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  1. Hiaint

    Desmanthus Leptolobus on the balcony

    one can boil water, pour into a cup, toss the lepto seeds right in & have excellent sprouting results. I've had 90% sprout success rate.
  2. Hiaint

    Best way to grow Anadenanthera C. from seed?

    Anybody still available to answer ??s on A. colubrina? Like what constitutes a 'fat' seed? The 'fresh' ones I was sold as 'fresh' a few weeks ago are a far cry from 'fat'. They'd more likely qualify as 'flat' . Yeah, they do swell up quickly, but they're pretty pathetic otherwise. Once they've swelled, should they dry, they shrivel to next to nothing. All my efforts are using a heat pad under a dome & a scant amount of moisture in potting sand. Seed death trip so far.
  3. Hiaint


    Why is it so difficult to reset a password?