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  1. All done and dusted, will get these out in the week, thanks all.
  2. 5 packs to giveaway, all 3-4 years old hence multiple prints per pack. Each pack consists of: 1 x Huautla 2 x Keepers Creeper 3 x Pan Cyan For Microspocy only, First 5 to post here get the goods, please pm me the details those 5, Cheers Etho
  3. Etho

    Paul Stamets and the stoned ape theory

    paul goes into a little more detail here, take note of the stacking ratio slide later in the talk,
  4. Etho

    Acuminata variants

    Thanks for your input Micromegas, very interesting reading, some lovely trees you having growing there. I bought a couple of narrow leaf variants that are slowly gaining ground in my garden. Was up at Shark Bay the other leaf and came across another acuminata variant, really long phyllodes, not many flowers as they've had a very dry winter up that way.
  5. Anybody have a cutting of comfrey they can trade??
  6. Hey all, Had a lovely week off exploring the wildflowers of the wheatbelt, part of the exploration was to try and identify Acacia acuminata variants in my region. Whilst I believe I was too far north for the typical variant I am still a little unsure on the variants I located. I am confident that the species is not burkittii but could be acuminata variants 1/2. Phyllode's typically 3-5mm wide, 80-120mm long, tips curved acuminate, lemon yellow flowers. I have inserted a few images that may help out, Cheers E'
  7. Cool blog, best way to deal with the bamboo would be to paint the stumps as soon as they are cut with neat glyphosate, make sure the cut is as low as possible,
  8. Etho

    Wattle Groves SEQ

    http://spatial.ala.org.au load in ththe scientific names and it'll point you in the right direction, works with fungi also, helped me many times over,
  9. Etho

    Argyreia nervosa Germination

    Speed of growth was the main reason I chose the hbwr, got a sheet composted bed and pergola for it to climb ready and waiting, bring on Spring
  10. Etho

    Argyreia nervosa Germination

    Panic averted, they popped up last weekend, so all in all it took 3 weeks from when the seeds went into the pot until they shooted.
  11. Etho

    Electric roaster for horse poo pasteurisation?

    Load oven trays with mixture just past field capacity, cover with 2 layers of foil. If your oven has a 'keep warm' setting do a trial run too see what tempreature it attains after 1.5hrs in the centre and edges of the tray, if all good pasteurise for 1.5-2hrs. Done it this way for countless times with no contamination issues across multiple species. Any questions fire away,
  12. Etho

    Spawn bags. Best source in Aus?

    Black and gold oven bags 2 thick,
  13. Etho

    Argyreia nervosa Germination

    Thanks guys, I've tried a variety of pot sizes as read before they like a deep pot, just a waiting game now suppose, I'll update when they send you up shoots
  14. If they are Indeed subs feed them fresh wood chips annually, also only pick 2/3 of the mushrooms, leave the others to drop spores, this increases genetic diversity and increased health in the patch according to Stamets.