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  1. Cheers!!they arrived with fridays mail! Thanks legend.
  2. Ill have a look at them if they are still there
  3. glimpse

    The Random Thread.

  4. Happy Birthday Pat

  5. glimpse

    new years eve 2015. whats on your mind.

    Hope everyones safe. love all you plantpeoples. all the best for the new year, take care... peace I had to work till well after midnight fuck you 2015....
  6. glimpse

    A beer with the d00d

  7. glimpse

    a southern cactus garden

    Holy fuck!!!!!!! things have progressed exponentially since I was down that way love your work man, you're a cactus juggernaut
  8. glimpse

    Giveaway: Loph & Ario seeds

    hellzyeah noice one Senor
  9. glimpse


    ha, reminds me of last time i had to reset my sab password it was sent to an email that I hadnt used for ages and I had forgotten that password also so i had to have a code sent to another email but I opened it from a new pc which my email didnt recognise so I had a code sent to my previous email which meant i was stuck in a freakin security loop until I realised that I had also given a dodgy phone number for security reasons to the previous email account so all I eventually had to do was remember the other half of a dodgy number that I had made up once upon a time......so that only took about fifty attempts but I got back baby!!!!!
  10. glimpse

    it's a good new fashioned book burning!

    so the gov gave me a loan last year to study western herbal medicine. the gov even paid me fortnightly to assist my studies. I spent lots of that money buying any and every book I could find on herbal/plant medicine. how do you spell conundrum?
  11. glimpse

    fruit and nuts

    https://youtu.be/cZTzHXSmRfk . good to hear you are on the mend olive https://youtu.be/1CoC3HEcRQk
  12. glimpse

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    awesome!! got mine, big cheer for PGC, thanks bud
  13. glimpse

    Name my Cactus and win

    Gina Rineharts clitoris