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  1. groovedude

    Hoja Santa tea?

    sounds like a plan :-) Many thanks
  2. groovedude

    Hoja Santa tea?

    Dang. I wonder about some type of tincture? Thanks :-)
  3. groovedude

    Hoja Santa tea?

    Wondering if anyone has heard of or tried making a tea from Hoja Santa (Piper Auritum)? Wondering if it would be similar to the effects of Sassafras root bark tea? Hoping I could use it as tea and in root beer instead of sass root bark which is hard to find. thanks all
  4. groovedude

    Loph williamsii var. Texana for trade

    Hi mate, would you consider selling some L.Williamsii Tex seed? Thanks
  5. groovedude

    WTB Sassafras Albidum seeds

    Thanks, I will also let you know if I find any :-)
  6. Thanks, I would have def paid that for this cacti!
  7. groovedude

    WTB Sassafras Albidum seeds

    Hi Jester, If you do find any could you let me know? I am having trouble getting any and not sure about importing legality etc. I am hoping to do root beer
  8. For future reference (hope I'm not being rude in asking) what sort of price should one expect to pay for something like this? Thanks!
  9. groovedude

    Seeds wanted; L.Williamsii, Sass

    Hi folks. I am seeking seed for Lophophora Williamsii preferably var. Texana, but will consider all type. Also seeking seed or plant of Sassafras Albidum. Will pay dollars. Thankyou!
  10. groovedude

    S.Albidum, Red Khat, Hoja Santa wanted

    Hey guys, I am after seed or cuttings of Sassafras Albidum and also cuttings for Red Khat. I would also be keen on Hoja Santa (spelling?) the so called 'root beer plant', seed or plant/cutting. Many thanks for your time Cheers.
  11. groovedude

    Large red leaf catha edulis

    Hi mate, Would delivery be possible at all? I know thats probably a dumb question, but thought I'd check. Cheers
  12. groovedude

    Piper Auritum for Bris Trade:)

    Hi miss meandor, would you be keen to sell some of this plant? Cheerio
  13. groovedude

    Mushroom hunting on Mid North Coast

    Thanks buddy :-) Found a cluster of giant mushrooms today, one near the size of a dinner plate! Not sure what they are, but still awesome
  14. groovedude

    Mushroom hunting on Mid North Coast

    Hey guys. Not sure if this is the correct space so apologies if its wrong. I am looking for someone who might like to go looking for mushrooms in Coffs Harbour area? I am basically an amateur and also don't know where I can go that is not private land. Keen to take pictures etc. Cheers
  15. groovedude

    Fresh finds today :-)

    thanks Berengar! I did think they looked like photos I ahd seen of parasols. These were everywhere, unfortunately did not have permission to go beyond the side of the road; private land etc. Went for another drive today and found a massive cluster of big mushrooms, slightly peach colur and some nearly as big as a dinner plate. Will chuck photos up later.