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    Enforce SSL/TLS encryption for the forum

    Yeah, nothing to do with 'open for people to connect' -- https won't impede that. It's legit 3 lines to add in to the virtual hosts file. (Assuming apache webserver) or 3 lines in a .htaccess file in the root dir. TBH as well , not sure why the yearly server costs are so extraordinarily high ~$3k!? I'm certain there's ways to achieve what's currently being hosted much cheaper. ) Happy to offer for free my time and knowledge to assist in getting this all set up more efficiently and securely if you'd take me up on it @Torsten?
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    Mega sale - rooted cacti

    Any of these still avail? Macrogonus Matucana Peru --- Lance x HSP --- Super Pedro x R2 --- Scop x Anna --- Santaensis Pumacayan
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    Post your track of the day

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    Mushroom culture confusion

    Oh never mind all that... Looks like there is sexual selection with Fungi too... The spores aren't gendered but can act as both M/F ...Save someone a google for anyone interested... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2992724/
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    Mushroom culture confusion

    Hmmm, I'd be interested to know this too... A 'reproductive cycle' I assume Pseudo Mexican is meaning - Having one strain fruit and sporulate... Would the subsequent mycelium grown from those spores be vastly different (even to the point of unrecognizably related) strains. It'd be great if If anyone knew and could roll off a few sentences describing how fungi create their genetic diversity...Seems like they manage a high degree of diversity with no sexual reproduction (mitosis/meiosis chromosome crossing) and too much to be accounted for solely by mutation. Are genetics mixed when different strains of same species are grown together? Is there much info in the way of fungi gene expression from environmental factors? I did source this after a bit of googling...but wouldn't mind a seeing if anyone has a more succinct overview... Not that this one's that bad.. ( https://mycotopia.net/topic/23539-genetics/ ) Essential Points of Mushroom Breeding 1.The genotypes of mushrooms are controlled by genes which are passed on unchanged from generation to generation. 2.Genes occur in pairs, one from each parent spore. 3.When the members of a gene pair differ in their effect upon phenotype, the mushroom is termed hybrid or heterozygous. 4.When the members of a pair of genes are equal in their effect upon phenotype, then they are termed truebreeding or homozygous. 5.Pairs of genes controlling different phenotypic traits are (usually) inherited independently. 6.Dominance relations and gene interaction can alter the phenotypic ratios of the F1, F2, and subsequent generations. Soooo...I'd say yes, it'd be a new strain, but a lot of overlapping genetics..But Idk for sure. When working with agar cultures and you have an isolate - What's the underlying difference between the mycel growth there? All same genetics but some grows fuzzy, some rhizomorphic etc..all form the same exact genetics? What are you isolating exactly then when you do extract a bit of rhizo growth and grow that out..Is that just a gene expression...somehow triggered?...begging the question, how?
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    Why isn't this site using https yet?

