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    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Green and Narrow Leaf

    Hi Fyzygy, there are some Pink/Vienna White plants available at SAB store
  2. Justler

    Kenyan Khat

    That's Interesting. Would one interpret that to mean that (1) the Skeletal Section being identified as a the source of higher quality varieties has a higher concentration of psychoactive alkaloids? Is there any more information in the book relating to this? Just wondering if that's based on scientific studies or more a marketing/cultural or perhaps superstitious perspective? Thanks for sharing
  3. Justler

    Cactus blight - orange spots

    Ah, fair point. I had assumed it was the same disease/concern and the deeper ones were just in a worse state. Regarding heating the root ball, if you or a friend had a sous vide you could set up a water bath at exact temperature (46 degrees in the article) to simplify the process. Would be a bit more challenging without one though. All the best with it.
  4. Justler

    Cactus blight - orange spots

    This blog from Darren at Herbalitics might shed some light on your situation: Mealy Bugs as a Vector of Trichocereus Disease. The picture in that blog looks similar to yours and his observations point to root mealy bugs as a potential cause and focus for treatment. "Mealybugs are known to be vectors of fungal disease on other species, as they tap into a plants roots and suck out sugars, which invariably attracts fungi. So could this be the cause of this disease and could control of mealybugs be an effective treatment, if not a cure all, for some of these spotting diseases?" (Darren, Herbalitics)
  5. Justler

    Acacia alkaloid levels

    Interesting, the argument was presented as a means of assisting the population by removing the parasitic element. After reading your comment and doing a bit of research on burls I get the impression removal of such would open the plant to infection.
  6. Justler

    Acacia alkaloid levels

    At EGA there was mention of wasp burls on an endangered Victorian Acacia containing elevated alkaloid levels.
  7. Justler

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Awesome, would also appreciate some. Keen to dabble in some gardening again. Cheers!
  8. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'll be there guys! Been M.I.A for a while. It'll be nice to catch up!
  9. Justler

    Psilocybe cubensis spore prints for sale...

    Print looks good. Unfortunately importing into Australia is illegal. Just an FYI for people considering it to weigh up the risk.
  10. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Hey everyone! I had an awesome time at the camp! Was lovely meeting some new peeps and catching up with some old. Will definitely keep in contact and look forward to many more meets in the upcoming years Huge respect for the Melbournites! Us NSW folk will have to make a trip down there sometime. Thanks for the nice conversations, sharing of experiences, opening up and general goods vibes we all shared. I still find it amazing that spending a weekend with some of the people I've met through this world can make it seem like you've known each other for years. All the best, J.
  11. Justler

    Aya healing

    eleMenOHpee if your question regarding healing is in relation to physical healing I personally don't believe Aya will have the desired effects. I've read a few anecdotal reports over the years about Aya "curing" cancer and the likes - but to my knowledge there is little scientific evidence to suggest healing on a physical level. In saying that, I am by no means an expert on peer reviewed literature on Aya nor do I have a medical background. However as mentioned by the lads above it could have a positive effect on your friends emotional/mental/spiritual health, which in turn could assist in the journey with potential treatment options. I wish you all the best with your research and your friends treatment. J.
  12. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Haven't logged on in ages. Just read the last pages of this thread and I'm pretty g'd up now! Sounds like there will be an awesome turn up. Will be a great weekend. See you lads when the sun be rising first thing tomorrow morning!
  13. Justler

