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    Alkaloid evolution

    Well, maybe it is... and maybe it's such an intelligent and fundamental molecule that all these different life forms (corals, mamals, plants) inherited from a shared ancestor in the single celled organism stage. Hmm.. I don't know. Sorry, Naja, what do you mean by "saturation ensures contact"?
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    Winter Solstice Hunt

  3. Rabaelthazar

    Help for ID

    Yeah, I'd be turfing them too. No idea what they are, but for starters there's no blueing on any of the stems. Also, the caps don't seem to have the right texture (not the word I'm looking for, but I'm tired), the gills are the wrong kind of brown and the stems look too brittle. Superficially, they look like the goods, in fact, I think I've picked a few of these (or something very similar) myself thinking they were subs. They may be harmless, but it's not worth the risk finding out by ingesting. I second Paradox - Do not eat.
  4. Rabaelthazar

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Sounds like a great idea. Also sounds like the kind of idea that might draw attention from any authorities watching the forums. I'd stick to collecting from the wild or, as you've done, encouraging a small private patch to grow somewhere convenient.
  5. Rabaelthazar

    Man!!! What a teacher!!!

    Oh yeah, SWIPMBFASWSI (Someone who is probably me but for arguments sake we'll say isn't) just had his first dose of the season. First big dose in a good number of years too. Man, what a teacher. He forgot how amazing these things are. He was shown how the fungus builds its mycelium, how the fruiting bodies begin and how all the intellect of the fungus reaches out to the outside world. Also, had a very enjoyable fungal massage that focused on every point on his body and soul and worked out all the kinks. What an incredible time of the year!!!! One thing he tells me though is that changing a baby's pooey nappy during the experience was quite a feat and one he'd be quite happy not to have to repeat. Happy eating, all.
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    Youtube vids

    an oldie but goodie. edit - eh??? Tried to embed, but couldn't get it to work, so just a link for the time being.
  8. Rabaelthazar

    Entheogenic, Psychoactive & Medicinal Flora

    You forgot Dragibus
  9. Rabaelthazar

    2010 Sub season

    I like the second last pic in particular. That curviness is tres sexy!!
  10. Rabaelthazar

    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate spring!

    I'm just replying to this thread because I'd like to make it to a Melbourne meet and couldn't make the weekend just gone. I'll pop a "watch" on this thread and hopefully the date set is one I can make (I work a lot of weekends, so it's a bit of a lucky dip for me).
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    G'day and welcome. There's a "Posting Rules" link at the top right of the page.
  12. Rabaelthazar

    tune hungry

    If you're after a chilled breaks experience (which I find most agreeable for journeying myself), try: a ) "Nightlife" by Amon Tobin b ) "Smile" by AIM c ) anything by Nitin Sawhney agrees particularly well with fungal friends
  13. Rabaelthazar

    FREE: Mimosa tenuiflora seeds 10 pkts x 10 seeds

    Yep, thank you very much Whisperz. Greatly appreciated.
  14. Rabaelthazar


    Hey, good on you Jabez. I did this about 5 years ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life, although my orignal plan to walk from North Qld back to Melb, living from the earth only lasted a few days before I started getting day work picking fruit and staying in various caravan parks along the way. John Marsen wrote a book called "The Journey" where it was normal practice for every kid to pack a bag and go walkabout when they turned fourteen. Loved this book when I was young (especially page 97 ). Lot to be said for the idea. It was good meeting you on the Otways trip. I took you to be a really good hearted guy who talks a lot and has strong opinions. I think some of your posts do get misunderstood. Best of luck. Enjoy your walkabout. Take what comes and try and let go of any pre-conceived ideas. Peace.
  15. Rabaelthazar

    How do you meditate?

    Hey Hutch, Meditation for me is hard as well. For one thing, just making the time is hard enough when there are so many other things I want to fit in to the day!! I used to do formal meditation using Falun Dafa techniques, and that was a really positive period in my life. I can't say I ever reached the point of having no thoughts in my mind, but my thoughts would slow down from a constant stream to clear, separate thoughts with a few seconds break in between each one. I found that when I started meditating regularly, my character improved dramatically. These days, I tend to sneak in a bastardized meditation whenever I can. I basically lay on the floor and let my thoughts slow down. Very relaxing until my wife comes in and asks me why the hell I'm lying on the floor when there are dirty dishes in the sink. From a substance perspective (and I know you're mainly asking here about non-substance advice), I've found Argyreia to be the plant most aligned to the meditative state. Whereas LSD visuals always used to lead me toward mental breakthroughs and "the bigger picture", Argyreia visuals seem to lead me toward having absolute stillness in my mind. Anyone else relate to that comparison?
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    I think what it comes down to Arieon, is that with the exception of a few individuals, the people on this forum are mature, understanding, spiritual people. You have demonstrated that you are the exception. I think it's clear that you are not wanted on this forum. You have broken so many taboos with your posts both here and in the bitches and gripes thread. What actually transpired between you and PD is irrelevant now. You have behaved like a turd and no one wants dog-shit on their shoes. Go home.
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    LOL ^^ at Chiral's post
  18. Rabaelthazar


    Yeah, Arieon, you did say you would leave the forums after your issue was resolved. You should stick to your word. Incognito seems to have become like Dumbeldore from Harry Potter. Gone, but to emerge in hours of need. Now, off to practice my expeliarum spells. I will need them when Arieon pounces from the shadows.
  19. Rabaelthazar

    First Flower

    Ha ha... whose quote is this, Chiral?
  20. Rabaelthazar

    Growing Salvia D Cuttings in Coir/Coco Fibre

    You can always edit your posts, to keep the original meaning but to remove to self-incrimination. Your first and second post are still up there for all to see, probably why they keep attracting the negative ratings. SWIM and FOAF and Gnome are all pretty transparent terms, and I'm sure any authority figures reading the forums would see right through them, but at least they bring a little discretion into the conversation. No need to be so obvious.
  21. Rabaelthazar

    Land Yabbies

    Yeah, looks like a balinese war mask or something.
  22. Rabaelthazar

    2 year old kid smokes 400 cigerettes a day !??!?!

    That's horrible