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  1. Swiper

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday Mr T.
  2. Swiper

    ID confirmation - subaeruginosa?

    I would say subs also, use scissors next time to avoid disturbing the mycellium.
  3. Swiper

    My Stone Cacti Garden

    Love your work, great layout and nice looking plants. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  4. Swiper

    Trichocereus Seeds Peru

    Thanks a lot EG ! Seeds arrived today, three lots in the envelope, opened for inspection also. From Peru to Germany to Australia, you little ripper ! Will get them growing today.
  5. 3 Year old seed grown T.peruvianus 'icaros'. 140mm pot.
  6. Swiper

    A riddle given to 14yo Maths Students

    My brain hurts.
  7. Yes, my small trichs seem to like it, have yet to pot up the larger ones.
  8. My cacti have never looked so healthy since changing to a mineral based soil.
  9. Swiper

    fat cactus

    I was thinking ferocactus also
  10. Swiper

    Trichocereus Seeds Peru

    Cool, thanks a lot EG, you are the best ! Pm'd.
  11. Swiper

    Trichocereus Seeds Peru

    Only just saw this thread , am I too late ?
  12. Swiper

    Trichocereus fruits

    Thanks zelly and Dreamwalker, will post some pics when they ripen up, and share the seeds around.
  13. Swiper

    Trichocereus fruits

    I have made a cross both ways between PC pach and scopulicola. How do I tell when the fruits are ripe enough to eat/harvest the seeds. Thanks !
  14. Google is the devil ......
  15. Swiper

    Australian terror raids

    safe us tow knee
  16. Swiper

    Acaia Obtusifolia for sale

    Put me down for one please ! pm'd Cheers !
  17. Swiper


  18. Swiper

    any guesses?

    Nice plant, buy it !
  19. Swiper

    Seed giveaway (& sub prints)

    Hi zed, would love some brug seeds if you have any left please . Cheers !