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    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'm definitely keen for some camping and foraging in the forest! My first autumn in oz in a few years, I'd love to see subs in their 'naturalised' habitat... And meet fellow sab'ers of course
  2. nepali dark psycore? https://soundcloud.com/smoking-shiva-1/opening-the-flood-gates-total
  3. ∂an

    How Should Humanity Steer the Future?

    How should humanity steer the future? My first reaction was to think that our attempts to steer affairs here on earth is the problem in the first place. But as others here have rightly pointed out, we have got ourselves into a predicament (destruction of the biosphere, overpopulation, climate change, proliferation of weapons and people willing to use them etc) from which there may be no return without drastic intervention. Then I thought what we need is education - if people fully comprehended our predicament, and knew what it will take on a day to day practical basis to re stabilise the planet, then maybe we would have a chance. Maybe an educated population would turn their backs on consumerism and the commercial media that drives it. Politicians, in a healthy democracy at least, are a reflection of the zeitgeist. If there is overwhelming consensus amongst a population then the leadership will follow suit sooner of later, or be replaced. But you can't teach someone empathy for the planet. That is something we must all find on our own accord. For me the way I found it was through the inherent beauty of nature; in wilderness, and exemplefied in entheogens. So as I see it, the way to steer humanity out of this cul der sac is by holding the beauty and elegance of nature and her processes as a central tenant and attempting to mirror this in our own lives and societies.
  4. Good on ya mate! i would love a pack of these to start my gardening off back in oz
  5. ∂an

    Why does the brain remember dreams?

    Ha ok that makes sense I read it as children of young parents #dislexic
  6. ∂an

    Why does the brain remember dreams?

    interesting theory care to elaborate? never heard that before...
  7. ∂an

    Graham Hancock Australian Tour May 2014

    Graham Hancock has changed his tune quite a bit in recent years I think. He may still dabble in what some call pseudo archaeology, but his most interesting work in my opinion is his ideas about the nature of good and evil that seem to have been precipitated by his ayahausca and other tryptamine experiences. He has been on a roll with his last two fiction books, that controvertial TED talk and I am interested to see what ideas he is pursuing these days.
  8. ∂an

    Why does the brain remember dreams?

    Seems like a plausible theory based on my experience - I remember dreams most nights and also am prone to being waken by slight noises and lights etc.
  9. ∂an

    Australian sub-alpine acacias

    From my experience in Germany the difference is how constantly wet it is in winter compared to the oz alpine environment. Here it is quite dry in winter. You would have to actively protect the tree with a covering during the worst times a think. That being said the local botanik garten where I was in Germany had oz plants like grass trees - in very large pots that could be moved into a greenhouse in winter.
  10. I have a DVD by this guy called Koa who lives/lived in the NNSW bush. Talking about bush foods, building shelter etc. I can send it to you if you want it.
  11. ∂an

    Help ID garden shroom, Cubensis -Variety?

    Been collecting cow shit for compost huh?
  12. Climate change is an interesting case in point. Scientists and engineering want to propose technological solutions to the problem, when maybe what is also needed a thoroughly untechnological solution such as a change in lifestyle and societal values. Some engineers have worked all their lives on high technology and now in the twilight of their careers can see the damage technological civilisation is doing to the planet and in response propose totally ridiculous solutions such artificial modification of the atmosphere to change its optical properties just because it is a solution that their tool set they have developed through their career enables them to come up with. I guess it's fine that theories like this are out there, as hopefully the unworkable ones will be weeded out by peer review etc. however I feel that science itself needs to be peer reviewed by others external to it, otherwise we run the risk of pursing technological solutions to problems that technology created in a never ending cycle.
  13. Richard Dawkins is a pretty good example of a self absorbed scientist. In theory the scientific method - evidence based hypothesis testing - is all well in good, however in practise it suffers from the presuppositions of the scientists who inevitably, as humans, have some agenda to fulfill. Don't get me wrong, I love science - I am a scientist - but it isn't some metatheory that is cure all for the worlds ills. I think Anodyne what we want is rational and intelligent people calling the shots, not necessarily scientists. Surely non-scientists such as farmers and artists can contribute a lot to helping us create a better future? In fact I think what we need is a broad representative spectrum of people running the planet, not just people from a single class, so that we benefit from a range of opinions and interpretations.
  14. In one of Terence McKenna's talks he quotes a rickshaw driver hauling him around Bombay looking to score hash, who when asked "what's wrong with the world?" responds with "progress, that's what's wrong with the world!". Maybe this is deeper than it first appears; our dis-ease with stasis is born out of our own mortality, and drives humanity to seek to transform the world to prolong our individual lives at the expense of the world itself.
  15. ∂an


