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    cactus seed giveaway

    Glug, glug, glug, I drink that sludge. Chuch, chuck, chuck, there goes my lunch. Wirl, wirl, twirl, a kaleidoscope. Down, down, around, in a void less hope. Groan, squirm, retch, I think I'm dying. On the breeze i hear,"to yourself your lying." Laugh, cry, and see the new thing growing. Now, it's part of me, this child of knowing.
  2. Crop

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

    I don't have any of the links, however it is my understanding that it is illegal to force you to take any form of medication. They can however make it conditional. So for instance, if you want to enter the state you will be required to volunteer to take the vaccine. Personally I don't think there is any need, isn't it only something like 65% coverage needed for herd immunity? Easy numbers without coercion. I think the biggest problem with a vaccine is with a least 30 different strains of this virus already, a vaccine isn't going to be good for anything much, other than making money. The research budget would be better spent on something more practical, like a quick, accurate.test. There are already plenty of effective treatment options. I find it strange that at this stage of a pandemic, there is still no accurate test.
  3. Crop

    Caapi cutback?

    Yeah mate, chop when ever it gets out of hand. Dosen't matter time of year in the tropics. Be as aggresive as you want, it'll come back in no time.
  4. I wouldn't mind playing with one of these flow hives. Briliant engineering based on a commercial egg cracking machine. Definatly good for the bees in some ways. However I think there is something in the plastic thing. Here I gave my bees a choice. I placed a bit of plastic foundation in the middle, with a paddle pop stick on each side. As you can see given the choice bee's would rather go to all the effort of building their comb from scratch than use plastic.
  5. Human urine, from a healthy diet, is amazing free organic fert for vegetative growth.
  6. Looking for caupuri cuts, cash or trade. Also Banisteriopsis muricata.
  7. Mate that sounds like an offer.
  8. Crop

    Kava in australia?

    Big pharma are all over it. Can buy capsules over the counter at most chemists.
  9. Mate great work. Been doing gardening as part of our youth development program for about 5 years. Don't overlook foolproof, drought hardy food plants, native or otherwise. Kids relate to food. Sorry your in the wrong place for my natives to be much good to you.
  10. Crop

    Cloning with Aloe Vera gel

    Interesting. Apparently also contains auxins and gibberellins, not sure if in useful amounts.
  11. Crop

    Post your track of the day

    If ya haven't seen it yet, check out this incredibly powerful clip. This is why Oz Hip Hop is dominating that genre.
  12. Crop

    Hoja Santa tea?

    Sounds good. Highly invasive, if your somewhere warm and wet enough.
  13. Yeah, our culture does like to pigeon hole things. Never the less some do taste better, some have other problems. Horse is usually on the lean side. It drys easily, so is less versatile or at least requires more skill when preparing. Donkey and I hear cat, stink. Dog also has a distinctive smell. If your growing your own, it's easy to get attached to some. I try to make the breeders pets and call the rest Tbone. Doesn't always work. Sometimes I think an intelligent animal, like a pig or whale, is more likely to know what is happening at the end. There for, feel fear. Probably more important is how it's raised and killed. What do you think would be better for the animal? Farmed or sustainable wild harvest? Obviously nothing rare. Wild harvest is usually a faster more humane end, quality of life varies a lot though. Again depends how its done. Think of a terrified, desperate fish, being dragged by an invisible cord, tied to a sharp piece of metal, stuck through its lip. That is incredibly cruel. Yet is all but, universally accepted. That's a great point. As has already been pointed out, this could be expanded to whale or maybe even farmed elephant. large scale commercial whaling has already been shown to be unsustainable. However is it ethical to waste a beached whale carcass? There is more to the cow vs chicken question. Some animals, like pigs and chickens are more efficient at producing protein. They use less resources, are better for the environment. Marsupials are incredibly efficient. Small critters like chickens, quail, fish, rabbits or bandicoots, also compact the ground less and if properly managed have less impact on waterways. They can also be kept at home by more people, even if they don't have a lot of space and can more easily fit into an integrated polycuture farming system. I think the most environmentally sound systems of producing food.
  14. Mate just pointing out that designing your test for something like this, may not be as easy as you think. Your welcome to solve the problems I presented.
  15. I have experienced both Zool's " indirectly" as well as some of what Glaukus is talking about. Don't forget about empaths. Taken to a high level would be far nicer than simply knowing what they are thinking. I don't know. I recon with a substance induced event, the testing process itself would influence the trip so much it would skew the data. Additionally for me, these sort of things are rare and happen organically.
  16. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Mate I love your optimism. Bill did have a lot of the solutions. I think there is still a couple of big problems. One is greed and the power that can come from that. Perhaps some sort of cap on wealth, so that individuals or company's can never become more powerful than, nations of people. Then there is the nations them selves. Both nations and for that matter, politicians, are really obsolete in a digital world. Every one could simply vote on every major issue, via an app on their phone. No politicians, no lobbyists, no middlemen at all. True, direct democracy.
  17. Average Joe, I know where you are at all too well. Exercise helps a lot. Music too. So does socializing.I know it is probably the last thing you feel like, but give it a go. Talking to people on here is good. Best is getting out and having some face to face. Mate pm me any time you want a chat, would help me too.
  18. Crop

