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  1. mr b.caapi

    My first lopho 2 pereskiopsis grafts.

    Wow ! now THAT is an epic bump !
  2. mr b.caapi

    When caapi flowers? and is it self pollinating?

    Yeh righto, Oh well , i guess I should just be grateful that it even grows at all where I am.
  3. mr b.caapi

    When caapi flowers? and is it self pollinating?

    Have any Sandgropers had one flower in Perth ? I have a decent size 10 + year old Cielo , but I have never had any luck with it blooming.
  4. mr b.caapi

    Some cactus pics from around the garden

    Beautiful Cacti mate, nice pics.
  5. mr b.caapi


    I bought one too....I was wondering the same thing. Nice looking Cacti.
  6. mr b.caapi

    CBD oil?

    Rev !! How the hell are ya..... ? Great to see ya mate.
  7. mr b.caapi

    Amanita muscaria in WA??

    Would love some samples for testing if anyone has some dried to spare must be sterile for a lab enviroment...
  8. mr b.caapi

    Post your track of the day

  9. mr b.caapi

    P. som seed varieties giveaway

    please !
  10. mr b.caapi

    six years later and i'm back

    Welcome back !
  11. mr b.caapi

    Free Lobelia cardinalis seed

    Yeh fair call. Nothing wrong with being too careful .Seeds are usually ok though. Unless banned or listed as a weed edit: and upon further research it turns out that you are doing the right thing as these plants are in fact listed as potential invasive species in W.A
  12. mr b.caapi

    Free Lobelia cardinalis seed

    No seed to W.A ? I can understand your stance on sending live plant material to W.A or TAS, but no seed is a bit extreme ? Is it a weed in these states ?
  13. mr b.caapi

    Brugmansia ( Double pink )

  14. mr b.caapi

    Brugmansia ( Double pink )

    Hey all, just chasing cuttings if anyone has these...
  15. Or Perilla Frutescens ?