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  1. mr b.caapi

    Brugmansia ( Double pink )

    Hey all, just chasing cuttings if anyone has these...
  2. mr b.caapi

    Banisteriopsis Caapi Plants

    What strain are these ?
  3. mr b.caapi


    Its like Unicorn shit.....
  4. mr b.caapi

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    Righto guys, following Sharxx' more than generous last couple of comps I am following suit. Post a pic of your favourite succulent ( No cacti ) Photo with the most votes wins a 15 cm Tip cut of " Cliff " ( Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis) ) < Sorry ! I know, preaching to the choir, but ya never know. Entries close on the 18th of January. P.S Aussies only.
  5. mr b.caapi


    Here is hoping man ! Here is hoping......
  6. mr b.caapi

    High Thujone Absinthe

    And did it fix your cough ?
  7. mr b.caapi

    Tricho ???

    Scop x Pach ?
  8. mr b.caapi

    Cactus Smile

    I forgot about that bloke swinging the Cereus around
  9. mr b.caapi

    Post your track of the day

  10. mr b.caapi

    Trades/Sales from Australian sellers/growers.

    I have a couple of Brugs and would be interested in a swap for other types mate. I have a beautiful double white and a couple of seed grown pinks, but Ive been after a double pink for a while if you can help.
  11. mr b.caapi

    B.caapi dropped 85% of its leaves, HELP! :(

    Awsome ! Good to hear mate.
  12. mr b.caapi


    I drank it regulary around 30 years ago, I didnt notice any benefits but enjoyed it all the same. I stopped using after a report was released about potential liver damage. I continued to drink alcohol but.. go figure.
  13. mr b.caapi

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    lol ffs ... my attempt to add ecitment is real bad.....
  14. mr b.caapi

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    And the crowd go's wild !!!!
  15. mr b.caapi

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    Well the comp winner is Sayn or Fzygy... Both on a super Tiebreaker ! the Comp was hot.... Everyone is holding their breath .... The first one to respond to me PM wins !
  16. mr b.caapi

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    Jeez this comp is really tight !!
  17. mr b.caapi

    B.caapi dropped 85% of its leaves, HELP! :(

    Growing various / specific plants is a learning curve mate, we have all been through it havnt we. Let me know how you go, I can pass a new one your way .
  18. mr b.caapi

    B.caapi dropped 85% of its leaves, HELP! :(

    Caapi are quite forgiving . You may have to cut it back a bit, give it a real good watering. I reckon it will be o.k
  19. Has anyone seen or heard from Auxin lately ? I need to get in touch with him. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. mr b.caapi

    Salvia divinorum

    Pisses me of hearing these stories, sorry to hear that Boof , I hope you can get sorted.
  21. mr b.caapi

    TPM Terminator

    Yeh , I thought it was "Sausage " when I first looked...
  22. HaHa yep , Danish flag is the only one i can I.D .
  23. mr b.caapi

    Quotes of the day.

    "Patience is the mother of Gertrude" - Mr B.Caapi circa 1985 while playing Wonderboy ( Cloud stage )