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  1. SunChaser

    Terence McKenna a CIA/FBI Agent?

    Think about it, there’s probably hundreds of thousands of depressed drug addict young people spread all around Australia, who have been shat on all there lives and who have nothing to really live for, filled with hate and rage and with complete contempt towards authority. Somebody should start recruiting them, make them feel like they belong to something by brainwashing them with LSD and ayahuasca, build an army and make an attempt to over throw the government. Not because of any ideological belief against society mind you, but just out of pure boredom. Probably on some list now that gets ya kidnapped off the street by some government agency that nobodies ever heard of, never to be seen again, lol.
  2. SunChaser

    So is anyone else into fitness? (bodybuilding, fat loss etc)

    sylvester stallone in Rambo 1 is my ideal body type, he looked mega fit and awesome. But by Rambo 3 he looks unnatural and kinda overweight (probably because he had to eat so much and lost that cut slim waist), imo.
  3. SunChaser

    So is anyone else into fitness? (bodybuilding, fat loss etc)

    Everyone’s different in what motivates them to get fit or look good. Don’t think it’s fair to say one ways right and the others wrong, or that one ways smart and the others dumb. I agree with you about naturally built lean definition being better than building bulk muscle from repetitive weight training. But personally I think good on anyone who has the dedication to build massive guns and a big bulky chest. Or if running on the treadmill to burn fat and get lean works better than building things or doing yoga then that’s all good too. Anyway, I'm staying out of this thread from now on, I have memories of others just like it that got really heavy and personal.
  4. SunChaser

    So is anyone else into fitness? (bodybuilding, fat loss etc)

    I get that all the time, at work I love just going harder than anyone else, even though I really don’t have to, just because it feels awesome to push myself. But then I can’t even think straight or have a conversation without constantly forgetting the word I’m looking for.
  5. SunChaser

    Post your track of the day

    "You know, technically, I'm not even really supposed to be here right now, So fuck it, might as well make the most of it." http://youtu.be/cjddzkJ7GpM
  6. SunChaser

    Breaking bad last season

    Walt may be what ever he is if you were looking at it from a realistic point of view. But from a kinda gangster rap fantasy perspective, he’s a brilliant genius and nothing short of an absolute legend! lol, what he managed to achieve is something that all of us little bitches could only ever dream of.
  7. According to the law it’s still incrimination, whether you point it out or not. Anyway, just saying for example ‘subtropical’ (or whatever your climate is), with details of the rainfall would easily solve the problem, would it not? Don’t want to start an argument, just pointing out that it isn’t the huge deal people have made it out to be.
  8. I really couldn’t care either way, but you can write your climate without divulging your actual location, as has been explained. lol, not to mention that even I know where most of the senior members live who don’t have a location in there profile, simply from reading past posts. So it’s futile anyway. Apart from that, it’s just paranoia when people don’t put their location in. Truth is, if the secret service (or whatever) had any interest in tracking you down to bust you for your lophs, then they can anyway. They don’t need your location in your profile. Not to mention that being on a site like this and being suspiciously secretive, ironically just makes you look like you have something to hide and there for more of a target than someone who has there location on there profile.
  9. SunChaser

    ancestor/natur worship vs main religions

    Yeah, sorry if I came off as doing that planthelper, but I was seriously just giving my honest opinion and asking the same hard questions of which I ask myself all the time. I suppose it's not really safe to get into an honest philosophy debate about religion/spirituality without offending peoples deep beliefs.
  10. Interesting. In the tropics I always walk around without a top and my tiny patch of chest hair basically stays light brown, although, probably does go much lighter. Then again, I’ve heard people be described as blonde haired, who were just as dark as my chest and leg hair, so suppose it comes down to what you would consider as ‘blonde’. Got to get over to Scandinavia one day before I die, purely just to observe the people where the whole blonde thing originated. Btw, some of those red heads that have been posted with that milky white skin, light eyes and flawless bodies are pretty damn sexy, I gotta say. Celtic heritage.
  11. SunChaser

    So is anyone else into fitness? (bodybuilding, fat loss etc)

