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  1. G Dawg

    Hemp seed

    Have used the hemp flour and hemp protein in bread and pancakes which tastes good but makes the bread a lot more crumbly. Not sure about the unhulled seeds but looking to try some out
  2. G Dawg

    Frog feeding help

    I used to use small moths from the garden for my baby geckos and also springtails. Easiest thing though is to buy baby wood roaches or even easier to breed your own.
  3. G Dawg

    Free Galphimia glauca

    Seeds arrived today. Cheers Alchemica
  4. G Dawg

    Free Galphimia glauca

    Hey Alchemica would love some seed.
  5. G Dawg

    List of Ethnobotany Forums

  6. G Dawg

    catha edulis

    There have been a few different varieties of khat in WA. I managed to get vw and narrow leafed before moving which did well, so there is no reason why they are still not available. There are many different ethnos in WA, just a matter of finding them.
  7. G Dawg

    Amanita pics

    Just a couple of Amanita pics from the ACT
  8. G Dawg

    Amanita pics

    was in a rush and have dialup so they are a bit small took them last weekend in cork plantation
  9. G Dawg

    Ferraria bulb roots as a entheogen?

    they are dormant during middle to late summer and grow winter/spring
  10. This has a basic picture of the idea http://www.plant.uoguelph.ca/research/biot...loid/anther.htm As far as I can remember anthers from a diploid plant are haploid so the resulting plants would be haploid ( generally ) because no fertilization has occured. [ 02. July 2004, 23:47: Message edited by: garret ]
  11. G Dawg

    Pedro for sale ( WA only)

    Just moving within at the moment. Got a few specimens in the ground at another place so it's enabled me to cull a few plants before I move.
  12. Have 2 san pedro for sale Both are 3 to 4 ft tall, with 1 and 3 pups respectively. Also another unknown trich. Any reasonable offer accepted as I can't move them with me. PM me if anyone interested.
  13. G Dawg

    p.somniferum seeds wanted.

    I have a couple of types if your interested. I also have some selfed and backcrossed seeds from my Paoeny/Persian white cross that I did last year. Later.
  14. G Dawg

    best way to cut sally's hair?

    Most of my collecting was done when preparing cuttings. Would end up with many dishes of drying leaves. The plant got quite tall and heavy so it required stakeing to support it. My advice would be to selectively pick mature leaves only if possible ( some leaves I picked would have been close to 6 - 12 months old ) Also start new plants frequently because they do tend to deteriorate once they have got to a couple of years. My gnomes sally is a shadow of it's former self, I just hope that people who got cuttings off her are freely passing them around as my gnome is no longer in a position to do so. May she see freedom from persecution again Later.
  15. G Dawg


    A gnome that I once knew ate ten seeds on 2 separate occassions ( same seed ). The first time was fairly mild with mainly extreme happiness while the second outing produced fairly intense effects and a toxic feeling the next day. The gnomes friend felt extremally sick and thought they were dying. Seeds on both occasions were prepared the same way I am told. Later.
  16. G Dawg

    swapping poppy seeds

    yep, all seeds were dark except for one plant which had creamy white seeds and the capsules were semi dehiscent.
  17. G Dawg

    cacti flowers.

    [This message has been edited by garret (edited 12 November 2002).]
  18. G Dawg

    cacti flowers.

    Only if the parent was self fertile to begin with.
  19. G Dawg

    cacti flowers.

    cheers, I have a spare pup if your interested. The pollination attempt didn't work but will hopefully have some differrent ones flowering next year.
  20. G Dawg

    cacti flowers.

    It's another of my unknowns. All I know about it is that I bought 2 that looked similar but one was white flowered and the other supposedly red (hasn't flowered ). One is upright while the other has more of a clumping nature, possibly the white. They have a mature specimen of the clumping type where I got it so will get a pic next time I'm there. Cheers for fixing the pics.
  21. G Dawg

    cacti flowers.

    smart ass I have tried pollinating it with a red flowering epiphyllum/christmas cactus type so will see if it sets seeds. I read somewhere that trichs, epiphyllum etc, and such are sometimes compatable so worth a shot.
  22. G Dawg

    Mexican Poppy

    I haven't managed to get mexicana to germinate, although I probably haven't tried too hard. The only difference I know of is the flower colour ( platyceras are white ) Did a bit of sampling in the first year I grew it but haven't tried it since so I can't say what the effects are compared to mexicana.
  23. G Dawg

    Mexican Poppy

    Was that the Argemone platyceras seed I sent you. I am still chopping the plant out so this species is pretty hardy and will regrow from the roots no matter how vicious you are with it.
  24. G Dawg

    unknown trich 2

    Cheers for the names. Next time I see the guy I bought it off I'll run them by him and see if he can remember waht he got it as.