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  1. Evil Genius

    Is this a PC Pachanoi?

    Hi Hendry, very, very likely a PC. Don´t think it´s a Scop because the ribs arent bloated enough, and the overall spination just doesnt fit either. This is very close to PC and it´s a very variable plant that can look just like this. Would keep an eye on it and post it again when it´s bigger. Never say never, but everything other than PC would be surprising.
  2. Evil Genius

    Huachuma - San Pedro Issue

    Almost certainly chemical burns. Did you use fertilizer, pesticides, oil, alcohol or anything similar on this plant? I´ve only seen this damage from Chemicals and mostly from oils and Neem.
  3. Evil Genius

    Garden centre ID

    Yeah, TBM, Pachycereus marginatus and Pilosocereus azureus.
  4. Cereus hildmannianus ssp. uruguayensis crest.
  5. Evil Genius

    ID Please.

    Hey mate, this is a Trichocereus hybrid. It´ll probably not be possible to identify the full parentage because there are just too many of them. The body looks like it involves Trichocereus schickendnatzii or Trichocereus bruchii. For example, the Trichocereus hybrids Märchenfee is very similar. There are many others too. Just one example. But yeah, beautiful flower and I also like the body.
  6. Evil Genius

    Trichocereus identification

    There are definitely similarities to PC. Might very well be one, or offspring of it. The latter would be a lot more variable, which could explain the subtle differences to PC. That said, I would observe this clone over time and see how it develops. There are clones which appear to be PC at first, but eventually turn out normal Trichocereus pachanoi.
  7. Evil Genius

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Alright, this is it! We do not tolerate such insults and I´ve removed a few posts in this thread. We´ll discuss this internally among the mod team and it´s possible that there will be additional warning points for one particular post that we find really appalling. I have no problem with people disagreeing, even if it´s vehemently and passionately, but this was just over the line. Consider this a courtesy warning, but if we see something like this again we´re instantly done talking. And again, we´ll still have to discuss this internally and there may very well be already consequences. This kind of hate speech is just the lowest form of conversation and we want no part in this. If you can´t disagree respectfully, you better do not post at all. We´re better than this.
  8. At that size, qualified identification is rather pointless. Some strains only show their typical traits later on, and it´s just very prone to error commenting at that size. Most of what you got there probably belongs to T. pachanoi and I also think there´s some PC in between, but you will need to grow them out before we can say anything reliable.
  9. Evil Genius

    Gymnocalycium hybridization

    There are quite a few hybrids involving Gymnocalycium and IIRC I posted some photos some years ago. Definitely an interesting subject and there´s huge potential in that genus. It takes a few worldclass breeders that just spend a decade improving on the quality of the flowers. I am sure we´ll see a lot more of them in the future. I personally gave away all my Gymnocalycium because I had to focus on the genera that interest me more, but they are fantastic and I still appreciate seeing them. Here´s an example from the internet.
  10. Evil Genius

    Macro or pachanoi?

    Looks like the PC clone, which is one of the most common Trichocereus clones in some parts of the world.
  11. Evil Genius

    Trichocereus or cereus?

    It´s definitely not a cereus. It looks a bit roughed up and that affects how it looks like, but it´s probably Trichocereus peruvianus or something close to it. Pretty sure this will turn out to be a nice Trichocereus once you have it repotted and in full sun.
  12. Evil Genius

    Getting into cactuses

    Yeah, there is an endless wave of amazing stuff available right now and I wouldn´t be able to pick. It´s a great time to be a cactus grower and I am sure you´ll find some truly amazing clones in the community. The SAB webshop has a lot of good plants and there´s also lots of choice seed sellers that have some incredible crosses available right now. It´s a great hobby.
  13. Evil Genius

    socket passed away

    Hey mate, I am very sorry. I am sure Socket had a great and fulfilled cat life. My condolences.
  14. Evil Genius

    Peruvianus long spines or Cuzco ?

    Yeah, that one definitely belongs to the Trichocereus cuzcoensis complex. Trichocereus cuzcoensis is described as from Cuzco and with more ribs, but these kinds of plants grow in Central Peru and belong to that species as well. They are something like intermediates between Trichocereus cuzcoensis and Trichocereus tarmaensis/knuthianus. The latter two belong to Trichocereus cuzcoensis in a wider sense as well. If it was labeled Peruvianus it could be from Knize.
  15. Evil Genius

    Cactus seedling problem

    They look totally normal to me. There´s a slight reaction to sun light but that´s normal.