    Bumping this... Defs should have https by now. Happy to assist if needed of course. But with free options like cloudflare or letsencrypt it's less than a 20 min job. -- The 'dead links and database issues' wouldn't be a thing that this affects... and regardless it can be served as both http and https at the same time. I think the users of this site deserve a better security default. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I've seen a few threads about Bitcoin in the past, but there has been quite a lot happening within the Bitcoin community in recent times that I think would be a great point of discussion. For those that haven't come across Bitcoin before check out - http://www.weusecoins.com/ - for a short introduction video explaining them in pretty simple terms. I'd like to outline some of the benefits and uses for Bitcoin and you can determine for yourself if they sound like a sustainable and worthwhile idea to pursue. Decentralized and free from control: (They run on a P2P (peer-to-peer) network (like bit torrent) meaning a few things. 1. Nobody is in full control of it's ecconomy, so somebody can't just decide to create more bitcoins and inflate the currency without consensus from the Bitcoin community. 2. If a 3rd party wished to shut down the Bitcoin protocol it would be EXTREMELY difficult. To the extent of either requiring to shutdown the internet or locate and delete all backups of the BlockChain (generated when using the vanilla Bitcoin client) So these backups are located worldwide, so any attempt by the gubberment to shut it down would be relativly fruitless. Always running: Doesn't close over the weekend, your account/ ability to send/receive Bcoins cannont be restricted or frozen by some 3rd party. International and No/low fees: Thanks to the internet we are able to send bitcoins for free or for priority sending a fraction of a cent to anywhere in the world. These transactions can be done in a matter of seconds to minutes...No waiting days for international transactions to clear whilst also losing a good % for bank/paypal/creditcard etc. transaction fee's. New privacy model: Bitcoins are Pseudonymous. Meaning that they are as anonymous as you wish to make them. You can create as many bc receiving addresses as you like. For example, 16JsKCejmoZnsuiGuzs6VbFNH5g8Am6bFh is one of my addresses. Without me telling you it its got no real link to me at all. If I wished to...I could create a new address every time I want to receive coins. Alternatively if you wish to be transparent about your income (Helpful for business) you can remain using the same address - But it will be known that any money being received into that is going to you. Transparent system: The Bitcoin protocol is a open-source development - So it's being developed by many minds rather than an exclusive group. All transactions go through the BlockChain - https://blockchain.info/ - So I can know that address x sent address y 2 coins. Once x sends the bc the transaction is verified by the network ( The method of verification probably requires some 'level 2' knowledge of Bitcoin due to some key terms such as miners and how all that works...But It's worth checking out the wiki for how verification works and prevents double-spending0 It's really quite ingenues. Bitcoin is a novel way of solving the two generals Problem - https://en.wikipedia...rals%27_Problem - Divisible: Bitcoin can be divided into 'Satoshi's' (the pseudonym of the original creator of the Bitcoin idea) a satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. Making bitcoin perfect for both micro and macro payments. Capped at 21 million coins: The Bitcoin protocol only allows for 21 million coins to ever be able to be created. This makes Bitcoin a deflationary currency, as in its value generally increases as it cannot be devalued by printing more...Which is the case around the world... US debt crisis (QE3 in the U.S creating $40 bil a month) or The soaring inflation rate present in Argentina. Secure: Again, somewhat complex being explain within layman terms. Read into SHA2 and AES-256 then their relation in use to bitcoins. Their sheer complexity to solve aswell as requiring to solves through brute force. (essentially you have to figure out a factorization of a massive ussualy prime number through trial and error a equation^256 /2 on avg times. If you have a basic knowledge of exponents you realize how powerfully large this is when taking a few seconds/mintues per equation.) No charge-backs: A double edged sword. Like cash If I hand $5 to a store keeper walk out, find my item is damaged I need to go back to the shop keeper to retrieve that money. Then the shop keeper can accept or decline. This is a far safer system for merchants. The flip side would be if I were using paypal. If I get a crap item, I can complain to paypal who has the power and authority to simply reverse the funds. Using this system enables consumers to take advantage of that and just as there are many scammers on ebay etc that claim 'I didn't get my package' there is little that can be done in defense. Environmentally friendly / efficient: The cash isn't plastic, paper, gold or some other precious metal. It's binary, generated through globally connected computing power. So it can be interpreted as a 'waste of electricity' Safer than cash: Imagine you could put $2000 in your wallet at home, hidden in a book at work, under a rock at your local park AND on your phone all password protected that potentially could take a few thousand years with all the current computing power in the world to crack. It's as simple as copying your encrypted wallet file onto your medium of choice (usb, SD card, google servers, you can even create a paper wallet!) So ask yourself...Can you back up the same money in multipul places and have it password protected? Cold storage is a fantastic security measure. (cold/hot storage being determined by the wallet being connectable to the net or not) Since bitcoin can't be printed by governments, their central banks can't use it as a tool to buy hard assets, influence markets, finance wars, or redistribute wealth. The rise of cryptocurrency would mean the end of the political era of nation-states. The main thing is the decentralized, because without that none of the others really matter. When you casually mention "can't be inflated or devalued" that really means "can't be inflated or devalued". That's something that no other type of offers. Not even gold and silver (as more mining finds more gold and inflates the supply). Bitcoin's issuance cannot be corrupted. What that means is that when GPU miners start to panic about the upcoming block reward subsidy drop to 25 BTC per block and begins the wailing and gnashing of teeth, none of that matters, the miners can't change the protocol. Come block 210,000, the issuance rate will drop from 50 BTC to 25 BTC. Period. Sorry, but that's the way this incredible uncorruptible system of money was architected. The world has never had a system of money anything like this. Bitcoin started in Jan of 2009 and since then has been growing. Being a digital currency its quite straight forward to collect statistics for So check em' out here - https://blockchain.info/charts - Personally I see Bitcoin as a real step into the future. We need to base our affairs on a solid ground, rather than various governments that act in their own interest. A note to Torsten: Perhaps you would be willing to look into accepting donations in btc or accepting btc payments through your web store. A single bitcoin is currently worth about $11.80 AUD... If you have any questions about bc I'd be more than willing to try to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.
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    Cactus Plant giveaway

