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  1. mr b.caapi


  2. mr b.caapi


    Well why didnt you just say what you were after ! Instead of leaving us all guessing.. Its pretentious to assume we are mind readers here. jeez.
  3. mr b.caapi


    I think he’s after the precursor bark have you considered Rue AD?
  4. Heres a nice "Blue" that I grew from seed a few years back.. .
  5. mr b.caapi

    Hardening off cacti seedlings

    Jeez. That comment is obviously still funny after 15 years...
  6. mr b.caapi

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Yeh, sorry to see that mate. I think blood and bone on natives is actually ok in small amounts but my general rule with natives is dont fertilize them at all.
  7. mr b.caapi

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    Natives dont like chemical / manufactured fertilizers, specifically ones that are high in phosphorous. If there was a chance that these were exposed to that kind of fertilizer due to "run off" then i'd say this is your issue.
  8. mr b.caapi

    Salvia D

    This is almost like a boxing day sale line up...
  9. Armatocereus Laetus was used as an entheogen.
  10. mr b.caapi

    Salvia D

    Yeh I can imagine we could use the super duper record breaking ones such as the Carolina Reaper for worm control. It wouldnt just get rid of the worm it would get rid of the whole intestine !