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  1. Chrissy Star

    Acacia courtii propagation from cuttings

    If you are happy to answer these questions... - What strength IBA did you use? - Did you harvest the cuttings from branches with particular characteristics? - How many nodes did you use? - What achieved higher success rate : multiple leaves or two leaves per cutting? - What achieved higher success rate: entire leaves left on cutting or snipped in half? Thank you for your fantastic work! AWESOME!
  2. Chrissy Star

    Acacia courtii

    SEEKING ACACIA COURTII... - seed - potted plant (seedling or tree) - living material (for tissue culture) I respect our natural ecology & sustainable practices.
  3. Chrissy Star

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2019/2020

    I tried & tried & tried & tried...to upload, drag, insert photos with no success. I have no idea why. The photos are: 1. Mixed Acacia forest - 2yrs old (5m tall). 2. Acacia madenii - 2yrs old (1.5m tall). 3. Acacia madenii - 2yrs old (5m tall). 4. Acacia confusa - 2yrs old (20cm tall). I even tried to PM them with the same issue. I tried! Does it still count?
  4. REPLY!!! Yes, I will do this....grow & share! I have PM my address to you. Thank you so much & happy growing to you too! If I have missed out, no worries. Thanks for supporting our community, especially our plant friends!
  5. ...I'm pretty sure a depression I've been battling for years is now shifted in the direction of "gone" (but it's still a little too early to tell)...but...so far, so good! ...I'm very hopeful = something has been very helpful! (Ha! ...see, I'm even cracking jokes!)
  6. ...need I say more? https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-07/kambo-tree-frog-poison-used-as-alternative-medicine/10060126
  7. Yes, I did find success! I came across a professional herbalist who was able to help. Which is great because their job is health care - an added bonus & level of safety/comfort. I wish I could share more - but can't for obvious reasons. Thanks for your well wishes!
  8. Chrissy Star

    Rare China Rainbow Rose

    There is a "Rainbow Eucalypt" tree which has similar colouration in the wood. It is native to Indonesia, New Guinea and some other areas. It is knowledge of the existence of this tree that makes me consider the photo as true - especially because it appears that each petal is one colour. However, I have seen similar in person and in my opinion, the one I saw was dyed, as evident via fading in & out as the dye concentration changed - giving the appearance of water colour paint. I have also been given one by someone who was told (was sold) a "very special and hard to source multi-coloured rose" = he was played in my opinion.
  9. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Many thanks to Anodyne for bringing the following to my attention: Neuroscience & pharmacology discussion...http://www.bluelight.org/vb/forums/155-Neuroscience-and-Pharmacology-Discussion?s=696ec6b82747bbc1186c8d8a3a7a14ba
  10. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Thanx heaps for ur input, I appreciate it (many others will also, both now during authorship + in the future). HI to all. Respect! ok, i diverge, focus!!! So, my original question was something along the lines of... "Does anyone know the name of a biochemistry (or other medical field) forum where self-experimentation and/or patient use of psychoactives, medicinals, "poisonous" fish + more is accepted in conversation?" I would like to put this query out there - to any folks who are connected to the medical fields - to keep your eye out for such & when it is found, please share here...are maybe some (ex?) medical students able to help answer this query? It would be great to be able to understand from the biochemical level what is possibly happening when eating fish & chips - suddenly becomes a psychoactive trip! It would also be FANTASTIC to be able to seek in depth knowledge on human metabolism of many substances via various delivery methods. When we are talking about "poisons" and unchartered territories - discussions on health are an integral part of the process. I welcome them with an open heart! P.S. I would like to recommend "Why isn't my brain working?" by Datis Kharrazian = a revolutionary understanding of brain decline & effective strategies to recover your brain's health.
  11. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Take a look at Synthetikal and consider the type of convo about these fish that would happen there....probably describing the molecule, it's synthesis etc etc. The equivalent for a biochemistry forum would be detailing metabolism pathways, activation of neuro-networks, secondary metabolites etc etc. It is this type of focus that I am querying after. I love this forum and have been a loyal member for years. However it is an Australian plant forum above all else. ANd by default of Australia's population will not have the same level of inputs. ALso, by default of being a plant forum - it won't have the concentrated focus of a more "purist" titled forum. Yes, I'm in one - and yes, I go into many different forums all the time - for different reasons and different experiences. And I was casually wondering if others who have similar interests could point me in the right direction (whether it's on this site or another).
  12. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Yup. I think it's safe to say there ain't nothing safe in self-experimentation!!! All we can do is manage the risk!!! Try Synthetikal for more detail where needed....https://www.thevespiary.org/rhodium/synthetikal/www.synthetikal.com/synthforum/index.html... Can anyone suggest similar for biochemistry? As in a biochemistry forum which is either geared towards for includes folk who self-experiment?
  13. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    It seems possible that like humans, the pineal gland of fish has the potential to produce psychoactives....after all, we are both in the Animal Kingdom and thus share major physical traits. This may be why eating the fish head is known to produce effects.
  14. Chrissy Star

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Hamilton's Pharmacopeia (SBS VIceland in Australia), Season 1, Episode 5: "Fish'n'Trips"....watch it for free on SBS On Demand: https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/929404995593/hamiltons-pharmacopeia-fish-n-trips
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