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  1. Hey MO 


    After re checking my records it looks like these Zelly seedlings ive been growing came from you, thanks again for the trade :). How are the Astro seeds i sent you going ? 





  2. mystical oyster

    SAB personality test... dare!

    INFP-A quite accurate really.. cool test.. thanks
  3. Hey guys n ladies Heres a mix i did in cairns at a gig with mantra, stickybuds, and mr bill.. Trap / Drum and Bass.. Full tilt bangers... Enjoy Can download it if you dig it.. Cheers MO https://soundcloud.com/matt_shroom/bbq-bass-290116
  4. mystical oyster

    Sausage Cactus for sale or trade

    I received a cut of this mighty fine specimen and i recommend getting one while you still can! Nice big fat sausage! Get on it guys!
  5. mystical oyster

    Seed swap

    yea i grew a bunch! little beauties they are! on ya bog!
  6. mystical oyster

    Sausage Cactus for sale or trade

    Ooo Thats a very nice sausage!
  7. mystical oyster

    Sausage Cactus for sale or trade

    ill take a 30cm cut for $10! i dont think the maths adds up ;) Im actually good for a cut as im broke but id consider the above offer! haha
  8. mystical oyster

    Happy birthday obtuse

    happy birthday matey! all the best!
  9. mystical oyster

    Happy birthday Evil Genius

    Happy bday EG!! Many blessings!
  10. mystical oyster

    I am moving to Nnsw

    will do bro, looking forward to a tour of the nursery
  11. mystical oyster

    I am moving to Nnsw

    Thanks flux that somara festival looks amazing!! Nrivers ill definitely come and have a brew with ya at some stage, thats awesome your in lismore!! cheers
  12. mystical oyster

    I am moving to Nnsw

    hey dozer! sounds good mate, ill be in lismore from sunday onwards, take a bit to get settled and will be busy with studies during the week but always up for a beer or catch up over the weekends! hit me up if your ever in the lismore area and ill come say gday!
  13. mystical oyster

    I am moving to Nnsw

    Yea nice, i figure there would be a lot of people around the area, my bro lives in brisbane so ill pop through every now and then, always good gigs to check out around brisbane so ill be coming in for them to.. be good to meet up some time!! ill try make it to some of the local meets to! cheers
  14. mystical oyster

    I am moving to Nnsw

    So im packing up and moving on from fnq down to Lismore, ill be studying music in byron bay and looking forward to a change of lifestyle and scenery.. Any sabers around the area? will take me a little time to settle but I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces and getting to know some people from here... Am really interested in getting into mushroom cultivation, edibles of course, so if anyone has the tricks of the trade and wants to meet up at some stage id be happy to trade work around the garden for some insight into cultivation.. Anyway its exciting times for me as i have been in fnq my whole life, i recently spent a few weeks down south and fell in love with the place and the friendliness of the people, i found nimbim to be a pretty awesome place and absolutely loved my time in byron bay, haven't been to mullum in years but will be swinging through there and keen to come check out the nursery!! cheers MO
  15. mystical oyster

    I am selling some rare cacti on ebay

    updated original post.. thanks