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  1. I once saw a bunch of council workers spraying this all over a children's playground. Sad, sad world we live in.
  2. liberta

    Erythroxylum australe

    I have one but hasn't set seed yet, might be too young though.
  3. liberta

    Datura innoxia seedling?

    Thanks for the answer. That's probably what is is then, I haven't had any other seeds from that family unless someone has been throwing around capsicum seeds or something
  4. I just noticed this little seedling pop up in the pot with my Zornia latifolia. I tried to grow some of these from seed last year with no luck and ended up giving up and recycling the soil so it's possible some seeds ended up in there. The seed looks right to me but I have no idea what the seedling itself is supposed to look like. Any tips on keeping it alive if it is a Datura?
  5. liberta

    Some seed to giveaway

    Nice Sceletium! Is that yours? Still got plenty of seeds left. Drop me a message.
  6. liberta

    [Article] Tobacco - a forgotten healing plant

    Fair enough about the unreferenced health claims, I'm sure there are some health benefits but whether that outweighs the risk vs. reward who knows. As for the gov. I'm sure every action they take is for the best of the people, that's why they also have similar fear mongering campaigns for processed foods I know I get why they use commercial tobacco as that's all the nannies allow you to smoke, but why not add a pure specimen as a 2nd control, otherwise the results will be omitting some very important variables in regards to how harmful smoking tobacco really is. When they conclude that tobacco increases the risk of x disease by x amount, is it really the tobacco? Or is it due to one or more of the hundreds of added chemicals? Or both? Scientists are meant to be meticulous with every detail, every variable, otherwise how can anyone take their results and conclusions seriously. Sorry about the rant lazy science just pisses me of
  7. Hi mate would be intrested in trade for viridis seeds have some small trichos could possibly trade cheers

    1. liberta


      Hey that sounds cool. I'm not much of a cacti enthusiast but at the moment I only have HB02 and pachanoi X Super Pedro so anything different would be cool :)

  8. liberta

    [Article] Tobacco - a forgotten healing plant

    Great Article! Good to see someone else who acknowledges the inherent flaws in studies that only use commercial or conventional products rather than also testing those in their unadultered form. It's a shame we are not allowed to access un-poisoned tobacco or grow our own that is healthier than the commercial crap. I've always wondered what the gov's agenda was with those aggressive anti smoking campaigns. I never believed for a second it was simply for people's health, they always have an agenda.
  9. liberta

    Some seed to giveaway

    I've got a bunch of seed I've been collecting lately that I'm giving away. So far I have: Delosperma bosseranum Heimia salicifolia Psychotria viridis Sida rhombifolia Tagetes lucida and a very limited number of Withania somnifera seeds All seeds have been freshly harvested within the last few days. Very soon I will also have Artemisia vulgaris and Calea zacatechichi seeds available. If anyone would like to offer a trade as well that would be much appreciated
  10. liberta

    Looking for a few plants

    Ah ok fair enough I try to keep it legal, just hard to keep up with everything the thought police keep making illegal.
  11. liberta

    Any idea what these are?

    If I found out they were edible I would have a go at propagating them. Fresh exotic mushrooms are hard to find and I am so sick of cooking with stupid common button mushrooms.
  12. liberta

    Looking for a few plants

    Hey thanks for the reply That would be great, do you want anything I have or some cash for that? I don't think I have to worry about anyone stealing foliage from here, all my prized plants are on a 2nd floor balcony so someone has quite a climb ahead of them if they want to steal anything. I am in the process of getting a PO Box for my business so maybe use that to be safe. You mention incriminating myself, do I have something that is illegal? I try to keep it all within the law but it's so arbitrary, it's hard to know what's legal and what isn't.
  13. liberta

    Looking for a few plants

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a few plants to add to the collection from anyone in the Gold Coast area or anywhere nearby. I have a random selection of seeds and plants to trade or can probably find some cash if necessary. I would prefer live plants over seeds unless they are easy to germinate as I'm not so good at getting the little guys to sprout. I'm mainly looking for: Datura innoxia Nicotiana rustica Helichrysum foetidum Any Cytisus spp. I'm also interested in any other pyschoactive plants I don't have or any interesting medicinal plants. I've always wanted to look at some spores under the microscope too My possible trades- Seeds- Canavalia rosea (only 1 seed left) Delosperma bosseranum Heimia Salicifolia Nepeta cataria Nicotiana quadrivalvis Sida rhombifolia Tagetes lucida Plants- Artemesia vulgaris (these are self propagating all over my yard) Delosperma bosseranum (1 large plant and 4 small seedlings) Heimia Salicifolia (only 1 plant) Nicotiana quadrivalvis (5 small seedlings) Orthosiphon aristatus - mauve (only 1) Sida rhombifolia (These self propagate everywhere, sure I can find a few to pot up) Could probably propagate some Tagetes lucida plants too but the seeds are easy to germinate. All my plants have either come from Shaman Australis or Herbalistics so will be properly identified.
  14. liberta

    Any idea what these are?

    Thanks for the help. I'm hoping these are edible but we'll see. The gills are a light brown/ beige colour. Tried to do a spore print but nothing came out I think maybe I waited to long after picking and it dried out too much.
  15. liberta

    Any idea what these are?

    I found these mushrooms growing in the pot containing my Psychotria viridis, I've never seen them anywhere else. I was wondering if this is a known symbiotic species or something like that, or if they are an edible species with an interesting flavor maybe. After a while the caps open up and break around the edges like the nipple looking one in the second picture. I'm not sure if any other details are needed for identification.