    #20 :D Good man!
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    Ideas for my farm

    Niceee, what kinda land size you working with? Sounds like the dream... I'd defs consider growing chili. Tonnes of varieties to experiment with as well as the possibility of self converting to a higher value product like your own line of hot sauce...Or just selling it direct for people and restaurant & business to do that themselves. The other plus is you don't need to have a perfect turn over of crops-> sales if you just dehydrate what you cant sell immediately. Plus a good price per kg most places..so pretty small vehicle required to move say $2k worth of product..which can't be said for beans, corn,potato etc. :D ...and another plus is you won't need to re plant for the most part...but you can propagate with cuttings too which would be a muchhhh faster way to expand.. Just try have some reallly healthy and nurtured parent plants... And for the already planted stuff... Just prune and you're ready for next season or use that saved time for putting on some poly tunnels to keep production up during the slower months.
  10. Gotta agree, Coinjar's slipped in quality imo. Plus they're just market makers rather than an exchange ( if that's what single player meant) I'd recommend https://www.independentreserve.com/ Apart from general speculation on price direction, I think the Brexit news/outcome is/will be affecting the price. I'd still suggest holding for the long haul, but it's pretty high risk buying in / selling out right now..So only play with what you can afford to lose. +Interesting info: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-15/currency-nado-yen-yuan-surge-gold-tops-1300-bitcoin-spikes-28-month-highs
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    Wheres your cash at?

    I'd take Hearn's exit writeup with a few barrels of salt tbh. His vision of what bitcoin should be is quite adverse to the rest of the community. Hypocritically stating the centralization of mining power in china being worrisome while championing centralization in much more rigid and unchangeable ways. Put tersly, he's a sell out, who's following the money with only self interest involved. Previous to his exit piece he's joined a financial conglomerate named R3 (A consortium of some 40+ banks and other financial institutions aiming to bastardize Bitcoin by using blockchain technology in a manner which the nodes are ONLY the financial institutions ( much the same as our current fiat systems are structured ) ) -- It's now in his (and his employers) interest to undermine Bitcoin ( cue his FUD spreading medium log). http://bravenewcoin.com/news/30-top-banks-and-mike-hearn-have-now-joined-r3-global-consortium/
  12. qwertyuiop

    Wheres your cash at?

    I'd still recommend using Bitcoin as one of the hedge bets you place. For now, it's best used mostly as a store of value rather than an everyday spending tool... Unless you're doing the whole remittance thing which it'll cut down a bit of the overhead for. I outlined in the thread a few years back ( and it's still true) that Bitcoin is still wayyy under it's potential market cap -- Being cheaper to use and faster to send value worldwide than institutions like western union and paypal (but perhaps not as ubiquitous) , without the possibility of the middle men freezing your account arbitrarily. It is however subject to more risk through price volatility ( with it behaving much like a stock -- Though it most certainly is not - - Really being more akin to gold and other natural resources that don't have a CEO or board of directors that have the final say what happens to its creation. Not an all your eggs in this basket kind of deal but certainty something to consider for your high risk high gain portfolio.
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    Cactus Giveaway

    Rollin' #15
  14. This here's also a crazy efficient vertical farm minus the L.E.D lighting but + some crafty ideas. A clear direction for agri to go I think. 00:40 - 01:00 for a good jist
  15. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here has been doing any black soldier fly larvae harvesting... It's captured my interest quite a bit of recent, an am thinking of integrating it into the aquaponics set up to reclaim any wasted food into high protein fish food. If any one hasn't come across them heres a quick look - The really cool thing about them is their life cycle that allows for self harvesting. -- Once they reach a mature size after eating plenty in the compost, they seek higher ground (a ramp) to begin the stage where they pupate and turn into little flys...But instead they just crawl up the ramp into a bucket ready for collection. What I was hoping, was if somebodywho has an already established population of them, might be able to share/exchange some to kickstart my own project...SPeeding it from 3-4 months to under 1. I'd highly recommend you all check them out. They're a really high source of protein fat and oil..and are absolute machines when it comes to breaking food scraps down. a fun video..
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    Aquaculture Thread

