as 10x, 100x or 1000x. Can I wing it or do I need to switch the spectrophotometer on? Anyone had any experience trying this?
  18. Discussion is mostly cultivation of mushrooms, so basically cubes, pan cyans, and talks about wild psilocybes, but most are knowledgeable about a great many non actives, and it usually comes up once a week or so. https://discord.gg/Qh2V2rK Its called fungus amongus Shaman Australis Botanicals discord https://discord.gg/UYaH6QT discussion of mushrooms, plants, etc, any kind, active or non active, edible, etc Also has a picture gallery like tripteam There is also a sister server called tripteam https://discord.gg/PUvEpH6 Despite the name its serious discussions almost entirely about cubensis and nothing else as most of the users there are just starting out, fungus amongus has more educated or serious members, they do however share about 50% of their users, but no more than that because tripteam is quite tolerant of innovation, improvisation, creativity and in general deviating from the teks. In other words its a less serious otherwise identical server. Both are active all the time with at least 2-3 users actively talking somewhere, and tripteams gallery is full of grow pics entirely by the members, nobody really chats on voice chat in either. Also users are from all corners of the world so, theres generally no sleep periods. In perticular theres a good handful of australian members (including myself) who came over from shaman australis forums, if anyone wants to ask about locating resources in australia. So far ive found nearly everyone in either server who is growing from grain is willing to give anyone else a free print now and again to help them get started, though trades are more common (for prints or anything except money) everyone is really helpful. since the start of the year both servers have only been getting more members. Theres no signup requirements and no nsfw stuff outside the nsfw channels, actually everyone is pretty well mannered, i dont think the mods have ever had to kick anyone.
  19. Mike Roscopy


  20. Hi every one I am new to Shrman Australis and i was wondering if any one could help me out with some P.Cubensis spore prints , for microscopy purposes only. I am starting over again as i lost all my sores prints when moving house. unfortunately i have nothing to trade for them but I am happy to pay for them. Any and all help is appreciated. Cheers
  21. Mike Roscopy

    PESA Prints

    I have 10 PESA Spore Prints Available (For Microscopy Purposes Only) $20 including Express Postage Prefer Gift Voucher. Purchse eVoucher Here... PM For Details
  22. Hi, im looking for spore prints, im finding them very difficult to obtain inside australia, period, regardless of kind, many of the places seem kinda sketchy too asking for bitcoins or money orders. Im after any of the faster / easier growing species of oysters. for microscopy purposes only, prints of any psilocybe cubensis strains, even contaminated or wild prints, or used prints is fine. Im particularly after the more domesticated strains or those with quick colonization speeds, regardless of the amount of fruiting they do. Please PM me if you have any spare for sale or otherwise. Again ill note these are for microscopy purposes. Also im only looking for spores within Australia only.
  23. Saturday, 28th February, 2015 QLD Mycology Society http://qldfungi.org.au/ Cooloola Forage - Great Sandy National Park http://qldfungi.org.au/archives/6719