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  1. I know that its off topic, but i have wondered. Since dogs smell tends to pick up individual odors from a mixed bag of smells. If one were to eat dog meat for a week or three, Would the dogs pick up on the fact that you are something that eats dogs, and avoid you? Just wondering if there might be a deep seated predator prey response in there somewhere?
  2. shortly

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'd be in but i've not figured out time travel yet.
  3. shortly

    Cheilanthes pruinata

    Just wondering if anyone knows of Cheilanthes pruinata being in australia? It looks and sounds like an amazing plant
  4. shortly


    I'm curious, is this in australia? the article linked is obviously uk based. And for the record, i think insurance co's are hilarious. I find any system that will inevitably destroy itself while denying that can ever possibly happen most entertaining.
  5. shortly

    Jacquinia pungens seed

    I have approx 20 or so fresh Jacquinia pungens seeds to rehome for SSAE if anyone is interested. Or i'm always happy to trade.
  6. shortly

    Best Magnetic Stirrers

    I would rather spend the extra $'s and get a unit that will last, probably not as long as i would like. But a few years at least. I've got enough ElCheapo stirrers as it is, computer fans with HDD magnets glued onto them, They work, but to maintain a fairly constant temp i have to keep them in a foam box with a heater cable. Which does not give fine control over the temp. Noisy & i have to have the tops poking out so that they can breathe, but it kinda works. I'm expecting the new one to run for 2-4 days a week at this stage. Depending upon how things pan out?
  7. shortly

    Best Magnetic Stirrers

    Thanks Torsten Sounds like just the ticket. What is the Min temp setting on it? And what increments does it go up in?
  8. Santa was thinking of bringing a heated magnetic stirrer for xmas. However he's become more than a little lost in the maze of stirrers. Can anyone recommend a good reliable model or brand suitable for up to 2L with a temp range from the 30's up to 110c'ish, its mostly for yeast work & possibly a bit of agar. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. shortly

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Does anyone have a culture of Tiger Milk mushroom Lignosus rhinocerus ? It's been recorded around mission beach so it is here.
  10. Above all, the keepers of balance.
  11. shortly

    Australian 2016 Census... WTF?

    I was up in Ningi country camped by a freshwater lagoon behind the dunes on census night. Was far to busy catching taylor & ugari down on the beach to be contemplating filling in forms. Not that i am in one place for more than a few nights a week these days anyway. I wonder if that makes me transient or just a wombat?
  12. shortly

    Australian 2016 Census... WTF?

    After this debacle, my guess is the ABS will be privatized & sold off in the not to distant future.
  13. shortly

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'm keen, but i will have a coupla kidlets in tow on the 14th.
  14. shortly

    Watch this space

    I cant see it changing just yet. But never fear, the climate will fix that.
  15. shortly

    Watch this space

    Is that surprise you? It was driven by purely demand for profit and market access for the pharmaceutical industry. Not any desire to actually help people or make a ludicrous system any better. It may sound cynical but ive watched how these things work from the inside often enough to know that these things are driven purely by money & power. In this case pharmaceutical industry profits & QPol not wanting to lose any of their budget or powers.