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  1. nothinghead

    Herbs for pain

    Some cacti I have to offer cuts or rooted plants of: Rosei #2, SG red spine, knuthianus, Kai, John, Icaros DNA, Eileen. Also got Psycho0, cuzcoensis, Yoda x melted wax and other stuff to trade.
  2. nothinghead

    Herbs for pain

    Looking for something legal to help with pain, Sydney area. Can trade various columnar and globular cacti, khat plants, tiny hoodia, psychotria prop material, and cash. PM me. Cheers.
  3. nothinghead


    That's a beauty. Climate?
  4. Yep, I'd agree. These are plants that are happy in pots. Move them in and outdoors as weather and seasons dictate. I've read of people who keep them happy as bathroom potplants - they do like the humidity
  5. nothinghead

    WA Cactus Clear Out

    Someone jump on that hamilton's crest! I can vouch for this member's cacti. Quality and well priced, even before I knew they were a member.
  6. nothinghead

    Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose Clone A

    Yeah, if there's heaps going around I'll take a cut as well
  7. nothinghead

    Trichocereus returned to its own genus

    It's more like a dark art than a strict science in a lot of cases. Don't forget that it was founded by a mad Swede who sent his students to their deaths so he could get some dope publications. On the other hand, like any sort of classification structure of knowledge, it has its practical value if you keep in mind that it is more a set of place-markers than a deep truth. It organises stuff in a way that saves us time, but sometimes blinds us to things.
  8. nothinghead

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    If you read the book he gives one of the most straightforward explanations of why our global ecosystem is in the precarious state that it is in, and describes the existing and potential technologies that have the best chance of stabilising it. I'd say that advocating a population reduction ultimately fails to address the underlying cause of global environmental degradation. Why would a reduced population not simply breed back to the point we're at today? Most of the ecological damage we've inflicted as a species has happened within roughly the last couple of centuries, the same time period for the rapid growth of human population. Leave in place the societal structures, national and international systems of governance that have gotten us here, largely defined by industrial capitalism, international competition, and religion-based morality, and reduce the number of people and you're probably just deferring the problem without addressing its underlying cause. Tim Flannery talks about the practical steps we can take towards curbing ecological degradation. Leftist/anarchist philosophers from Leopold Kohr to Murray Bookchin have described ways of organising society that reduces our propensity for violence and destruction and would allow us to live with a more harmonious relationship to each other, other species' and our environment. There may be too many people living in some parts of the world for that ecosystem to support them, but ultimately climate change and other large scale environmental problems are about how we live. We know that economic affluence is a large factor in determining birth-rate, and we know that affluence is, demographically, causative of a large carbon footprint. We need to address the material issues of inequality and the systems that cause it, the cultural practices that support selfish and ecologically destructive behaviours, and of course the actual problems like ocean acidification, glacial melt, and reduction of biodiversity.
  9. nothinghead

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Population problem or not (I think there is one), carbon emissions per capita is pretty central to the issue. But before we go all controlled intentional apocalypse on one more species on the planet, maybe we should listen to what people in the field are saying: https://www.textpublishing.com.au/books/atmosphere-of-hope
  10. nothinghead

    MountainGoat Music

    Yeah nice one! I've not heard really anything of this kind of crossover before. Sounds well produced and the changes are magnificent. Really different to your other psy/trance stuff too, which is pretty impressive because its a totally different sound. Thanx for the tracks!
  11. nothinghead

    Transporting cacti seedlings

    Just make the change as gradual as you can. If they've been in outdoor shade and going into all-day window sun, use shadecloth for a bit. Keep the humidity as similar as you can if they are seedlings.
  12. nothinghead

    A Jolly Good Day to You - Intro Post

    Hopefully with the same rapid cutting and enduring paradigm shift that his namesake is known for Welcome!
  13. nothinghead


    Haven't seen you around for a while Mindperformer, nice that you are posting again!
  14. nothinghead

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    Apparently selecting with Tucunaca can result in dwarf plants. My random Tucunaca has small leaves and short internodes. Grows much more compact than the cielo it is next to.
  15. nothinghead

    How old can a cactus be to take a cutting?

    Yeah 20cm is a reasonable sized cutting to take, and this time of year will give you plenty of time to get it calloused, rooted, and growing again in the Hunter.