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  1. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

  2. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    That was great. What a varied and lovely bunch of nutters we are! So many great laughs. Lovely to see old friends and make some new ones. Sorry we had to bail so early. Work responsibilities and besides, I miss my wifey if we're apart for more than a few hours. I hope it didn't rain too much on Saturday night. See you all soon again, I hope! -M
  3. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    This is the icon weatherzone is using to illustrate Oberon weather this weekend. WTF? It's raining giant DMT crystals!
  4. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Some of you may already know, but I am a video artist. I'm currently preparing for a short (<2 min) video for an exhibition later in the year. What it requires is a biggish bunch of people to pass a short bit of wood around a circle, and finally into a fire. Each person looks at the camera for about 10 seconds before the camera and the wood move on to the next person. Nothing weird. Nothing incriminating. No lines to learn. There'll be a text added over the top in post-production. I'll probably be shooting at the Oberon camp on the Saturday afternoon. Please let me know if you're interested in being in the video!
  5. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'm bringing my friend, Mr Always-The-Guy-To-Have-With-You-When-Camping and he's always got wood chop tool-age and blowers and all the rest of it. That said, when we camped out there a few weeks ago it was all pretty damp which makes for an annoyingly smoky fire. All the more annoying when you're trying to get as close as possible to the fire to not freeze your ass off. I'm super excited! I'll bring lollies and chocolates and sweet stuff.
  6. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Wait. Incog, you say 11th and 12th? That's a Sunday and a Monday, isn't it? I'm in as long as it's a weekend date. Amaz! Can't wait to catch up! Woot!
  7. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Aw! Thanks man! I will try. What dates are we talking again? 11th and 12th of May?
  8. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Maybe. I'm going back to study mid year, so I'm pretty swamped with applications and catching up and stuff. I'm pretty keen though. I miss all youse guys. And I wanna meet Watertrade. And if the Melbs people are coming, that would make it a freaking blast... I'm 80% confident that I'll be there.
  9. Marcel

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I had a hunt out there last weekend. Heaps of Saffies and Amanitas. Not so many Slipperies. And probably the biggest number of subs I've ever found out there. I imagine that it's going to really amp up over the next couple of weeks. G Spot (left side of the road when heading to Jenolan Caves) is especially messy and trashed at the moment. But there's that nice grassy field across the road that's pretty sweet for camping. Temps are reaching zero at the moment. Ouch. And in my experience, Oberon zero is colder than zero anywhere else...
  10. Marcel


    I can hardly believe it! Congrats, and thanks Torsten for being our messenger and sensible representative. Now... Too bad I live in NSW....
  11. Marcel

    Brown birch bolete 2013

    Lovely! Where in the world did you find this baby?
  12. Marcel

    Lepista nuda?

    I have a blewit patch across from a sub patch, two blocks from my house! Sorry! Had to boast!
  13. Marcel

    Annual SAB get together?

    From experience, when organising an event on facebook, all you need to say is "THIS IS NOT A DOOF" and things will be just fine. I love the idea, but if it's a NNSW thing, maybe it could be timed with the cube season... And preferably during the school holidays so that I can make it a family holiday. It's a good idea. I miss eth and Amaz and all the other Victoria crew!
  14. Marcel

    Sexy Hairy NSW Men

    I thought this thread was about me.
  15. Marcel

    Starting a website- help

    I used to use Dreamweaver but recently redid my shop website using wix.com. It's a web-based site builder and it's stupidly easy to use. Cheap too. I've also heard good things about virb.com.