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  1. Spring Gyms

    hey bro would it be possible for you to upload the original of 'Untitled_Panorama1 copy.jpg'? I really wanna set it as my desktop picture! Thanks for the awesome pics!!
  2. Where am I?!?!

  3. Where am I?!?!

    hahaha I had to trim the right side of it otherwise it would've been too easy! I browsed Google images for 'arts centre with clock tower' until I found a picture that looked similar
  4. Where am I?!?!

    Southport in the UK! [img]http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/2666/28whereami1.jpg[/img]
  5. Where am I?!?!

    Damn you bush turkey! I worked it out but i couldn't find a place to add! That photo's a bit small, do you have a bigger one?
  6. travel to ega

    [quote name='Bread Filter' timestamp='1318502622' post='327167'] Have your tent erecting skills improved any? [/quote] Hahahahaha bread filter!! i don't know why but that made me laugh so hard!! Sorry to hear you lost your license Incog!
  7. IRC chat room.

    So is anyone going to come online anytime soon? I haven't seen anyone come online!? Although then again, I've only been idling in there for 48 hours
  8. Mushrooms of Romania

    [quote name='klip247' timestamp='1312662679' post='317091'] tripsis: just another month then ill be heading back home! Today me and a relative went for a quick look around to see if we can find some edibles, it ended up turning into a full blown hunt with us gathering up to 4 kilos worth of boletes, unfortunately we didnt bring any bags with us so I took off my t-shirt and used that to carry around the harvest. We planned to go again tomorrow visiting some other spots, we hope to find some more... this time with a few plastic bags on hand. [img]http://lulzimg.com/i24/95b68b.jpg[/img] [/quote] Hey bro do you have a larger sized version of this pic?! I'd love to use it as my wallpaper
  9. How do you feel?

    This song sums it up. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U6vH3LNxYo[/media]
  10. torrent invites

    our data limits SUCK in Australia, Although TPG has some good deals going pretty cheap. If you've got bad ratios, invest in a seedbox or vps and seed something popular for a solid month. I guarantee you'll never have to worry about your ratio ever again!
  11. Better yet, use one of those Woolworths pre-paid Mastercards. They cost $3 and you can put any amount on them, up to $1000. No extra card charges or anything from there either. But i suppose if your using TOR your probably the skeptical type and probably aren't doing much shopping online anyway.
  12. IRC chat room.

    aww i totally missed out on writing some python, didn't i?! ahh well at least we got some irc going!! I'll be camped out permanently in there
  13. hey guys been awhile since I've been on here. I'm in need of some high quality caffeine powder. I can offer the usual cash or trade for something from my garden
  14. The myth on virdis seeds being hard to germinate is a load of shit! I forgot about some seeds i had, found them 3 months later and thought ill give them ago anyway. And i am so glad i did this as i came home 6 weeks later to find 9 of the 12 i had germinated!! I did nothing special for them either, just added a teaspoon's worth of bleach to a cup of water, soaked the seeds for 20 minutes, gave them a quick rinse and then soaked them in a normal cup of water for 24 hours. then the next day i filled a tall take-away container with cheap coir mix, nuked it for close to 5 minutes in the microwave, took the lid off and let it cool off till it was warm and than buried them about half a centimetre deep, flat side down. I put the lid on tight, didnt make any holes in the lid and left them on a propagation mat. It's as simple as that!!! Domt be afraid to give it a go! The trick is to just let them be. Anyway i've kind've rambled on a bit here but hpofully someone will get something out of it
  15. No opt-out web filtering

    Update please anyone? I just spent a whole hour and half reading this thread!!