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  1. Bongchitis

    Purple Dragon Fruit

    Hey man, Have plenty of cuts of the yellow skinned, white fleshed variety. Best tasting for me so far. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers ....... Bong
  2. Bongchitis

    eating mycelium

    I believe that all info required is in the previous 25 posts.
  3. Bongchitis

    eating mycelium

    Glitter shitz are the last thing to worry about if using vermiculite. I reckon you will get 2 mouthfulls in and give up.... awfull stuff. But if you make a tea out of a crumbled cake you will experience something. Definitely not as much bang for your buck as fruit but works a treat apparently.
  4. Bongchitis

    not entirely female

    Hermies/The odd male flower are pretty common. Looks the goods though. I would be willing to pick out a few seeds to get some of that grape Trichome action.
  5. Bongchitis

    Fungi Contamination

    +1 Have to agree with that one. Lots of rain around lately.
  6. Yes they are here. I have seen them on a gardening forum but most hits I got were from OS. There are quite a few white strawberries around if you look hard enough.
  7. Bongchitis

    the greatest achievement of my life

    Even though I hate the game (primarily because I suck at it) that is pretty fast I must say. Well done!
  8. Bongchitis

    How to deal with nosy neighbours

    ZPBM, I reckon someone so aggressive at knowing what you are doing has an awful lot to hide themselves. It would appear that the exhibited bravado/craziness puts people off from taking note of what they are doing, kind of like a reverse psychology thing. Perhaps they are lawfully scaring everyone away and may well be a brilliant ploy to disguise a meth lab, hydro house etc etc. 1/2 an acre would be perfect to do this kind of thing. Assumed too pricey for the average cook/grower. Plenty of space between houses so plenty of privacy once he has scared you all away. Can't hear noises, smell stuff. Perhaps you do need to get those cameras going, give him a bit of a scare. hahahah
  9. Bongchitis

    Happy Birthday Hillbilly!

    Big ups Minno Man.
  10. Bongchitis

    Quotes of the day.

    "Crack is wack" ...........Whitney Houston What??? Too soon?
  11. Bongchitis

    Watch Me Grow

    What about those water absorbing crystalls you add to potting mix. Hydrate with very weak nute solution, drain excess fluid then plant. This way you have air pockets between crystals and it doesn't go all rank. Similar to the agar agar I guess but not just a slug of jelly. +1 on the light issue aswell. Cut the toe out of a sock and put it over to cut the light... easy to remove/replace. Did this with my sons bean sprouting experiment for school.
  12. Bongchitis

    Getting seeds out of prickly pear

    ".........Went under prepared and now covered in glochids lol ......" You wont be loling in a few days time. You think you got them all only to keep finding them, and finding them...adnauseum.
  13. Bongchitis

    Twisty Cacti

    8 germinated and looked very healthy until a day of 38 degC sun after being moved, for christmas festivities, by the missus.... all dead! I have 10 left that I was going to send to EG but I will plant these out myself now... sorry EG!