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  1. Joshthepainter

    POD 2, 2016 Giveaway, Trichocereus seeds

    No 2. Not too late am I cheers all the best mate
  2. Joshthepainter

    New Seed Giveaway Grafting Competition

    Hi man sounds fun i would be keen if all the entries arnt taken
  3. Joshthepainter

    Looking to trade cuzco x terscheckii var

    Variegated mate grew it from seed sorry bout the poor photo
  4. Hi everyone have this nice grafted cuzco x terscheckii fields hybrid . Scion is 15cm Hoping to trade for some cool cultivar seed in Astro's and Ario's or plants if theres any out there . Australia only plz msg if intrested thanks also open to offers of other trades aswell Thankyou and all the best
  5. Joshthepainter

    Wanted astrophytums

    Hi everyone ! Looking to add some more astros to the collection. Keen to see what anyone has for sale or trade. If anyones intrested plz send a msg and we can take it from there cheers !!
  6. Joshthepainter

    James Brown

    Awesome dude
  7. Joshthepainter

    Albino seedling giveaway

    Im keen dude
  8. Joshthepainter

    Grafting stock giveaway

    Sweet #7
  9. Joshthepainter

    Variegated astrophytum

    Seen the odd one for sale but prices were crazy in hunt of seed i shall go any suggestions? have sown a few seeds think one is variegated
  10. Joshthepainter

    Variegated astrophytum

    Hi everyone really keen to buy a variegated astrophytum myriostigma or asterias thanks
  11. Joshthepainter

    cactus seeds

    Cheers dude nice list
  12. Joshthepainter

    cactus seeds

    Hi intrested in buying cactus seeds anything but trichos perhaps succulent seeds aswell keen to see whats available cheers josh
  13. Joshthepainter

    Trichocereus seed for trade

    Cool man what are you looking to trade for ?