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  1. trichojester

    T. Peruvianus mid cuts

    I do sorry it's not letting upload them unfortunately I'll try and pm them to you
  2. trichojester

    T. Peruvianus mid cuts

    Hey guys I have 3 mid cuts (30cm each) of my beautiful peruvianus that I'm having to let go, I asking $25 a piece. Pick up preferred I'm near burpengary qld but I'm willing to post at buyers expense. P.s I also have a 180cm acacia maidenii sapling if anyone interested pm me
  3. trichojester

    Trichocereus cactus seeds

    I'll take one of the CF2 please
  4. trichojester

    Any columnar trich & khat

    Pm sent
  5. trichojester

    Bridgesii seed giveaway CLOSED

    I'd love some pls Humboldt
  6. trichojester

    all done

    What sizes do you have mate?
  7. trichojester

    N.rustica seeds giveaway (ended)

    Lol ill take some more if thats ok mate i want to get quite a few growing
  8. trichojester

    N tabacum seeds

    Just the burley leaf gimli
  9. trichojester

    N tabacum seeds

    I can help with the burley
  10. trichojester

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    received today thanks Xperiment, your a legend
  11. trichojester


    As title says I am looking for a super pedro cutting from some that can post to brisbane please
  12. trichojester

    N.rustica seeds giveaway (ended)

    received today thanks again humbolt your a legend
  13. trichojester

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    id love some please
  14. trichojester

    Life would succ without you.... free seeds

    my life would be meaningless and boring with out them they are my life and without their lives i lose my family
  15. trichojester

    advice needed please

    thanks ph7 ill habe to buy some more de