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  1. Jumpstarter

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    Excellent job mate! If these are still available I'll shoot over a PM, after some swiss brown
  2. Jumpstarter

    Total lunar eclipse to glow red across Australia

    A few I managed to get from 7pm to 10pm
  3. Jumpstarter

    OnePlus One Invite

    Hey all. I'm after a spare OnePlus One purchase invite if anyone has one available. http://oneplus.net/one Thank you. JS
  4. Jumpstarter

    How to remember all your passwords and keep them safe

    I like to use this little program - http://keepass.info/ Remember one password which protects the database and let it remember the rest. It also can generate passwords for you, to suit particular strengths.
  5. Jumpstarter

    Magic Mushroom Doco!!

    http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/247728707625/Magic-Mushrooms Now Available
  6. Jumpstarter

    Magic Mushroom Doco!!

    Available on SBS-On-Demand after the screening, so in case you miss it you can still watch it later.
  7. Jumpstarter

    NSW mushroom id !

    I'm no expert, but it kind of looks like Gerronema Postii
  8. Jumpstarter

    Hot chili pepper seeds giveaway!

    Yes Please!
  9. Jumpstarter

    ID please

    I'll give that a go, thanks Anodyne. JS
  10. Jumpstarter

    ID please

    Thanks for the info Tangich. It looks like the stem stains yellow at the base, similar to the picture on the wiki page. However I don't smell the 'ink' or 'chemical' scent, it smells like a store mushroom. Regardless, I'll advise on not eating the ones my father picked. Thanks again. JS
  11. Jumpstarter

    ID please

    My father found a few of these around his home hoping for them to be edible, and I left my ID book at my house. An ID would be greatly appreciated. I am making a spore print now to help with the ID. Thank you in advanced.
  12. Jumpstarter

    Budget headphone/earphone suggestions?

    Check this place out, they have a great range. http://headphones.com.au/ I have a pair of Audio Technica AD700 that I purchased from the above site. I really like them. Product list less than $100 - http://headphones.com.au/pbrowse?catID=1&price=range1