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  1. trichojester

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    received today thanks again humbolt your a legend
  2. trichojester

    Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    id love some please
  3. trichojester

    Life would succ without you.... free seeds

    my life would be meaningless and boring with out them they are my life and without their lives i lose my family
  4. trichojester

    advice needed please

    thanks ph7 ill habe to buy some more de
  5. trichojester

    advice needed please

    thank you for you help ive got sticky traps in there and diatomaceous earth in there which has helped a bit but the whitefly and snails are having a free for all on the sally unfortunately ive got some snail pellets on the way but hopefully the baythroid gets rid of the white fly
  6. trichojester

    advice needed please

    and i dont want to kill the plants by applying too much
  7. trichojester

    advice needed please

    white fly, catapillars, snails and fungus gnats
  8. trichojester

    advice needed please

    hey guy and gals i need some adive about using baythroid advance with trichs and sally d any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks guys
  9. trichojester

    WTB Sassafras Albidum seeds

    cheers bud much appreciated
  10. trichojester

    WTB Trichocereus bridgessi or macro seeds

    hey just wondering if anyone can help me out with 100 or so seeds please
  11. trichojester

    WTB Sassafras Albidum seeds

    will do mate
  12. thank you for your generosity to teamwhy and glaukus, they arrived today
  13. trichojester

    WTB Sassafras Albidum seeds

    hey just wondering if anyone can help me out with some seeds please
  14. trichojester

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    yes please again humbolt
  15. thats an awesome painting glaukus, thank you to teamwhy and glaukus for your generosity