    Welcome SK, may your time here be fruitful. a few hours from Byron ey, sounds like a good place to be Schroedinger's khat... Is that a thought experiment showing that one can be sober or high but not both at the same time?
  16. priotise, I think its good you went up there to check it out and reported back the damage you saw. more information and knowledge about the (possibly) precarious state of this species is only going to be beneficial.
  17. ∂an

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Anyone else see Benny Chan's Shaolin on SBS last night? I really enjoyed it! The obligatory kung fu action is well interspersed throughout a good plot line and some more philosophical moments. Jackie Chan plays the role of old cook who is hesitant to put his fighting skills back into action. Check it out! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1533749/?ref_=vi_tt_t
  18. Haha what do the neighbours think? Is there a witch living next door?!
  19. ∂an

    Consciousness is weird

    I got a feeling all existence is conscious to some extent. That nature exhibits self-similarity in varying scale and form suggests to me that both biological entities and inanimate matter are subject to a common underlying conscious principle. Hmm wish I could articulate that better - it's late and I'll try again tomorrow. Loving the brain food around here lately
  20. ∂an

    Mars Terraforming

    I don't think it would be possible to 'restart' the magnetic field of Mars with explosions (the just nuke it idea). It would be like trying to fix a broken lava lamp by giving it a good thump. I'm thinking second law of thermodynamics, systems don't spontaneously jump to higher states of order. I think what you would need to do is apply a massive external magnetic field to the planet to restart the convection of the magma, and then see if it persists when you turn it off... Yeah when I run through this problem in my head, the biggest hurdle always seems to be the fragility of the human body and its need for earth like conditions. As Anodyne said bio engineering of the human form may be critical. How about a human that existed only as a brain embedded in a machine, like that bag guy from teenage mutant ninja turtles?
  21. ∂an

    Mars Terraforming

    I think if terraforming Mars is our best option we are truly fucked.
  22. ∂an

    Mars Terraforming

    My understanding is that the lack of a global magnetic field and the thin atmosphere create a radiation environment on the surface of Mars that is not hospitable to life as we know it. Earth's magnetic field shields it from most of the galactic cosmic rays and solar energetic particles, whereas Mars lacks such a global magnetic field. This may also be why the Martian atmosphere is so thin - it has been striped away into space by incident hard radiation. Short of engineering the whole planet by the creation of an artificial magnetic field and pumping it full of oxygen (not physically possible, and probably wouldn't even work), the best option seems to be the creation of a sealed habitat with artificial environment. A photosynthesis like process could be used to create O2 from the CO2 in the atmosphere, and a thick casing and maybe even an artificial magnetic field could be used to protect from radiation. Maybe... In reality the first steps by a space agency will probably be to build subterranean bunkers where people could hold out and research the feasibility so growing simple plants etc.
  23. I just finished reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Well most of it anyway as the copy I bought in Nepal was missing some pages. Some of the themes really struck a chord with me, especially the notion that some people exist with a child like innocence and revel in the felt experience of life, while others are more analytical and often over think themselves and the world around them. I think I fall more in the second camp, a blessing or a curse I'm not sure,
  24. So were they smuggling pure ephedrine in tea bags or did the tea contain ephedra?
  25. ∂an

    Turning corpses into Diamonds

    I would prefer to be eaten by vultures. The carbon and trace elements in the daimomd only represents a small fraction of our bodies anyway.