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  1. FickFackMD

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    I don't want to derail the thread but its interesting how musicians and artists get away with so much. Like James Brown and his women beating young girl having ways.
  2. FickFackMD

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    Depeche Mode fans are rarer than black-flanked rock wallabies. Thanks for restoring my faith!
  3. Basically this >picture<. Except the rabbit is on the table. In all seriousness, I think it comes down to the purpose of why and what it is your consuming. If you need to eat then you will probably eat a pet dog, probably not if it is your own pet dog. You might even let it eat you. Can whatever I'm eating right now give me benefits in the future that outweigh the calories I would receive today? I think benefits can be emotive as well as physical. But just because I love my dog does that mean I am going to let my family or friends starve? Now replace the dog with you own (recently deceased to make it easier) child. You would probably not let anyone touch that body. But what if it was a person you despise? You might even nominate them straight up. Why do we draw these lines? I dunno
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    Cut to 0:50