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Some sad news regarding the loss of a valued and respected long standing member and contributor to the community

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Im writing to inform the community of the passing of a dear friend and member of the SAB forums, who was a member from the beginning, who sadly lost their battle with cancer this morning.


Naja naja was a fine man and a great contributor to the community and his passing will be felt by those who have had any dealings with him over the years.


He was taken far too young.


Please spare a thought and raise a toast this evening or whenever you receive this news.


Naja naja, thanks for being such a legend

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Sad news indeed.  His contributions to this forum was epic.

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Oh no. May you rest in Peace Naja. 

your contribution to this community has been huge to my life. We only met a couple of times but they made an impact. 

haven’t logged on here for a very long time but now I know why I had a sudden urge today to log on. 

rest in peace my dude 

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So devastated by this news!

I never got to say goodbye in person.

We'd been chatting on messenger over the last few weeks and I think Josh didn't want to show how vulnerable he was.

We'd been talking of catching up for an Aya session together and it sounded like he was fighting hard and planning for the future, and better times ahead.

The last we chatted, he was up and down, but he was mostly good, and I (he) was hopeful for his recovery.

We went to the 2007 EGA together and the 2009 EGA. The last time I saw him was at my bucks night roughly 7 years ago, and unfortunately he wasn't able attend at my wedding (which was seriously off the hook, and he would have loved).

Josh sent me some pics in the last few weeks, he was a much better gardener than I am.

The last pic was from EGA 2009, I was taking this photo (attached in reply).

Some likely looking fellows in the frame, (you know who you are) :-)

I'm really going to miss you bro, you deserved a better run than this.

I'll see you on the other side 























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Love you bro.

You are missed!


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Better res photo
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This is so sad. We'd been chatting a lot the last few weeks as he had complicated diagnoses which confused and overwhelmed him. I looked stuff up for him so he knew what was going on. But then it all changed so quickly. Last I heard from him he was happy with the way the surgery had gone and was optimistic. So this is quite unexpected. Such a terrible situation for the family :(

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he was very knowledgable, a great trader, and one of the most supportive members for the site.


you will be missed greatly.

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