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    Work drug testing and driving home.

    Last man melting at least
  2. Recently I have been experiencing visitations by birds on a daily basis. Most notably magpies, but also king parrots and crows. One magpie in particular is now so comfortable that he will eat from my hand. I call him Claude. King parrots are also making daily visits. Crows watch from a distance but are very vocal. This is a new occurrence that started a month or so ago, and it seems to hold some importance, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Magpies seem to be associated with a message to focus on spiritual pursuits rather than material ones (I'm hardly a materialistic person so I think there's something I'm missing). Parrots are associated with the need to be watchful and alert. These are the typical associations in dreams anyway. But my visitations are physical, so I wonder if there is more to the picture. Does anyone have any experience with bird visitation and their symbology?
  3. Glaukus

    Visitation by birds

    Mate if you can make any creature's day better than it might otherwise have been, you're on the right track.
  4. Glaukus

    Acacia ident?

    It's a bit early to say. They all look alike at this stage, and many won't be easily identifiable until they flower years later.
  5. Glaukus

    The Random Thread.

    So I get asked by my work colleagues if I am coming to the work Christmas party. I explained I won't be attending because I don't like any of them and the thought of spending a Saturday night with them filled me with cold dread. We all laughed. They laughed because they thought I was joking. I laughed because I was telling the truth.
  6. Glaukus

    Visitation by birds

    My magpies have disappeared again as quickly as they started coming. Still crows wherever I go talking to me...
  7. Glaukus

    The Random Thread.

    Yeah don't get me wrong, I'm all for its use, I'm just getting a bit sick of the constant claims without any evidence.
  8. Glaukus

    The Random Thread.

    My news feed is constantly full of articles about how cannabis cures cancer. So explain to me why Bob Marley died of melanoma...
  9. My cat sits with me and is very affectionate. Sometimes he suddenly stares off behind my right shoulder, and it freaks me out. What is he seeing? Or hearing?
  10. Glaukus

    My cat freaks me out

    His ears show he is alert. It's always my right shoulder he looks past. I wonder if he's messing with me deliberately!
  11. Glaukus

    My cat freaks me out

    Mind you, he is going a bit senile i think, bless 'im...
  12. Glaukus

    don't cha love it when...

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  13. Glaukus

    Looking for the tooth ache plant (Acmella oleracea)

    Hey champ, I can help you out. I've got at least two varieties from memory, a red/yellow flower and an all yellow flower. Shoot me a pm.
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    Nice hippies
  15. Glaukus

    Grafting Stock Pros/Cons

    Here's one (it got smashed by spider mites last summer).
  16. Glaukus

    Grafting Stock Pros/Cons

    I also like Cereus as a stock, I've had lophs do well on them, and 4 years later still growing. The problem with cereus is that cuts take forever to root.
  17. Glaukus

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Pachanoi "Schwartz"
  18. Glaukus

    Visitation by birds

    A few years ago I was on cactus camp and there was an old male bower bird watching me from a tree across the river for a day. Finally he decided I was OK and he came over for a chat. He stayed close and sang a few songs then it was time to go. That was pretty special. They are the most beautiful birds, iridescent blue black.
  19. Glaukus

    Visitation by birds

    Thanks Micromegas, I always value your response. This evening, yet another new magpie came to visit me. I need to meditate on this.
  20. Glaukus

    Visitation by birds

    I really think these birds are visiting for a reason, it feels important. Like something is about to happen and it might be good...
  21. Glaukus

    Kava in australia?

    Kava was always legal, but import restrictions came in several years ago which made it hard to get hold of. I think 2kg can be brought in with travellers for personal consumption but commercial imports were stopped. I too miss the days I could walk into the Fiji market on King St Newtown and buy a kilo of waqa for $20 or so...
  22. Glaukus

    don't cha hate it when..

    Jeez bro, that's rough. Midlife crises are weird hey.
  23. Glaukus

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    The rainfall is more likely to occur on the eastern side of the hinterlands. Rainfall = cubes
  24. Glaukus

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Focus on hillsides with a southern or south east aspect. Avoid pastures that have had superphosphate applied, this kills mycelium. Fencelines with trees are always worth a look. Make friends with dairy farmers' daughters!