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  1. ghosty

    SAB personality test... dare!

    I'm sus on any site that wishes to gain my data. or try to in any way profile me. where does my info end up? nothing is anonymous. no thanks.
  2. ah croplife.. (killlife). a company that has caused death, health issues and retardation right around the world. very much so in the america's. We can see they are already coming up with bullshit to feed the people. A 1.5 million dollar industry, well, thats worth more than the lives of people isnt it?? with outright lies such as this ""The existence of levies and or application fees paid by companies are not relevant or taken into consideration when the APVMA looks at the scientific basis of any review activity," it said." NOTHING is going to change. at all. ever. not here at least. they are already downgrading the dangers with this stuff to justify it's continued use. Naturally, the medical boards will be working to cover up / displace those harmed by this stuff. "no evidence to suggest serious illness XYZ caused by products XYZ." etc etc. seen it all before. almost every week for my whole life. hmm, might be time to put together a "tv documentary" to help people understand that this stuff, despite peoples concerns, and mounting genuine evidence to the contrary is "safe" to use. we will have to wait till xmass though to ensure most will be so head-fark'd from celebrational drinks, that they will be more likely to believe it.
  3. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    hmm, thinking.. you have power in the fridge, you want fast tap action, wonder about electronic tap? solenoid's anyone? I pour my beer with my foot operated electric tap, don't know about you.. oh, and why not.. add some lights too
  4. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    I often see system lines (feed / return lines) running down on angle in side of clean back fridge's. I have seen condenser in side wall (in fact, i think my current fridge is that way too) but often hidden under / back. Newer defrost types can have loads more "shit" in them too, again, often in back. It's one of those things, you have to just accept some risk. though not much as those lines are normally farkin tough! (well until the evap, so, say, one weaker line) don't know how you go so far as to drill into or cut it myself. anyhow, end of the day, it's nothing that cant be welded and regassed if the fridge is high cost. just do it!
  5. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    good question matey, There are many types of fridges with all kinds of designs. mostly to provide the biggest internal space with the smallest external size. To achieve this, your dead-on, you will find a vast array of different ways folks have battled this issue. This leads to some interesting cooling system designs indeed to hide evap and condenser coils and lines all round the darn thing. they COULD be aluminium but more like they'd be copper coated steel so you could use stud finder etc. There are 2 ways I'd approach such delema. this depends on your overall idea for the modification's your after. 1/ Drill hole into side while keeping it shallow. only let few mm of drill tip inside (insert drill into chuck far down or use cable tie etc.). Then pick into it / push through screwdriver etc. to see if you hit anything (generally, on a line or two goes through the side, no coils as such, inspect you fridge and see what you can tell). Feel round in circle inside the wall of the fridge, scrapping away with screwdriver (or other pointy thing) to see if you have much room or any obstructions.. continue. or 2/ The simple way if installing a shelf and splash-back board, mark a box the width of all your taps lines etc. and some 2 inch up and down more than you need for your hose / fitting access on the side where you want you shelf / taps to be (normally some 900 high) and cut into it carefully with a thin metal disk, removing the sheet metal. viewing you "sparks" as you cut in order to guage how deep you are and keep pace on your cutting to avoid going to deep. then push into it in proposed tap locations, moving them if need be. In the side, normally as said, should expect 2 lines but not always some there. once you are dealing with internal expanded foam, you can see better, and you covering over with a back-board. so, pick away The lines inside should be very tough, you shouldnt easy break them, and they will be felt through a drill as the only other thing your drilling then, is soft foam. The lines, i find are normally about middle of foam. Imagine how the fridge is set-up and injected with expanding foam, to keep wall thickness thin, and no lines rattling / wearing on the external or internal surfaces that would annoy purchasers, they would keep the lines as close to middle as practical / possible. If you feel you might have coils in side, keep fridge on and fell for temp. or drill holes to explore inside here n there. as they'd be simple to close over neat if you find that rare occasion, you have removed wrong side lol. The outside will not be much issue, the inside however will have to be sealed so keep you exploring, to the outside of fridge. thats bout it i recon.
  6. "Hemp is non-drug cannabis" say whah? I did not know there was "drugs" in cannabis! who puts it in there?? crist... I'll have to stop it now then.. gee I thought it was just a plant.. A harmless little cuddley wuddley plant. I must say, to hear it has "drugs" in it is upsetting. I honestly didn't know. I'm glad there is a "drug" free cannabis. is that legal? if it's free of drugs (that i didn't know it had) then why does she need a license to grow it?? umm.. this world is farked.
  7. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    That's the spirit . If you get stuck on fittings to connect hoses etc. american ebay under "sanitary parts" should sort you out. that's my method of madness, lol. Oh, dont know if you intend to take lines through the door, or the side of the fridge. I'd go through the side myself. Think, the side of a fridge is a blank canvass to your drink station.
  8. cant help with the virola. but, What an awesome photo of the amazonian milk frogs! Thank you for that.
  9. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    you can (but nobody does) do that here too. you have the right to refuse such a pour. i found heaps of stainless fast open lever type beer taps for 10-20 bucks AU. they have short mounts but thats no problem is it.. just rivet a nice plate out from the fridge a bit to mount them onto and run you line through and into it. make a nice little hardwood shelf to sit ya beers on too while your at it. there is also many "sanitary parts" that you could use in addition. but, like any parts worth buying you wont find them in australia... trust me on this. i have been building world first tech for more than 27 years, and i can NEVER find a single bloody part here. EVER. realy, any tap will do, it's just a matter of playing with pressures and learing how best to use "your system".
  10. ghosty

    Beer Taps

    too dear at keg king.. well, why dont you buy them off-shore? that way you will pay about 1/5th the price (actual retail). any food grade tap 316 stainless will work fine. it's beer man, it's not complex. the amount of "foam" you get will depend on the pressures used, line thickness etc. (looking at "keg king" i see many of theirs are chrome plated brass (contains lead) and if your like me, you have come to learn that chrome plating will NOT uniformly cover the inside of parts, under standard chrome plating methods) thus, any old bath taps will be the same (health wise) as many of the keg kings cheap (shit) taps. obviously mounting the tap through the fridge is a no brainer.
  11. ghosty

    New Australian Note Designs Are Coming

    hmm... hope they have changed, and ironically, matured a bit by now. The $100.00 note i find horrid. has a real Burma look to it =( Don't care for any of em myself, as they stood way back then anyhow. And, whose idea i wonder was the text boxes for Australia? LOL. LOL. Umm... NO thanks. More curiously, does anyone here have any designs they would like to see as our notes? somebody should take the market and produce "wattle" t-shirts. cant find any. might be some good money in it. I'd do it myself but got too many projects at this time. I'd buy one for national wattle day (and other days).
  12. ghosty

    New Australian Note Designs Are Coming

    LOL why oh why does that remind me of the movie "idiocracy"? kinda funny.
  13. ghosty

    Rootstock size .....matters

    Thanks, but i already got a genuine reply. Although it's always nice to see others make inplications of me being cruel to a cactus in the name of new art forms =) thanks.