    I’m all over the place with fitness and healthy eating. I get off the noids then start on a strict diet of veg, tofu, protein powder and raw eggs, then get on the dumb bells and do push ups, crunches and planks 3 times a day every second day with lots of walking (I hate running) on my off days, till I start looking cut. Then usually after a few weeks I think screw it, “who’ve I got to look good for”? Then I go hook up some noids and chill out to a some utube doco’s or whatever, get a major case of the munchies, order 2 custom made vegetarian pizzas and then BANG! Full-blown relapse. 2 weeks later I’m still doing basically stuff all every night getting china eyed and stuffing my face with shit. Then repeat step one. Yeah, whata gonna do, think I need a lady in my life to keep me in line, lol.
  12. Yeah, didn’t want say nothing, but that flips me out how red heads have red pubes. I have almost white blonde hair (especially in the summer), but down stairs is the same colour as my eyebrows, which is light brown, so I don't think it can be put down to sun exposure. All the chicks I’ve been with who where all blonde btw ( I 'love' blonde chicks) have been the exact same. Weird! Red heads I mean, lol.
  13. SunChaser

    Drugs sold as 'food' exempt under new laws in Aus

    ^^^There’s no market for it, so I doubt you’d ever find it happening on a large scale. That’s why people take the risk of carrying around a bulky bag of stinking erb, rather than infusing it into undetectable cannabutter. Most people are looking for something they can smoke, pop, snort or shoot when buying drugs.
  14. SunChaser

    Drugs sold as 'food' exempt under new laws in Aus

    These remote communities you talk about currently already have full access to illegal drugs. It may go dry every once in a while, but that does not have any kind of positive effect. It just raises the prices of these drugs to even more outrages prices, which just creates even more poverty, domestic violence, broken families and crime in general in these already extremely poverty stricken communities. Plus, if you’d actually been though these communities and seen all the people with amputated limbs and full blown brain damage from sniffing cheap and easily accessible petrol, then how could you not come to the conclusion that allowing them easier access to there yandi or whatever wouldn’t be a positive thing? Anyway, I don’t think anyone in their right mind is proposing to just legalise all drugs like tobacco and alcohol and make it a free for all. Though, in a sane world cannabis would be fully legalised and sold in shops to people over 18 just like alcohol, you’d also be able to grow your own like you can currently brew your own beer. This in itself would save thousands of young teenagers from developing a serious drug habit at a very young age, I remember as a 13 year old kid, my friends and I were always amused of the irony that we could always easily score weed, but it was always a huge stuff around hooking up a few cigarettes for the mix. Legalising cannabis would also be a massive blow to organised crime, since cannabis is such a huge industry and is where they make most of their money. Vulnerable non-violent people would also not constantly have there lives destroyed by being dragged though the criminal justice system (which costs the tax payers a fortune, if nothing else) and the mentally ill would no longer be refused treatment because they use illegal drugs, which would have a massive positive effect on society in general. Heroin and meth would obviously be available to addicts only by prescription from a doctor. These drugs are not much different to some of the pharmaceuticals that are already available, except for the stigma that’s attached to them and the fact that addiction is not usually considered a valid reason to prescribe them. Doing that would at least automatically kill the illegal heroin trade, since drug dealers don’t make their money from recreational heroin users. It would also turn addicts from criminals to patients overnight and would also give the government an idea into how, why and where people are using these drugs so they can better allocate funds for harm reduction and create far better health outcomes. Just imagine how much the general crime rate would drop, if meth and heroin addicts where able to get there fix at a pharmacy with a healthcare card and not be forced to source ridiculous amounts of money to get themselves even. Stimulants would be available in liquid form, from nightclubs and at festivals, as would ecstasy in pill form. That would at least kill those illegal trades to at least to the same level as say, the illegal tobacco industry and create huge harm minimisation outcomes for young people & society as a whole and would be a massive relief on the courts and criminal justice system, freeing them up to deal with property & violent crimes much more effectively. Then hallucinogens like LSD & DMT would be available at specialised clubs, with relaxed atmospheres and specially trained psychologists on hand. Obviously, ‘all’ plants would be legal to grow for personal use. There you go, problem solved! It doesn’t take a genius, just a little bit of logical thought and not getting your mind all confused and held down by social stigmas. It would also free up massive amounts of funds to deal with the negative effects that are currently already occurring from drug use and allow the government to concentrate on dealing with actual crime, making society a safer and better place to live in general.
  15. SunChaser

    ancestor/natur worship vs main religions

    @Sallyd, I’m not draining anything from you, I merely responded to your feebleminded attempts at poking holes in my argument. Seriously dude, your egotistic delusions about it all being about you is the only thing I can see that’s sad in this thread, get over yourself! Other than that, your last post is not much better than the first and there for not really worth addressing, considering that people who are religious or have strong spiritual ideologies are among the most greediest on earth and are responsible for basically every mass murder to ever occur.