    hey teamwhy, What pump are you using? Were the fail ones bilge pumps? Here's one I've been looking into http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-10000LPH-Aquarium-Fountain-Pond-Submersible-Water-Pump-Marine-Fish-Tank-Air-/181415426940?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2a3d33bb7c&_uhb=1 What I really like about this is the spiral propeller, making it really efficient for its size aswell as harder to clog cuz it can allow for upto 7mm sized chunks through... Perfect for Aquaponics I'd say.
  17. Hi all, I'm just starting this thread to discuss the prospects of getting into aquaponics with a growth to a commercial scale in mind. From my current to one scaled large enough to not only live on, but also turn a profit from the surplus of food. My calculations so far are based loosely on lettuce - Grow density - How many I could have per I.B.C grow bed. (but also wanting to expand to vertical grows and A-frame multi tier horizontal pipe grows /\. Harvest times - Seedling to harvest I've averaged to ~40 days (any others observations of other plants grow times would be awesome to know if you could share) Market price (no idea of bulk sale prices though) - This goes under the assumption that I'd be able to sell the product as 'organic' thus yielding a greater return per head. $1.50 normal -> $2+ organic. ( Again, any experience of sale prices and quantity's to independent grocers, restaurants, farmers markets would be handy to know) ..urgh I've gotta go now..I'll hopfully be able to edit this later with some more info n such..but for now please do lend me your experiences! ------------------- I'd also like some livestock incorporated into it for making use of the surplus plant matter / lower quality produce Fish <-> plants -> compost -> worms/larvae -> fish/chicken/ducks This I envisage having mainly growing in a sizable greenhouse (to ensure stable(er) yields then the animals in their respective henhouses blah blah....
  18. Hey yea, that's a niffty idea. I was thinking fresh water mussels and cray too. How's your aquaponics going btw Bigred? Do you have any stats you'd be able to share for your opperation - in regards to input efforts, qty produce, $ if you sell any surplus? I've just gone and got an I.B.C for $50 from a place on gumtree (melb) that has LOADS. Here's the link if anyones interested: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yarraville/other-home-garden/used-ibc-water-tanks-for-aquaponics-or-water-storage/1041409972
  19. Just some rough calcs from numbers given by by this video: 5000 lettuce sell @ $1.50 per lettuce ~1 month grow time. == $90,000 per year == $7500 per month == $1875 per week == $267 dayJust with that system..even though I'd probs be leaning towards more vertical grow systems like vertical stands or A-frames like in this vid: Minimizing greenhouse space needed while maximizing grow area. -- I'm still unsure of the 'bulk' sale prices in Victoria but for organically grown (but not certif'd) as a basis on the $1.50 being QLDs bottom range (Maybe that's supermarket, farmers market etc rather than commercial sale) ... It seems like a very livable earning amount... even 1/3 it, considering my own food costs would be reduced significantly. Right now I feel it's a bit of a pipe dream too, but I really really see some potential in it... I just wanna buy some rural land, get some prefab shipping containers / a granny flat on it, get a small business loan to seed this aquaponics idea... and do all this splitting the costs 3,4...6 ways with some like minded mates. It's just that initial capital and diluting the risk.
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    Natural Pesticides

    introduce some natural predators perhaps? - buy bug eggs and yea...Let them work for you. http://www.bugsforbugs.com.au/
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    Natural Pesticides

    I've seen modified coat hangers sticking out of gadens - to act as a perfect assistance to a spider wishing to build its web... Apparently the spiders figured it out pretty fast and by the amount of bugs in the web it was doing a good job... $2 to make 100 'web nests' aint much of a risk...worth a try.
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    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Sweet jeebus! I'm all over that! Don't mind how long it takes to get together either. So take as long as you need. Hard act to follow, but I'll hopefully be able to distribute some of the above in the future too. Next gets prints. VVVVVVVVVV 1x MDK (microscope only) 1x B+(microscope only) VVVVVVVVVV :D :D :D
  23. Exactly, although MtGox already has a dubious past and this may just be the nail in the coffin for them. I'm skeptical gox will be around for much longer...or at least with 1/10th of its market base.