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  1. Evil Genius


    Hi mate, same to you and all the rest of the SAB crew. It really was a crazy year, so let's hope it gets better. Bye Eg
  2. Evil Genius

    What's wrong with my cactus?

    Imo this is a fungal infection that has partially healed, but the problem is that you have no idea what's going on below the skin. Cutting is probably best.
  3. Evil Genius

    Merry Christmas Futhermukkas! 2020 special!

    Yes, merry Christmas from me too. Hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones.
  4. Evil Genius

    Validus "Anak" × Open

    I've sown this cross too. It's one of the crosses I am most thrilled about.
  5. Evil Genius

    Grafts from the same bag of mixed seed

    All three probably have a Terscheckii like Trichocereus as one parent. Can definitely see similarities to something like Trichocereus validus in 1 and 3. Number 2 could be something like Trichocereus atacamensis, Trichocereus pasacana etc. When breeders put all fruits and seeds from one plant into the same bag, this can be the outcome. Definitely interesting though.
  6. Hi guys, here's some photos of a plant that was described as Trichocereus fabrisii. It is a slightly more columnar version of Trichocereus schickendantzii.
  7. Evil Genius

    Mushroom in my cactus seedlings

    Hey mate, I wouldn't worry too much about mushrooms. Just remove the fruiting body aka the actual mushroom and leave it at that. Mushrooms and mycelium are everywhere in nature and they usually dont kill cacti directly unless they produce toxins. If you mean something like cobweb then the approach would be to remove the starting point and dry it out. But again, only in case of having a spiderweb like mycelium growing all over the container and the seeds.
  8. Evil Genius


    Hi mate, yes, Trichocereus peruvianus or Trichocereus macrogonus depending on the system you use. Very nice!
  9. Evil Genius

    Fat trichocereus to identify

    Hi mate, super nice Trichocereus terscheckii. Very close to what's commonly referred to as Trichocereus validus. Totally love it.
  10. Evil Genius

    cresting and montrose growth from bug attack

    Hey mate, it definitely happens relatively often on Trichocereus after injuries and insect attacks on the meristem. But yeah, can't really speak about hiw it is with Astrophytum. Pics?
  11. Evil Genius

    Help with i.d

    Wish I could help, but have no idea. Could be something like Crassula.
  12. Evil Genius

    Going going gone

    Hey mate, these belong into the Trichocereus spachianus group. There's quite a few forms and related species that belong to it. I don't think it's the well known Trichocereus spachianus clone that's around, but it's certainly close to it. Please post flower photos when it flowers. Bye Eg
  13. Evil Genius

    Germinating Newbie

    Hey mate, how long has it been since you planted them? At which temperatures did you have them. Personally, I sow out in a mix of Pumice, Lava and Coir and I wouldn't want Vermiculite in my sowing soil. It's not that it kills seeds, but there are minerals that produce much better results. Picking up seeds that were already sown out is possible, but very time consuming. I'd probably rather let everything dry out when nothing shows after 2 months and then start another wet cycle when the weather is hot.
  14. Evil Genius


    Hey mate, send me your contact email address via pm and I'll pass it on to him. Bye Patrick
  15. Hey mate, what browser do you use and do you use any sctiptblockers? It definitely works for me from Android mobile. Just checked. Might have to do with the browser.