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  1. Rabaelthazar

    The Philosophy Discussion Thread!

    For me, it all starts with this: "The only thing I can know for certain is that I don't know". Does god exist? I can't be certain. Does the physical world exist? I can't be certain. Perhaps, or perhaps it's all a creation of my mind Do you guys exist? I can't be certain. Does my mind exist? Do I exist as who I experience myself to be? I can't be certain. Perhaps, or perhaps I'm a creation of some other consciousness... an artificial intelligence. Whatever the actual truth, “I” perceive myself to be existing in a physical world inhabited by other sentient beings. I can choose my thoughts and actions based on the perceived external factors at any given moment. Through my experiences, I have formulated a basic map of the way my thoughts and actions affect the external environment and therefore try to choose thoughts and actions that will result in the most harmonious effects.
  2. Rabaelthazar

    found some pills

    Sounds like a gardening supplement. Maybe water retention beads or something?
  3. Only by the definition of integer being a number from the set {-oo.... -2, -1, 0, 1, 2.....oo}. Although - I think that our mathematical understanding is limited by the fact that our counting system is based on integers. We have a discreet number of fingers, there are a discreet number of apples on the tree etc... and our counting system is based on this. Mathematical constants don't confom to our integer based system, so we either estimate in relation to our integer system (ie: pi can be notated as 3.14..... but will never be completely accurate or use a symbol in place to convey the fact that we can't accurately notate the number using our system. Perhaps there is a counting system we haven't yet discovered, not based on integers, where all the mathematical constants fit perfectly. Maybe? *edited for unclear language
  4. Rabaelthazar

    mermaids NSFW - NOT SAFE FOR WORK

    Not to take away from the mermaid porn (please keep it coming) - but the doco linked at the start was a pseudo-documentary from Animal Planet. Follow up to "Mermaids - The Body Found". Just in case anyone was thinking it was real. Now - more boobs please.
  5. Rabaelthazar

    Think it's over?...

    It's over, if only because of the way you're describing the relationship. Maybe it could work, but the emotion in your language makes me think that you've already reached the conclusion that it's done and dusted. Up to you whether you need closure - Me? I would be getting in touch to close things off neatly cos otherwise I'd be stewing on it for months. Others would rather just let it slide and deal with the loose ends. Your call. Best of luck.
  6. Rabaelthazar

    nth korea....

  7. Rabaelthazar

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Autumn!!!!

  8. Rabaelthazar

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Autumn!!!!

    Dear hippies, Thanks for a great day. Sharxx, Amz, Drifter and Ubza - good to see you again. Good to meet everyone else too. Thanks for the drink, Sharxx. That was very fine wine. Drifter, thanks for the cuttings. I really appreciate that.... most of my garden didn't survive my absence and thsi was one planyt I was definitely keen to get going again. Carl, thanks too for the brug and the pretty leaved succulent (I can't remember what it was called or used for, but it is very beautiful). Cheers again, all. It's been a while since I made a meet and Saturday was really enjoyable. I'll definitely try to make the next one.
  9. Rabaelthazar

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Autumn!!!!

    I'll try and make it. I'm not working and I'm not looking after kids. Could actually happen.
  10. Rabaelthazar

    Dynamo: magician impossible

    Yeah, I don't know about Dynamo. Kris Angel you could often see how tricks were performed with camera angles and associates. Dynamo - I haven't been able to figure out any of the things he does. Mobile phone into a glass bottle? He's so unassuming as well.... maybe he's actually the real deal and the illusion is that he makes us think it's an illusion. Hmmmm.
  11. Rabaelthazar

    Post a random picture thread

    Yeah, me too. It took me a little while to realise it's only 2 images in rotation?? I think at least. Really looks like he's moving in a continuous line.
  12. Rabaelthazar

    Seeing Plant Spirits...whilst sober

    Faces are everywhere. My favourite thing as a kid was watching the faces in my room. They were always happy and peaceful.... I see heaps of faces in your pics, Amz, and they're all beautiful. : )
  13. Rabaelthazar

    First attempts at scrimshaw

    If you can make some friends in organised crime, you might be able to find a reliable source of bone... they may even pay you to take it off their hands.
  14. Rabaelthazar

    Brighter than a full moon... The comet of the century

    Awww. That's so cute.
  15. Rabaelthazar

    Post a random picture thread

    Ahhh, lol at that first pic NegativeDave. ^^^