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I had per-engagements up in Coffs Harbor so unfortunately I couldn't make it this time. Hope some of you can make the Oberon camp though. So much to talk about! I'd be keen for a ghost tour as well Change. There is a haunted house out west somewhere (Junee) that you can stay in over night. Supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Aus. http://www.montecristo.com.au/
  14. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I think you need to re-prioritise...
  15. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'm definitely in. A buddy of mine who I can see joining this forum in the not to distant future is most likely coming along as well. I gave him his first seeds a few days ago so his thumb can start turning green. Might be able to give some peeps a lift from Western Sydney (or Oberon), though my ride is small and space might be an issue. PM me if you're in need. Can't promise it at this stage though, but it's definitely on the cards. Not sure if I'll be heading up late Friday night or early sat morning yet.
  16. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Barely! But yes, I am. I feel like less specifics are best in this case. A dozen or so SABers, a nice sunny weekend that proceeds a week of rain and cold temperatures, good intentions, and a good stick for incognito to cook up a sausage storm. I feel like this crew could work with whatever else is or isn't thrown there way. Either way, it's going to be a memorable weekend. Looking forward to it!
  17. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Those dates (9th-12th May) are sweet with me! Would be awesome to meet some of the Melb crew! Along with more peeps from NSW! Bring it in! Can't wait!
  18. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    It's coming up to that fun filled time of the year when mother nature puts on the finest treasure hunt known to man! I think it's time we set some a date for the annual camp. Thoughts on the following: 11-13th April 2-4th May Just a FYI: 18-21 April is Easter weekend and the 25-27th April is ANZAC weekend. Figured most people would be busy with family or may have made other plans these weekends. Not that the SAB crew isn't family! I personally can't do the Easter weekend, but will definitely be free for any other.
  19. Justler

    anyone in wollongong?

    Hey bud, haven't been on for a while and not from the gong, but would happily make the trip if something is arranged down there. J. *Just realised OP was 2005. Haha. Still keen if you are prioritise.
  20. Justler

    Sharing some seed

    Yes please!
  21. Justler

    Coleus blumei

    Interesting mediator. The mystery behind this plant interests me. A few questions if you don't mind answering them. Have you had much experiences with substances that are known to significantly impact visual perception? Just hoping to get a basic understanding of what you would deem perceptual changes and very good effects. By the statement "effects were very very good"; what sort of effects are you referring to? Enhanced or altered colours, higher or lower quality of image, increased pattern recognition, appearance of geometric shapes, or noticeable movement of textures and/or "stationary" objects? Do you have the plants you smoked the leaves from? From what I've read and the fact that not many people experience effects, the genetics of the particular strain you were working with are probably more significant than the colour. Exciting to read you're experiencing good effects!
  22. Justler

    rock climbing

    ECAT - Evolution Climbing and Training in Whetheril Park. It used to be called The Pitch many years ago. I've climbed at Villawood and Petersham a few times, and The Block in North Parra once or twice. ECAT is my regular though; great atmosphere and great climbing community. You climb Tripsis?
  23. Justler

    rock climbing

    I love bouldering! Only been outside three times, but spend every Tuesday and recently Fridays at a indoor climbing Gym. Such a fun and challenging way to stay fit and hang with great mates. Would love to check out the Grampians and its definitely on the agenda for next year. I sent my first 11 the other day (my gyms grading is different, it would probably be around a V8), such an awesome feeling! Any Sydney folk on here, or anyone swings through the area I'd been keen to catch up for a climb.
  24. Justler

    Seedling germination and care thread!

    Hi everyone, A few people in this thread have made reference to "bright" light having a negative/damaging effect on cacti seedlings, particularly newly germinated cacti. This may be a silly question, but I'd like clarification on what is meant by "bright light" causing damage? I can understand the damaging effect of UV from sunlight on newly germinated cacti or any other plants for that matter. By "bright" light are people referring to sunlight, which could essentially mean the damage is caused by UV. Or is light intensity itself a factor that causes damage, and if so, does anyone have a brief explanation why? I've been reading for the past few hours on the topic but I can't seem to find a solid answer. It appears to be quite a complex topic. Previously I've germinated cacti seeds using indirect sunlight on a window sill, and I've also used a simply CFL cool white bulb (perhaps a phillips 24W) with success. However I've recently purchased the following Phillips 80W CFL to play around with: https://simplyhydroponics.com.au/component/k2/item/476-compact-80w-fluoro-hydroponic-light-kit.html Specs: Special coil design to concentrate light output Very high lumen per watt ratio (66 lumens per watt) Reaches optimum light output in less than three minutes Wattage and lumen output remains constant during operation 6500k Guaranteed 80 watt with 6400k Would you class this light as to bright for germination and the initial stages of growth for cacti or other plants for that matter? Would this light cause damage and as such, is it more suited to cacti or plants that are more established? Thanks in advanced. J.
  25. Justler

    San Pedro?

    They are not illegal in all of Oz, and I don't believe they are poisonous either.