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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/sydney/s/GefAhuGBHu Apologies for the reddit link, I searched the NSW health page and it's terrible, couldn't find this alert, only older ones. Anyway, TLDR: punisher, SpongeBob and MyBrand stamped tabs around containing 217mg so be careful if you're in the habit of dropping multiple pies. You know what would help this situation NSW Government? Pill testing. You know, like all the recommendations from experts?
  2. Hi folks,. I have fresh cuts of vine available for propagation. $120/kg including postage anywhere within Australia. Nice thick lengths showing classic cross section. Send me a pm if you're interested. Peace and blessings.
  3. Strontium Dawg

    The Random Thread.

    Benefits of being mates with the Bangladeshi guys at work...we were talking about paan yesterday and today I turned up to find a bag of betel nuts on my desk. Need to find some way to return the favour in kind...
  4. Strontium Dawg

    Acacia Phlebophylla germination method

    Nice work. I don't seem to have too many problems getting them to germinate, but keeping them alive past 3 months has been challenging here. Giving them another try soon.
  5. Strontium Dawg

    Flicker light stimulation

    It's a good way to tell is your an "aphant" like me. I tried this stuff so many times and get nothing, some of us don't have the wiring for this to work.
  6. Strontium Dawg

    Aus kratom growing

    Some varieties are much more cold tolerant than others. The red vein seems pretty sensitive.
  7. Strontium Dawg

    Post a random picture thread

  8. Strontium Dawg

    Sacred gardening in the media

    If you think these things have been under the radar in the last 10 years you've been living under a rock.
  9. Strontium Dawg

    Sacred gardening in the media

    I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with Liam and Fahim anyday, mates are mates despite some shitty journalism casting aspersions.
  10. Strontium Dawg

    Syriab Rue/Ayahuasca & MAOI: Are the Dangers Real

    I was on some antidepressants in the 90s, didn't realize at the time that they were MAOI class, not SSRIs. I drank some ephedra tea and that sent me into 12 hours of the most intense migraine like headaches and nausea. And I imagine my trial was mild compared to what could have happened. At no point did the prescribing doctor tell me the medication was an MAOI or to watch my diet etc. I was well aware of MAOI interactions at this time, I just didn't make the connection with what happened to me until years later.
  11. Strontium Dawg

    Wanted: Kava plants

    The strength of kava comes with the age of the plant. Generally, 3-5 years in the absolute minimum age before you'd even think of harvesting roots. 6-7 years is fantastic but not many commercial growers can afford to wait that long. Also, there are so many chemotypes, some are more "heady" and some are more "heavy" in the mix of kavalactones. Generally speaking, Hawaiian "awa" or kava is considered to be weaker than most Vanuatu and Fijian varieties, but again, age of the roots is the biggest factor in potency.
  12. It would be interesting to see a comparison of your experience if you'd just gone off SSRIs without going straight onto Kanna. You might be feeling some of these effects simply as a rebound from the SSRIs...?
  13. Strontium Dawg

    Kambo gone wrong?

    The problem with a lot of these kinds of people who set themselves up as facilitators is they don't believe in traditional medicine so they thought they knew better than to call an ambulance. Nothing a little guitar playing and chanting can't fix... Criminally negligent not to be prepared for a medical emergency and act fast.
  14. Strontium Dawg

    Admixtures in San Pedro Brews

    It can help reduce some of the nausea, and it adds a slight euphoria.
  15. Strontium Dawg

    Admixtures in San Pedro Brews

    Personally, I like 4 datura stramonium seeds per person added to my brew. But I don't do it without people's permission because it's not everyone's preference and some folks are downright scared of tropanes. But yeah if it's my brew for me, that's how I make cimora. The thing with making a brew, is you can't do it if you're not in a good headspace. You have to put all the love and good vibes in, sing it songs, blow some incence over it, ring some gongs or tingshas over it...
  16. Strontium Dawg


    Plus cold weather. The summer heat and humidity mess up my sleep. Cold nights, I'm out.
  17. Strontium Dawg

    Why the Yellow?

    Could be that it's getting strong light somewhere it's not used to, and/or needs nitrogen. Give it a feed of some of your urine every day for a week, and make sure to give plenty of water also, cos salt buildup
  18. Strontium Dawg

    Post a random picture thread

    Happy 420 to yerz all. Here's a nice pic from the internet to cheer you up if you're feelin' blue like me.
  19. Strontium Dawg

    Where do people sell second hand vape gear in Australia?

    Mighty still reigns supreme.
  20. Strontium Dawg

    Quotes of the day.

    "if in doubt, breathe out" Dr. Strontium G Dawg. (Guru for hire)
  21. Strontium Dawg

    Quotes of the day.

    "the first and last box of nangs are an exercise in mindfulness. Everything in between is chaos." Dr. Strontium G Dawg. (Guru for hire)
  22. Strontium Dawg


    I've had a month off weed and it's been the worst month of sleep I can ever remember. I did the first 6 nights almost totally sleepless, I was in hallucination territory on day 7. Following weeks I still couldn't get a good sleep. Maybe a couple of hours at a time if I was lucky. Yes, dreams are intense, but generally towards the morning and waking time. Had a pretty crazy lucid dream the other morning. I didn't feel like I was getting REM sleep at all. Normally after a week off I sleep like a log. Not any more. Maybe I'm just getting old and my parents always sod the older you get, the less you sleep. So I am back on the weed sleep and it's wonderful. I had a solid 6-8 hours last two nights and I don't care what anyone says, it's proper deep sleep. I feel refreshed.
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    Post your track of the day

  24. Strontium Dawg

    Post a random picture thread

  25. Strontium Dawg

    Massive clearance of small cactus

    Hi folks, for any of the Facebook inclined people, I have listed hundreds of small plants on this page linked below. There are tons of Terscheckii crosses, and all sorts of other things at very very cheap prices, lots of fatty genes and some varis amongst them too. I'll have loads of cheap cuts up soon too. When the dust settles I'll put up a bunch of sales here also, but the traffic is all on FB lately so here's the link... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02LceguRUkEYi2HdpQcNJMiWUc9a9mELYeEZgczyULVLrRwyaLKzGtrCnYQTTYuJaZl&id=100057478118119&mibextid=Nif5oz