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  1. 50 more Hi all, please find below my for sale/trade list. It is a work in progress. My family have been busy taking cuttings and potting pups the last few weeks. I'm offering them up here first before the kids start selling the little ones again at the Sunday and farmers markets in the new year. We sell to buy more media and materials to keep the family hobby growing as well as put a little bit in our 4 kids accounts for the future. * Pups and cuttings. Most on their own roots or not far off. * Names are what I have copied off the tags. * There are at least half a dozen of each. * ? = broken or difficult to read tags and/or my googling didnt find it. * My daughters have been taking photos and I'm getting them on a spreadsheet to email anyone interested. Astrophytum Asterias Astrophytum capricorne v senilis astrophytum capricorne variegata Astrophytum myriostigma Astrophytum myriostigma cv hakuun Astrophytum myriostigma v nuda Astrophytum myriostigma v nudum Astrophytum ornatum cv glabrescens Blossfeldia liliputana Blossfeldia Liliputana Cereus Peruvianus Monstrose Chamaecereus silvestrii Cheiridopsis peculiaris Cheiridopsis pillansii Copiapoa Hypogaea Copiapoa Hypogaea Monstruosa Coryphantha cornifera Discocactus ? (post image) Dolichothele descriptions Dolichothele sphaerica Dolichothele uberiformis - Mammillaria longimamma? Echinocactus Nivosus Fric Echinocereus reichenbachii Echinocereus coccineus Echinocereus knipelianus Echinocereus lauii Echinocereus pectinatus v rubrispinus Echinocereus pentalophus Echinocereus rechenbachii Echinocereus rigidissimus var. rubrispinus "chihuaha" Echinocereus scheerii Echinopsis aureus Echinopsis subdenudata Echinopsis x Los angeles Epithelantha bokei Epithelantra micromeris Epithelantra neomexicana Eriosyce occulta Espostoa huanucoensis Espostoa melanostele Espostoa superba Euphorbia ? Post image Euphorbia acrurensis Euphorbia aeruginosa Euphorbia aggregata Euphorbia amak Euphorbia baioensis Euphorbia bupleurifolia x susannae Euphorbia bupluerifolia Euphorbia Caput Medusae Euphorbia Caput Medusae Monstrose Euphorbia Coeraliscens Euphorbia Cuput Medusae Crest Euphorbia decaryii Euphorbia decaryii v Spirosticha Euphorbia dolycephalia ? Help Euphorbia ferox 'white spin' Euphorbia fimbriata green Euphorbia fimbriata variagata Euphorbia flannaganii "crest" Euphorbia flannaganii "cristata" Euphorbia flannaganii Euphorbia fruticosa Euphorbia globosa Euphorbia griseola Euphorbia heptagona Euphorbia horrida Euphorbia horrida v stricta Euphorbia ingens Euphorbia kondoi Euphorbia mammillaris variegata Euphorbia meloformis hybrid Euphorbia meloformis monstrose Euphorbia obesa Euphorbia Polyacantha Euphorbia polygona Euphorbia pulvinata Euphorbia Resinifera Euphorbia spirosticha Euphorbia splendens Euphorbia stellaespina Euphorbia stellarra Euphorbia susannae Euphorbia Susannae Chunky form Euphorbia Susannae Hybrid Crest Euphorbia symmetrica Euphorbia trigona Euphorbia tuberculata Euphorbia valida Euphorbia valida hybrid Euphorbia x lomi "poysean" pink Ferocactus_gracilis Gymnocalycium anisitsii v domsii? Gymnocalycium denudatum "variegata" Gymnocalycium Guchlianum Gymnocalycium Horrid & Spinosum variegata Gymnocalycium Horstii Gymnocalycium pflanzi Krainzia breviflora - mammillaria longiflora? Lobivia famatimensis Lobivia hertrichiana Lobivia hertrichiana f. Lau Lobivia leucomalla Lobivia sylvestrii hybrid Mammilaria decipiene Mammilaria multiceps Mammilillaria Schweidweileriana? Mammillaria Albicoma Mammillaria albilanata Mammillaria baumii Mammillaria Bocasana Mammillaria bocasana cv fred Mammillaria bocasana ssp eschauzier Mammillaria bocasana var multilanata Mammillaria bombycina Mammillaria cadereytense Mammillaria camptotricha Mammillaria canelensis Mammillaria carmenae Mammillaria condida Mammillaria discolor Mammillaria dixanthocentron Mammillaria evermanniana Mammillaria fauxiana v elegans Mammillaria Formosa Mammillaria Geminispina Mammillaria geminispina Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria guerreronis Mammillaria horrida v stricta? Mammillaria Ignota Mammillaria Ignota Mammillaria insularis Mammillaria johnstonii Mammillaria lauii fmo subducta Mammillaria lauii v. dasyacanthus Mammillaria matudae Mammillaria mendeliana Mammillaria microhelia Mammillaria multiceps Mammillaria patonii Mammillaria pennispinosa v nazasensis Mammillaria prolifera Mammillaria rekoi Mammillaria rosenimonte ? Mammillaria schiedeana Mammillaria schwiedweileriana Mammillaria sonorensis Mammillaria supertexta Mammillaria_klissingiana Meigecina v lcili ? Melocactus concinnus Neoporteria heinrichianus Neoporteria reichii Neoporteria warsii Notocactus claviceps Notocactus leninghausii Notocactus militaris Notocactus scopa Notocactus scopa v minima Notocactus submammulosus Paramount? hybrid lobivopsis Parodia manana leninghause II Parodia mariana Parodia maricina ? Pleiospilos nelii Pygmaeocereus bylesianus Rebutia albissima Rebutia Heliosa rebutia minuscula violaciflora Rebutia pulvinosa Rebutia vallegrandensis Solisia pectinata Stenocactus tricuspidatus Stenocactus wippermanii Sulco rebutia rauschi Sulcorebutia arenacea Sulcorebutia langeri Sulcorebutia rauschii Supertextq ? Tephrocactus glomeratus Tephrocactus molinensis Truncata var tenuis Turbina st gracilis? Turbinicarpus dickinsonie Turbinicarpus lilinkuiduus Turbinicarpus lophophorides Turbinicarpus polanski Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus v rubra Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus Turbinicarpus schwarzii Wilcoxia papillosa Wilcoxia posselgeri Wilcoxia schmolui Wilcoxia vipering
  2. Collection, Preparation and Preservation of Plant Specimens