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  1. I'll have some in a month or so if you don't get one sooner.
  2. Does CBD trigger a test positive result? Seems like a glaring gap if it does.
  3. Bombs away bro. Rise above
  4. I can assist with a few of these including the opuntia crest if you need.
  5. I've often thought a good guerilla tactic would be to throw poppy seed out of the car window while driving. They'd survive the harsh roadside conditions, and spread along with the wind. But they'd definitely become a weed, so probably high unethical from an environmental standpoint.
  6. Be careful of waste runoff in native bush land areas. High nutrient runoff, especially phosphorus, will kill many natives. This will leave an obvious scar on any aerial images, leading to a guerilla plot. Or are we not talking about that kind of guerilla gardening?
  7. Longifolia.
  8. Same ROA, yohimbe is a vasodilator, so I figured it might be interesting. I had 4 seeds this time with about a g of Yo, felt quite nauseated, but the rush was intense. Body sensations were amazing. Had a great sleep too, although I'm told I snored like a diesel powered chainsaw!
  9. Keep your plants away from sunlight while you're using it.
  10. I thought mites drank imidacloprid for breakfast... I had my first run in with spider mites last summer, lost quite a few plants. I thought it wouldnt happen to me, foolish. Then i ignored them because it couldnt be mites, right? By the time i accepted the fact, i was in trouble. Imidacloprid will kill everything, including predators of mites, but i read it wont do much to the mites themselves...? Wettable sulfur worked pretty well for me, with repeated application. I repotted everything that was infected and quarantined them. Most pulled through, with scarring. I lost some location cultivar lophs which was a real shame. My message: dont mess around and waste time if you even suspect mites. Treat your plants as if you have them, it wont hurt them, and you might save some of their lives.
  11. Sorry for the triple post...moderator please
  12. Epic combination! I highly recommend it!
  13. Epic combination! I highly recommend it!
  14. Epic combination! I highly recommend it!
  15. What the hell. Lets do hbwr and yohimbe tonight! UP!
  16. Not much to report folks. I was a little off baseline, did some good dreamwork, but the seeds were clearly too old. 100 of the same seeds was a pretty strong experience several years ago. @Responsible Choice I might hit you up mate!
  17. In the interests of science ahem... I'll revisit turbina tonight. Pretty much same MO, a few beers upfront. Acidified CWE made with soda water and a pinch of citric acid. 100 seed ground in a mortar and pestle, these seeds are about 4 years old so they're not exactly fresh. I've got fresh but they're for sending out to folks I promised. I'll add a drop of peppermint oil, and report back tomorrow.
  18. Well hello there saucer eyes!
  19. We miss you Sally, you grumpy bastid! Happy absent Birthday.
  20. It really depends on freshness. 100 was adequate for me, but I've read reports of as little as 30 fresh being effective. CWE is the way to go, make sure the water isn't chlorinated.
  21. I'll send you some seed to grow mate. Yes, you need a lot more seeds, less than MG, more than HBWR. But it is superior to both.
  22. This reminds me of the work of 69ron. I've read a lot on the topic and I'm yet to be convinced these conversions work. Turbina is far superior in my meagre experience.
  23. Have you tried turbina corymbosa seeds instead in an acidified cwe?
  24. OK, 3 fresh seeds were cracked and held under tongue for 15 minutes. I had a few beers including a Belgian duvel a few hours earlier, so there should have been plenty of acetaldehyde in my system, but I had a drop of pure peppermint oil just to be sure. Not sure I buy into the LSA>LSH conversion theory but peppermint is soothing to the stomach and alcohol helps counteract the vasoconstriction so either way, no harm done. After an hour I was starting to feel affected. I had driven for 5 hours earlier in the day and I was very tired, so I laid down in bed with headphones on. I fell asleep straight away. I woke an hour later, quite affected. Some nausea but not too strong, and slight stomach cramps were the only negative effects I noticed. My mind was very quiet and I had CEVs of a fairly simple nature, dull colours. I fell asleep again not long afterwards and woke today feeling pretty good. I might try again sometime when I'm not as tired, maybe try 4 seeds. I don't think I would go much above 4 with this method, I get the impression the side effects ramp up.