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  1. nothinghead

    EGA workshop suggestions?

    I'm surprised! I still remember from EGA... 200x? a bush doof one when he gave a talk on a panel. Really calm and measured speaker, and fielded some curly questions with aplomb.
  2. dunno about the female, but the male's call is almost as ugly as a cockatoo's. so pretty tho
  3. That bird is amazing, what is it?
  4. nothinghead

    FREE gourd and bombilla for maté

    Love it. Never tried iced but it seems a cool idea. I lost my Paraguariensis in a move and I stick to black tea now
  5. Happy New Year everyone. Free gourd and bombilla (chrome on bomiblla is stripping a bit, might need some attention). For them who drink hierba maté. First in gets it.
  6. nothinghead

    B caapi variegation?

    Dunno what this is but I've seen it before. Not variegation, but I don't know what the virus is. Seems to grow out, which I guess you know by now.
  7. nothinghead

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    This Eileen pup, one of about 12 (looks like I smeared the plant with BAP, but I didn't even trim it). It's growing some kind of spurs under the aereolas, I haven't seen that on my other plants. Looks really alive.
  8. nothinghead

    EGA Launch a New Conference Website

    Firefox gave me a "potential security risk" following the link from this thread. Keen to see the new site tho!
  9. nothinghead

    Seed suggestions

    Obregonia denegrii, Strombocactus disciformis, Coryphantha compacta, Mammillaria grahamii, Pelecyphora aselliformis, Turbinicarpus sp. are all great little cacti that are well suited to pere grafting.
  10. nothinghead

    Grafting idea i had

    Depending on the size of the scion piercing it might do it in. Some people have used glue in a similar way to your idea with honey. Apparently it works pretty well. The honey idea is cool, i wonder if it can help with fungal problems too, if these are a problem. You could try to put a small amount of honey on the "far" side of the cut stock as a barrier, then slide the scion off the blade towards the honey barrier, this may help keep the scion slightly in place. Otherwise you can try different shaped stock cuts, like groove or spike, again depending on scion size.
  11. nothinghead

    Trichs for pere Sydney

    Do you need bulk/nice ones? I always underproduce pere's because of my fear of the very experience you braved, but I can gratis post over a small handful of little rough ones that are sprouting and looking fine. They aren't nice terrarium peres tho
  12. nothinghead

    Ephedra gerardiana in Nepal

    Amazing photos, and a cool plant. Any idea whether the flowering one is a male or female? Nice to see you back btw :D
  13. nothinghead

    A few random id’s

    columnar one looks like some kind of pachanoi, looks cool first one someone smart will help. copiapoa sp.?
  14. nothinghead

    australias original languages

    hey mate because there are so many first languages of australia and they are spoken by so few people resources can be difficult to find. but they are out there. you could start by checking the Gambay language map and suss out which language you are interested in learning. then have a look at the resources on www.firstlanguages.org.au, the 'language legends' will let you listen to more examples of different languages. if your local library doesn't have any resources on the language you want to learn, see whether the extended library network can transfer some materials from another library for you. if you're super keen there are online courses from uni's and that.