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  1. BreakingBarrett

    Post your track of the day

    Swim had an enjoyable last week of "fun" before xmas time.
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    Haha. Just read it above. More replies than I read last time.
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    What is PC?
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    Hey everyone. I've had this cactus growing at my parents since 2013, and decided to pull a few tops today. This was the biggest part I pulled off, and wanted to know if it is a T.Pach, or something similar? Seems to fit the fairly standard look for a T.Pach/Peru/Scop, or other Trichocereus species. Any help would be greatly appreciated Ciao for now.
  5. BreakingBarrett

    BBs Garden

    So here are the photos of most of my garden. Forgot to take a photo of the cacti up the very back, but you can see them in the second photo. First two photos show the wonderful regen area directly behind my house I live on the very last street of my town, so have the opportunity to walk out the back gate, cross the dirt lane, and then explore the nature regen area. Next photo is the front driveway strip, which is still overcome with weeds. There are palms, yukkas, a climbing rose, and few other plants. We have a grape vine growing around the side of the house, and last year we started training it around the front of the house, and will continue to do so over the coming months Next are my big babies: Mumford (right), and Nala (left). We have an apple tree hidden behind the shed, with some bulbs my partner planted at the base of it. In the middle of the 120L tub is one of the cathas from when I was living at my parents house, which almost died, and is coming back to live now the heat is picking up. The rest are fruit/veg varieties my partner is growing. Some wild flowers that were picked from the regen. My puppy and sun protected plots. The right hand plot is still being modified, after raising the roof a couple feet for comfort when standing inside. Almost all my old seeds I collected through this forum managed to be destroyed, so the remaining tobacco and poopy seeds were thrown in this garden bed 6 months+ ago. After being overrun with weeds in winter, I cleared it out to find one poppy growing, and she is starting to look quite nice. Can't wait for the stalk to appear. We have 2 avocado trees growing. They are starting to get some vigorous growth after winter. Random plants my partner potted up recently. Think they mostly come from the regen. A little succulent and cactus. A pretty flowering species. Don't actually know what it is, as it is my partners. My partners fern gully, and mulberry tree. A closer look of the mulberry tree with some berries forming for the first time Wisteria and some ferns, that are a little feature area next to where the bbq is going to be fitted. Our little lemon tree. The lemons are actually quite nice. Perfect lemonade style lemons. A cross species citrus that has yet to ever fruit. We are going to remove it as it's a waste of space, and grows ridiculously quick. Some herbs my mum gave us, and my son's sunflower plants. We did ave a watermelon patch next to the sunflowers, but the dogs managed to destroy it. Meow-Meow. He is an awesome cat, most of the time. Very chill, talkative, and affectionate. Some cuttings my partner got from her mum, who is also an avid gardener. Lastly, my partners proudest gardening accomplishment: Re-flowering orchid that has multiple flowers, and about 21 budding sites!! She has had it for about a year, and kept it in the bathroom windowsill, up until a couple months ago, when she moved it to the kitchen window, to get better lighting. Hope you all enjoy looking at my new garden as much as I do. PS. I am making a duck area up the very back area, once I have de-weeded and leveled the area. Going to build an epic duck pond, and call the closed off area "The Mighty Duck's House" haha. Ciao for now
  6. BreakingBarrett

    BBs Garden

    So, I am finally back on this site, after quite a long hiatus. I have moved house - live my partner, step son, and biological son - so I have a different garden, with much less variety of "active" plants, but I still have some growing, and plan on getting some more varieties soon Tomorrow I will take some photos of my small garden. In the meantime, I will see if I have any photos on my computer of what is, or was, growing. Ciao.
  7. BreakingBarrett

    Mushroom ID (Far West NSW)

    Damn. Nothing good grows in my area haha. Thanks for answering
  8. BreakingBarrett

    Mushroom ID (Far West NSW)

    Hey everyone. I went on a nature walk today and came across a pretty sizable mushroom, and have no idea what it is. I live in a "normally" arid area, but it has been quite wet over the past 4-6 months, and I've noticed a couple species pop up in my backyard, but nothing this like this guy. When picked, and then when cut at the stem, the insides turned a deep blue colour, so I am wondering if it has psychoactive properties. Also weighed in at nearly half a kilo. Anyone able to help me ID this? Edit: Forgot to mention that the underside has little dimple like holes, instead of gills, that excreted a spore print(?) like mess on my hand, while walking back to the house. I currently have it sitting on an a4 piece of paper, under a large bowl, to collect the spore print.
  9. BreakingBarrett

    Post your track of the day

    Bit depressive, but still a good song.
  10. BreakingBarrett

    Microwave Mind Control.

    Not quite the same, but I used to think I was the devil's disciple, put on this earth to commit "wrongdoings." Though I am born on a Friday the 13th, in October -the dark month - so it makes sense.
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Youtube vids

    A bit of Stormtrooper dancing at 2am.
  13. Spanish? Nice job man, reminds me of Immortal Technique style music.
  14. BreakingBarrett

    Cubensis pack giveaway for 2 words :)

    Not exactly one word, but: Purple-headed Custard Chucke, and, Penis Fly Trap.
  15. BreakingBarrett

    Mushroom ID

    Hey guys and gals, I found these guys growing in one of my pots and don't know what type of mushroom they are. I used amgrow mushroom compost in that pot. They lasted about 24 hours before dying in the heat on the day. If you have any idea of what they are let me know Cheers, BB