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  1. Sola

    the dude abides again

    Thanks heaps mate PM'd Tassie red poppy x 2 Giant pink poppy x 2 Unknown poppy x 1 Motherwort x 2 Cali poppy x 2 Stevia x 3 N. Rustica x 3 N. Tobaccum x 2 D. Strat x 3 D. Metel x 1 Salvia africana-lutea x 0 Salvia coccinea x 2 Coleus bluemi x 0 (pick plants that have pepper leaves for extracting)
  2. Sola

    WTB Mandrake plant

    I got some seeds from all rare herbs and while germination rates were quite good, 80%ish, they don't seem to like being transplanted so plant them into deep pots only one or two seeds per pot. Then you can transplant either to a deeper pot or plant out. They have a very deep tap root that doesn't seem to like to be disturbed, at lest when young. I always use a top quality potting mix as well and water with a weak seaweed solution or worm juice once or twice a week. Good luck in your search, I think the fresher the better, as with many species.
  3. Sola

    free cereus Peruvialis monstrose

    Mate, I'd be super keen to get a cut and could trade something from the collection. PM me with your interests.
  4. Sola

    unknown 10-15yr old cactus

    I think this specimen is Cereus hexagonus, I've seen it tagged at The Botanic Gardens.
  5. I'd like to add a few more rare and interesting cacti to my collection. I'm interested in any crested and/ or monstrose cacti and would also like some crested Loph's if they're available. I understand the crested Loph's are very rare but just thought I'd try. Also interested in regular Loph's as well. Can trade or pay cash for interesting specimens. Thanks Sola
  6. Sola

    chiloensis for trade

    Mate I'd be keen on a piece of chiloensis, I still have heaps of peruvianus.
  7. Sola

    Lophophora williamsii williamsii

    Very interesting, I'd like to have several ex situ sites of preservation for these plants so it's good to see leaf matter, rocks, cover, soil etc. Your posts are always helpful and interesting. I'll be interested to read the published material when it's available too. Is it likely to be a journal article?
  8. Sola

    sowing out hoodia

    Brilliant thread and photos! I've always wanted to grow Hoddia's, my first packet of seed recently arrived, so I thought I'd do a little research when I stumbled across this little gem. I hope there are lots of successful Hoodia germinations and there's plenty of genetic variety to go round.
  9. Thanks for sharing trucha, sounds like you do have an awesome job if you come across these throughout the day. Wish my ethno skills were better when I lived in that part of the world. Awesome plants, interesting that the cristate genes persist nearby showing localised distribution of pollen.
  10. Sola

    six pack of loph grafts

    Nice, I'm interested. PM'd
  11. Mate I'm keen for a pack.
  12. Sola

    Cereus peruvianus monstrosus

    I'm interested in a monstrose cutting if there's more than one?
  13. Sola

    Giveaway seeds and a few cuttings and plants

    Mate I'd be super keen on the Cereus peruvianus monstrose, Mimosa pudica, Pilosocereus royenii, Hymenosporum flavum, Notocactus and any Acacia's that may still be left. Not sure if any or all of these are still available, just thought I'd put up my preferences and leave it up to you what you. I'd be happy with just one but more would be good too. Thanks heaps
  14. Sola

    button cactus for sale

    Ohhh, spewing, I forgot you weren't in Aus. Awesome looking plant I too wish they could be sent here.
  15. Sola

    button cactus for sale

    Have you sold this specimen yet? I'd be interested in any mature Loph's you were willing to part with.