    Quit cigs

    I think Phil Load hit the nail on the head. You have to make the decision 100%. I tried many times. It was't till my first child was born that I got serious. We were travailing India with our new baby. I had several spiritual - drug induced experienced telling me now was the time. I went to an Ayurvedic doctor to see if he could help. He gave me a couple of cartons of herbal cigs, they seemed to reduce the cravings dramatically. The list of herbs in them was extensive, but about 50% was sun flower leaves. When we got back to Oz I bought a poach of rollies at the airport. My mum was growing sunflowers, which I chopped up and added to the poach as it went down. It started mostly tobacco but before long started to go the other way. That was over 20 years ago. I have never bought another cig. It was incredibly easy. Not sure if that was because the sunflower leaves or simply making the decision final. Good luck mate.
  19. Crop

    Seedling heat mat

    I'm off grid so I just put mine on top of the inverter, or hot water system, even some fridges get warm on top. Not exactly high tec but it works. Mind you its not real cold here.
  20. Crop

    5 Days Until MUSHROOM DAY !

    Definitely envy city folk when this sort of thing comes up. Wait up, I'll just have a look outside at the forest....all right I'm over it now.
  21. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Sorry mate, didn't mean to come across so harsh. I agree with the free speech stuff. Right up to the point where that speech starts to infringe on someone else's human rights.
  22. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    That would probably solve a lot.
  23. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    A lot of laws are pretty stupid but the human rights have been thought out pretty well. While this fella is getting paid millions to chase a ball around. I work with a lot of children and families who are dealing with child suicide. Try and imagine a 14 year old boy who just happens to of been born gay. Now this hypothetical boy was also born into a strict christian family. Mate I find all this superstition bizarre, yet there are a lot of people who take all this heaven and hell stuff seriously. Now imagine this boys biggest hero is some meathead footballer who doesn't have enough grey matter to know when to keep his bigotry to him self. Do you see where I am going? This sort of shit is incredibly common. Personally think sports people as role modals is just asking for trouble.
  24. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Mate I certainly don't care, you seem to though. Like I said this seems to be a contractual dispute. I don't know how gender neutrality comes in to it. I was talking about international human rights and Australian law. You do realise freedom of speech is not law in Australia? Though it is implied in article 19 of international human rights. Article 14 covers peoples rights to be free from discrimination. Some people argue that they conflict, however no human right can overturn another. Put simply this overpaid jock can cry all he likes. His right to free speech can never overturn someones right to live free from discrimination. That is unless there is local laws that overrides human rights. In this case a signed contract he knowingly broke. Are you arguing that because he is famous he should not be bound by the same laws or even by basic human rights?
  25. Crop

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Freedom of speech is always going to be debatable. It's a double edged sword. On one side you have someones right to say what ever they like regardless of how it effects others. On the other, you have someones right to live free of discrimination and persecution simply based on someone else's opinion. I agree with Glaukus though. This footy fellas case doesn't seem to have much to do with freedom of speech. No one has silenced him. He is still saying the same stuff now. However in doing so he has breached a commercial contract, along with the terms of agreement from that funding thingo. if he ends up in court for breaking the Australian law of 'inciting hatred' then we might get some freedom of speech debate going, but I think he would loose that one too. Not just because of what he said, it's more to do with how large his platform is.